Madonna - She Is A Diamond Lyrics

But on the other hand, she's all they have
She's a diamond in their dull gray lives
And that's the hardest kind of stone
It usually survives
And when you think about it, can you recall
The last time they loved anyone at all?

She's not a bauble you can brush aside
She's been out doing what we just talked about, example
Gave us back our businesses, got the English out
And when you think about it, well why not do
One or two of the things we promised to?

But on the other hand, she's slowing down
She's lost a little of that magic drive
But I would not advise those critics present to derive
Any satisfaction from her fading star
She's the one who's kept us where we are

She's the one who's kept you where you are

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Madonna She Is A Diamond Comments
  1. Emily Greene

    Pryce’s Peron is actually sympathetic.

  2. SlayTheRake

    Oh hello governor from pirates of the carribean

  3. Skystoner585

    Never seen this but now i want to

  4. Rosie Summer

    I like hearing him inhale. LOL.

  5. Ayhan Çelebi

    And someone you love is dying. but everyone is againist Evita. BERAY

    Rosie Summer

    He wasn't really in love with her. He loved that Eva was popular amongst the people and used her as a pawn. Eva kept Juan in the position of president.

    Stephanie Briggs

    They each used the other for their own goals, and I think they both knew it. (See /watch?v=Pm-mwkBKOD8 )

  6. Ihab Lafi

    8 years old :v

  7. teviottilehurst

    i had no ldea the English were in Argentina. Of course, this has nothing to do with the FALKLAND ISLANDS.

    Eleanor Garrity

    It does

    Eze Finkielman

    Eleanor Garrity The English and the French owned all the railways in Argentina until Perón nationalized them all. Though the move was popular amongst Argentines, it contributed to the economic crisis in the 1950’s.

  8. zzgeorgez

    I like Pryce better in his new role as Pope.

    Jav Ag

    Pope Francis. coming soon in Netflix

  9. Igor Skoglund

    @eirino0369 I support the ideas of corporate state and Third Position that makes it possible to unite all the best things of capitalism and socialism. If you consider the condition of Argentina in the 1940s and 1950s and international situation then you would see that Eva and Juan Peron were the best possible rulers.
    I was born in Russia and we had some similar government during Communist rule but they made many misstakes that Perons avoided. For example, Perons supported religion and I like it.

    Eze Finkielman

    Igor Skoglund The Catholic Church(the principal religion in Argentina) despised Perón, so much so that they had him excommunicated. Also Perón’s policies led to serious economic problems that Argentina has never been able to recover from. Also Perón might have been elected by the people, but his government was similar to Mussolini’s, Chavez’s, or even Fujimori’s just to name a few examples. So be careful which government you support.

  10. Jonas Ljungberg

    The piano part in this song is amazing, so lovely...

    Stephanie Briggs

    It really is wonderful! I love to play it.

  11. Igor Skoglund

    I love Eva Perón! She did so much for Argentina! I would rule like her. I want to visit her grave and leave flowers on it.


    She was Truly a Heroine.

  12. Igor Skoglund

    I love Eva Perón! She did so much for Argentina! I would rule like her! She built many appartments for workers but she died too early so didn't finished her work.

  13. Hector Perez

    Jonathan Pryce was a great actor... Brazil was one movie I always remember him... also Tomorrow never dies.

  14. starnarcosis

    ohmigosh - Jonathan Pryce was appearing in the West End in musicals like Miss Saigon years and years before POTC! so you have lots of great performances to catch up on.

    Rosie Summer

    He also has done a lot of Shakespeare plays as well.

  15. Lauren Faerber

    Who knew Jonathan Pryce Could sing! I only knew him as Governor Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean. He's very good. I really loved this scene and this song. Andrew Lloyd Webber creates some beautiful music. I love it.

  16. rmm413c

    It's such a simplification to suggest that Peron was a mere fascist. His philosophy, Justicialismo, was far more complicated than that. Many of his programs were very Marxist in approach.

    Eze Finkielman

    rmm413c I don’t think his programs where very Marxist. His philosophy was similar to that of Mussolini, Hitler, and Franco.

    Thomas Murdoch

    @Eze Finkielman It's a fallacy to equate Peronism to Fascism, although there are similarities to be sure... it originates in the idiosincratic political expression of "caudillismo" which is native to South America since the independence wars of the 19th century. It is basically a national bourgeois emancipatory political project that aims to develop a national industry and break from the traditional oligarchic landowning establishment, and the colonial condition that many nascent nations in America still face to this day. It is most definitely not "marxist" in the traditional sense, self-avowedly so, but many local marxists movements considered the "national liberation" project as a necessary first step in the transition towards socialism and eventually joined forces with peronism. It fits squarely in the "social democratic" political tradition, albeit with authoritarian undertones.

  17. T T

    great singer great song great emotion

  18. khtervola

    Is it really so that no-one nowadays knows how to think objectively with feelings?! So all the most important matters get washed away, get no reaction at all. I watched a Hitler speech (with English subtitles) in YouTube: what a difference! Just a few short decades ago everyone was able to think with the help of feelings. Feelings are a mark of an important question (+ or -), so the ability to think with feelings is a thing that matters really lot to the fate of the world!

  19. Heather Goforth

    I think so too.

  20. Heather Goforth

    I love this song it always makes me cry.

  21. Sabine Haalboom

    I Love this song so much!
    He really did a amazing job in this movie!

  22. Monica W

    he is speech-singing. listen again.

    Leandro Ciccone

    yes. in some part of the movies, the actor must sing live ( during the shoot) not using the studio version. this one is different from the album. the same as Lament which Madonna sing.

    stewart fearn

    ''Speech singing'' or not Pryce is very pleasant on the ear. It was a great acting performance from him, he looks commanding, he looks like Peron. So many subtle gestures and mannerisms in his acting beyond the singing and narrative.

    Rosie Summer

    Pryce has a lovely voice to listen. He did a wonderful performance as Juan Peron.

  23. Hoobler08

    I could hear a bit from the Phantom of the Opera, the opening tune seemed to be the same in both songs.

    I listened close to the 'here there everywhere' and I just can't put my finger on it. He may have similar notes, but I will not say he stole it from that song... it's not nearly close enough.

    Don't forget Webber is one of the all time great song / musical writers. His talents were showing when he was just a child, so I can't label him as a theif.

    I do see your point to an extent.

  24. lucasiskewl

    God! Webber is such a jackass. He pretty much stole two songs from the two groups I admire the most. Pink Floyd and The Beatles.

    If you don't hear the resemblance between this song and "Here There and Everywhere" you are an idiot. The rhythm is SLIGHTLY different. If you need to, just look for sheet music of both compositions.

    Also, the main theme of Phantom of the Opera came from Pink Floyd's song called "Echoes." This time it's even more similar. Once again, look at the sheet music.

  25. joncurtis199

    The cast in this movie was so brilliant. To me Pryce and Banderes both completely outshine Madonna (who was also great)

  26. Stuart Sandham

    You're probably right. Look at 'Memory' from 'Cats' = Ravel's Bolero! 'The First Man You Remember' from 'Aspects Of Love' = 'They Didn't Believe Me' by Jerome Kern. There are many more...ALW has made his money by doing bugger all!

  27. torchkit

    Michael Jackson owns the publishing rights to the Beatles' catalog, so he would be the most likely plaintiff in any lawsuit. The fact that he hasn't brought suit should indicate that his experts have told him there isn't a case.

  28. jmharrison51

    Oh yes it does - despite Jonathan Pryce's semi-spoken delivery, it's a total rip-off of the bridge in 'Here, There and Everywhere'. Macca ought to sue - help pay off his divorce costs :-)

  29. torchkit

    This sounds nothing at all like "Here, There and Everywhere."

  30. stinkinape

    This is my favourite song from the musical. Its so powerful