Madrugada - Hush Sleep Tonight Lyrics

Sleep tonight
Stop the moon
In its flight

In your room
Wild and white
Stay awake
One last night

Leave behind
All my clothes
All I need is my father's old coat

Slipping on
Travelling shoes
Once we wake up
Nothing to lose

Oh could it be...
A little out of breath
And could we turn this way
And never turn away

Love, please burn to the ground
Some other day
When there's no-one around

Roll my sleeve up, feel the scar
Where I carved your name
Into my arm

Oh could it be ...
A little out of breath
Oh do we waste away
On perfect, sunny days

Oh lover rain like sunlight
Into my bed of bones
Oh could we turn this way
And never turn away

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Madrugada Hush Sleep Tonight Comments
  1. Lavender Lace

    Pure awesome vocals. Emotional seduction. <3

  2. snorvigs

    Amazing song.

  3. Aymen Anisse Allache

    Awesome !