Madonna - She's Not Me Lyrics

I should have seen the sign way back then
When she told me that you were her best friend
And now she's rolling, rolling, rolling
And you were stolen, stolen, stolen

She started dressing like me and talking like me
It freaked me out
She started calling you up in the middle of the night
What's that about?

I just want to be there when you discover
When you wake up next to your new lover
She might cook you breakfast and love you in the shower
The flavor of the moment, cause she don't have what's ours

She's not me
She doesn't have my name
She'll never have what I have
It won't be the same
It won't be the same

I should have seen the sign when you were here
Under a different light, it's all so clear
She was stealing, stealing, stealing
And now you're feeling, feeling, feeling

She started dyeing her hair and
Wearing the same perfume as me
She started reading my books
And stealing my looks and lingerie

I just want to be there when you discover
You wake up in the morning next to your new lover
She might cook you breakfast and love you in the shower
The thrill is momentary, cause she don't have what's ours

She's not me
She doesn't have my name
She'll never have what I have
It won't be the same
It won't be the same

She is licking her lips
And she's batting her eyes
She's not me
She's got legs up to there
And such beautiful hair
She's not me
Oh, devoted for life
Make a beautiful wife
She's not me
If you spend some more time
I guarantee you will find
She's not me

I know I can do it better

If someone wants to pimp your style
And hang with you a little while
And make off with all the things you like
You're gonna have to watch it

She's not me
She doesn't have my name
She'll never have what I have
It won't be the same
It won't be the same

Never let you forget
She's not me
She's not me, and she never will be

Never let you forget
She's not me
She's not me, and she never will be

[Pharrell's rap]

She's not me
She's not me
She's not me, and she never will be
She's not me
She's not me
She's not me, and she never will be
She never will be
Never will be
Never will be
Never will be
Never will be
Never will be

Never will be...

She's not me and never will be
Never will be...

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Madonna She's Not Me Comments
  1. DARIANA 2018

    La verdad a mi me gusto el beso uff yo hubiese querido ser esa chica 💯👌😘😈

  2. Guillermo Luiscz


  3. Jorge Mosqueira

    Que orgullo siento, al recordar que estuve en el concierto de un icono,una leyenda viviente.

  4. Piña Colada

    Madonna que bella en ese tiempo bella y talentosa mi inspiración 👏👏🤘👏💗💗💗

  5. je cherche l'or du temps

    Christ. She's mind-blowing

  6. Mika Elle

    Madonna: dont copy me gaga
    Also Madonna: copies Marilyn Monroe

    Mika Elle

    Aaand I know that this song isnt about gaga. CHILL tfo

  7. Joey Wilson

    Love this, get em Queen... This is about Guy Ritchie & Tania Strecker, thank goodness Madonna divorced him.

  8. mune dada

    No one likes Madonna she is the queen 👑

  9. Eddy Trujillo Hernandez

    Who's watching on November 4th 2019?

  10. Esteban Hinojosa Torres

    1:46 kathyna huberman??? xD

  11. hollywood world

    No one like Madonna 👍✋

  12. Heathcliff

    All what she did is not her ! This is what it means !

  13. Lunary Prince

    I’m obsessed

  14. Ameera Nassar

    Wow 2019

  15. Ibra Gotham

    Empire on herself
    The only one ☝️ Queen 👑
    Sorry 😐

  16. Nic Moses

    There's only one ❤💋👑of you !

  17. mune dada

    Yes she is Gaga Copy Madonna 🥺🥺🥰🥰🙏🙏

  18. Jason Young

    Simply Amazing

  19. Jason Young

    The King Of Pop !!! RIP Michael
    The Queen Of Pop !!! Madonna
    The Queen Of Rnb !!! Janet Jackson
    The Queen Of Rock N Roll !!! Tina Turner
    The Greatest Tour Ever

  20. Jason Young

    Forever The Queen Of Pop !!!

  21. K. J.

    Also her trainer screwed her boyfriend! MD said it at one of her concerts too!

  22. alvaro velarde

    And this is why I have respect for Madonna no matter what people say now..I’m in my 20s and she STILL managed to make me a fan. This shit is HARD

  23. Sugito Lallo

    The pink gawn tottaly same with gaga's wearing at met gala 2019, Madonna : she's not me, bitch

  24. Raphaela Moreira

    Ícone 😍

  25. Rosa del Prado Rodríguez

    Oleeeeee Madonna!!!! La vida misma

  26. Taylor

    Rainha do Pop e não choca

  27. Mdna Denisa

    Queen of pop ❤❤❤

  28. Univ spec techn aliment Mag ing techn aliment TD

    Que Bueno In Buenos Aires

  29. Burda Guraba

    pathetic whore..

    andres pace

    Your Mother.. You Stupid Ass Bitch!

  30. Aareyeteeay Tuiravakai

    0-0 wierd...😶🤢🤮

  31. Lorena Torralba


  32. T Murphy

    That performance is *insane* . How old is she? Madonna sets an example to all women (and men) on how to never stop living life to the max.

  33. King Philip


  34. Linka wind

    te amo bebé


    I was in her Athens show!!!!!!.....What a show!!!!!

  36. Marwan lindo

    Muito lindaaaa

  37. MADAME X

    mulher feia odeio sua musica

  38. Lilian Santos

    Madonna is the beter and only woman make the story of pop music get beter, this performance is incrible i love madonna the queen ❤👑

  39. Alfred Swift

    her ICONIC costumes

  40. Iván Tavares

    Queen 👑

  41. M N

    Wow, amazing performance!

  42. regioboi

    Idk you guys but I think there's something prophetic in this. I know Madonna had many wannabes during her whole career but that same year (2008) Gaga came to the scene. Probably M knew things were about to change like, hey if the korean industry replaced 2ne1 with a more younger version, then so it could happen to her.

  43. DH Kim

    This stage can explain why she is the most popular pop star in the world. Of course with beautiful outfit and good songs, but that BRILLIANT IDEAS AND PASSIONATE MADNESS. True LEGEND.

  44. Thierry sottiaux

    Grandiose... quel message!💕

  45. KevenP H


  46. Paulo Neto

    4:43 vídeo?

    Júnior JR

    É o clipe de *Die Another Day* ♡

    Paulo Neto

    Mario Junior obrigado 😘

  47. Talita Marianna

    Madonna 60 anos

  48. Vitakinesis - Biokinesis W

    Happy Birthday Queen today 16. Aug. 2018 60.♥️♥️♥️

  49. Tina Jones

    But they had to come get me for the hardcore wake up.

  50. Black Mamba

    Best vokal & crazy Performance, Madonnnnaaaa u the best

  51. Jean Claudio

    Lenda viva...

  52. Valery Voronin

    dear Russia loves you.

  53. tina belt

    And for the record..I am not a bitch and woyld go without before someone else ever did. Yes ..fucked depp and he loved every minute of it..bed to the shower.

  54. tina belt

    Ghosttown is actually the real Madonna the jealousy Sherrie.

  55. tina belt

    Now there is the truth.

  56. tina belt

    Please stick to lyp-syncing because your not me, obviously when you talk.

  57. Andreas Ebert

    .........Including FUCK your Boyfriend ..........Smile

  58. DARIANA 2018

    Ella es mi rubia favorita 😊😊😊

  59. salto Agulha

    Única!todas derivam de vc! Minha madonna!

  60. Maksio Ari Majewski

    I think that world Madonna now. Because she must save pop music

  61. Sebastián Zamorano-Cofré

    Esta gira ha sido el mayor espectaculo musical que se haya visto en Chile. Diez años ya!

  62. Talita Marianna

    Muito foda


    The shadeeeee

  64. Romário Nunes

    Procurei tanto essa música, e agora estou aqui :D

    Júnior JR

    Aproveita pra assistir ela cantando em São Paulo e chamando as bailarinas de "puta" 😂 tem o vídeo aqui pelo YT

  65. Ricardo Rom Díaz

    Queen of Music! I love you 👑❤

  66. Free Dolphin

    How dare you display a Marilyn Monroe look up there and claim that's yours......


    And considering she has many different looks.

  67. Marcos Vinícius

    Lady Gaga!!!!!!

    Júnior JR


  68. Carlos Rodrigo


  69. Beatriz Maldonado Vargas

    "Gaga is not me and she NEVER will be".

  70. Charliston Vasconcelos

    The Queen Of pop

  71. G M

    I'm sorry but this is fucking awful. I remember when Madonna was good. This shit is all lip synced anyway.


    Yeah this thing is dubbed. But she sings live. The rebel heart your was her best vocally.

  72. Ksenia Ryazanceva

    Handspring to past over time and get upper soul emotions from Madonna😗

  73. Jovial Faltisco

    Cool backdrop. Cool song. The live dance so so.

  74. Gina Sousa Branco

    The Moschino heart shaped sunglasses were made exclusively for this tour. They came in a red case. They weren't for sale in any physical or online store.
    At each show, Madonna would send it to the audience. Lucky fan the one who caught it

  75. jeff shannon

    Most don't know she learned to play the guitar & then drums before virtually everything

  76. Gerson Cepero

    She's not you, she's better than you

  77. Martina Simova

    Goood, how I love the ending ! I'm always blown away by that like I see it for the first time.You are genius, Madonna and You fuckin' know it! Go girl !



  79. RafaelH Garcia

    I still watching in 2018

  80. Keven Thiago

    3:16 AMO

  81. Keven Thiago


  82. Janae Clarice

    So much pain in her voice 😢

  83. Amal

    امل hope شيماء الحارث

  84. anna Vanwys

    Love her but too much backing vocals 🙁

  85. douglas yamaguchi

    shes too old to act like a fool
    drake clearly didnt want her lol

  86. Aleks Mota

    She is Queen Madonna!

  87. C O D Y

    00:35 including fuck ur boyfriend lmfao

  88. Luis Rey Angel Sanchez

    yo tengo un amigo que imita cada uno de mis pasos

  89. Federico Arroyo

    what's that at 2:16?

  90. Lucas Alejandro

    She's totally the female michael jackson ❤

  91. rowan torres