Madrugada - Love's Institution Lyrics

Midnight in your love's institution
Hungry as a hawk in my bed
Sleeping now would be the only solution
Nurse come shaking pills
Out of my head

I go walking in your love's institution
Pass the candles and the skeletons and the loons
I see these things but I can't come to no conclusion
Second lane for their corridors and their carpeted rooms

This man comes up to me and says
"Ah, do you wanna sniff some glue?"
I say: "I have some things to do
I got some people to see
Got some things to attend to"

He says: "If you don't wanna sniff some glue
- Then, then you're not you, and I don't know who I'm talkin' to"
I say: "Get out of here!"
"I gotta go see, ah, I gotta go see you-know-who"
He shouts: "I warned you, many times, about the doctor!"
- "He conspires with the insects and the rain
He keeps a nurse in the closet
And now and then he brings her out and then he fucks her"
I said: "I'm going down to see the doctor anyway"
And then I turned around and I walked down the gate

Next thing I see is two girls
With their left hands in a sling
They start waving at me
But I have no idea, so they come walking up to me
I say: "Do I know you? What do you want?"
They say, they say: "Nothing"

Guy at the record store said
"Go hang out at the hospital
'Cause this here at the hospital is the place to be!"
I say: "Really," they say "Yeah"
I say "Really, really I gotta go see the doctor"

When I get there they say
The doctor has opened practice in the Caribbean sea
I say; "What good is a hospital if there's no electric light and there's no doctor?"
Girl at the front desk says
"Bother someone else with that, bother someone else, not me"

Midnight in love's institution
Hungry as a hawk in my bed
Going to sleep now
That would be a good solution
Nurse comes shaking pills out of my head
Nurse comes shaking pills out of my head
My head
In your love's institution
Hungry as a hawk in my bed

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Madrugada Love's Institution Comments
  1. Sara Bermúdez

    I want to fuck with this song :-) and I think I'm not the only one!

    Flav 606

    Nah, you're the only one. That nurse tho.

  2. Ioccalice ( Alice Iocco)

    great tune Christina ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. pafotein

    Sexy? Really? It has nothing to do with love.

  4. TheAdrenica

    sex, yesssss....

  5. sharona4608

    @Rielven well not on the one i just received in mail from amazon, not on there, who knows, but thanks!!!

  6. Cristina Maria Holmes

    @sharona4608 It's a bonus track at the end of "Got You". :-)

  7. sharona4608

    awww I didn't get this with my "Grit" niiiiice!!! thanks!!!!

  8. linn343

    its good

  9. TheBellochio

    @InuitAldebaran has that sticking quality....Sivert Hoyem *****
    His voice is one that you cannot forget!

  10. InuitAldebaran

    I stick like GLUE to the Madrugada sound!
    Thanks for sending me!

  11. TheBellochio

    Gus...for AlKat....

  12. RoteKatze

    Krank und geil. Seiner Stimme koennte ich ewig zuhoeren.

  13. Malek

    Que cancion tan hooot!!! me encantaaaa!!!

  14. satanel77

    Lascivious magic ...
    GREAT, mesmeric voice ...
    Spellbound ...

  15. claha71

    Diese Stimme ist unglaublich.... Einfach der Oberhammer!!!!

  16. mannthing

    sooo Leonard Cohen, cool, i like these guys

  17. Lady Kata

    this is very sexy song,love it