Madonna - Masterpiece Lyrics

If you were the Mona Lisa
You'd be hanging in the Louvre
Everyone would come to see you
You'd be impossible to move
It seems to me is what you are
A rare and priceless work of art
Stay behind your velvet rope
But I will not renounce all hope

And I'm right by your side
Like a thief in the night
I stand in front of a masterpiece
And I can't tell you why
It hurts so much
To be in love with the masterpiece
Cause after all
Nothing's indestructible

From the moment I first saw you
All the darkness turned to light
An impressionistic painting
Tiny particles of light
It seem to me is what you're like
The "look but please don't touch me" type
And honestly it can't be fun
To always be the chosen one

And I'm right by your side
Like a thief in the night
I stand in front of a masterpiece
And I can't tell you why
It hurts so much
To be in love with a masterpiece
Cause after all
Nothing's indestructible
Nothing's indestructible
Nothing's indestructible
Nothing's indestructible

And I'm right by your side
Like a thief in the night
I stand in front of a masterpiece
And I can't tell you why
It hurts so much
To be in love with a masterpiece

And I'm right by your side
Like a thief in the night
I stand in front of a masterpiece
And I can't tell you why
It hurts so much
To be in love with a masterpiece
Cause after all
Nothing's indestructible
Cause after all
Nothing's indestructible

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Madonna Masterpiece Comments
  1. Manuel Ramirez

    I will always love this song ❤, someone could tell why is so underrated? 😔💕

  2. MY loyalty Princess Miriam

  3. MY loyalty Princess Miriam


  4. Raquel Oliveira

    2020! Como vivi tanto tempo sem essa música?! 😱😍

  5. Ravshan Xanrayev

    Madonna est madonna i doch lurdes ochen krasivaya

  6. Parislive007 Great

    Great really 👍🤗🥰

  7. Gilberto Vega

    That song is a Masterpiece.

  8. MY loyalty Princess Miriam

    for that ! my responsibility ResQ Princess Mariam .
    Me No Need RoyalMedal..already have in military .. ResQ Mother Mariam my Loyalty because She Good Mother

  9. Luis Santiago

    January 6,2020 !! The Queen Madonna Rock's!!

  10. El gran cornholio

    I can't believe this song will turn 8 years old this year, 8th grade memories!!

  11. Инара Ибрагимова

    Love the movie and looove this song...both pieces of art are just perfect...



  13. Artur Vardanyan

    Madonna the best

  14. Douglas Hammond

    Thank you guys

  15. BlueVaraMike

    One of her VERY BEST SONGS!
    A true masterpiece!

  16. Iveli __

    it's really masterpiece.🖤

  17. Marina Muravyeva

    My best love i had with this song

  18. AlexandrBulychev

    Europa Plus music 2011 - 2012 god!

  19. Dioioego

    She didn't use this as first single.. one of an unbelievable long series of career killing moves she has done since she put out Hard Candy. The disastrous launch of Rebel Heart with its weakest song and video 'Living for love', with so many brilliant demos and all far superior than the songs that made the final cut. She missed out on that fantastic collaboration with Avicii. That uninspiring exposure on social media. The inexplicable promotion of MDNA skin was the most shocking part to me, she failed to invest in Spotify (her manager did!) and she decided to compromise her image for good promoting her skin care like the Avon lady, unforgivable.. And finally changing that iconic Madonna's facial bone structure to the point that I can't recognise her anymore. And that fake bum... One critic once wrote that only Madonna could have destroyed Madonna, it turns out he was right.

  20. JEEM, also known as, Jim Hawkins

    What a great song that was co-written with Julie Frost. I didn't realize it won The Golden Globe. Simply fabulous and one of Madonna's greatest songs. Very underrated for how wonderful it is. Thanks for posting this. Cheers.

  21. Мейр Хан

    26 ноября 2019 год 21:56

  22. yaqui ciagar

    que hermosa la historia del rey Edward y su esposa. Link quien vio la pelicula

  23. Jim B

    Madonna's ballad work stands on its own. Just beautiful!

  24. J. W.

    Beautiful song

  25. John Snyder

    Listening to this live in 2012 was one of the most impressive performances I’ve ever seen. MDNA World Tour in Manhattan Square Garden. It’s one my favorite songs to date.

  26. ГИЛЯНА Цебекова

    Американскя примадонна...

  27. Баки Барнс


  28. Davron Mamajonov


  29. снежная кот Тимка

    Русские есть?)

  30. Val Faceless

    amo esta canción.. me recuerda cuando conoci a la reina

  31. Elsa Love

    1/10/2019 anyone ?

  32. Julia Grabowska

    Where can i watch this movie???

  33. Julia Zarfl

    Great! Madonna looks gorgeous

  34. dst 8080


  35. אורן קלי

    Very nice song !!

  36. Munar BI


  37. Herbet Correia

    Musica muito boa

  38. Саша Нестерчук

    наконец нашел эту песню

  39. Art Vil Sol

    I just can't hear this wonderful song without crying. Superb.


    i want to meet you before idie Madonna i have no words for you

  41. Karin Heim

    Absolutely love it. Why cant she just do more songs like this?

  42. Rotnext lalala

    Я очень люблю эту музыку🤤🤤🤤

  43. Inna F

    Why do I want to listen to this song all the time?

  44. очередной килджой

    Есть кто русский???

  45. mrs. maggy

    what a beautiful piece of art ❤️

  46. Ирина Иванова

    ДА! Это ЩЕДЕВР!!!

    Дильназ Ахметова

    Да ладна шо ты гавариш махарашая

  47. Paul Causelove

    Шедевр. Ничто не вечно. Masterpiece. Nothing is indestructible.

  48. Баки Барнс


  49. Axel Miño

    Love it!!!

  50. Melanie Tibi

    So wonderfull i love her

  51. il Marchese *

    Sometimes I really don't understand the Madonna entourage... 'Masterpiece' should be released as official single all over the world. It was absolutely one of the greatest MDNA tracks...

  52. Zhann Zhan

    Всегда реву... Воспоминания о моей тете, любила эту песню

  53. Dan Dista

    This is Madonna without autotune.

  54. Виталий Архипов

    And I'm right by your side,
    Like a thief in the night👍🏼

  55. Adriano Lima


  56. Mj B

    Love this song saw this masterpiece 3 weeks ago when I was in paris❤️x

  57. Kleber Cordeiro


  58. Адилет Адилет

    я казах мне нравится Мадонна я хочу его

  59. Dmitry Petersburg

    Sometimes you like the composition, you decide to translate the words in order to better penetrate it .. and the words, to put it mildly, do not reach out. But this is not the case. Touching music, touching words...
    (If Google is a translator, it’s not quite accurate to express my thought, I think you will still understand what I mean ;) )

  60. Zubayr Charles

    This song is truly a masterpiece

  61. Wendy Whoisit

    I've always felt like this is about her "friend" Michael Jackson

  62. elisabetecosta71

    Madonna's voice sound much better when she sing ballads and this song is one of her best songs!!!! Masterpiece🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼

  63. Райса Сулейменова

    Обожаю эту песню и клип,слушаю каждый день

  64. Gina Sousa Branco

    W.E's UK premiere was worthy of the standing ovation at the end of the screening

  65. Gina Sousa Branco

    W.E. didn't deserved the bad reports it has received. The negative reports seem to focus more on the fact that Madonna is involved rather than the movie itself.
    I loved the filming technique, it was shot beautifully and the crossover of stories between Wallace and Wally worked alongside each other, and Abbie Cornish’s acting was flawless.
    The soundtrack was excellent and overall the whole production is something Madonna should be proud of.

  66. Saúl LG

    I need this song with a video about "CAROL" storie.

  67. MY loyalty Princess Miriam

    The Most Exalted Words of the Lord of Hosts. If the male semen precedes the woman it will get a son And If the female semen Leads the man She gets a daughter

  68. Carlos Rangel

    Madonna besides making us hit the dance floors with her music, she has to be the best balladist ever...

  69. MY loyalty Princess Miriam

    to you

  70. Barbie

    💜😳 A so beautiful song

  71. Radames Milan

    I love you.

  72. Ирина Мамедова

    Самая лучшая в мире!!!!

  73. Laoura 00


  74. MY loyalty Princess Miriam

    The Great Rider "rhino Chopper"

  75. MY loyalty Princess Miriam

    This Song Story About Real Life Princess Mary'am Very Famous ...People's call She "Primadona"
    Princess Mary'am always Call Queen Elizabeth ii.... "Eliza"..... that words me still remember on Princess Mary'am "Lady Birds"
    She History Safe By M.I.O Group

  76. saeesh palni

    Love this one Madonna voice so good ❤️

  77. bolso66

    Pure plastic ... inauthenticity at its peak

  78. Jerry 's

    O que é obra-prima ? Essa canção é. Tem a melodia paralisadora e a Letra intrigante, forte, especial ...

  79. Juan Avila

    I got the feeling, that i wrote this song, cause l feel in love of a Masterpiese, and l,ll tell you ,,,, it hurts so bad.

  80. hugo Escoto

    When Janett Jackson says that her music has more class than Madonnas? Just listen to this song! Great music and great lyrics. I can't blame Elton John for being jealous at Madonna for being so talented. Sorry Madonnas haters! She will be the queen for a long time.

  81. BlueVaraMike

    A REAL MASTERPIECE! I love her for this kind of songs! So beautiful lyrics whit so much love!
    THANK YOU MADONNA! ❤️ Fan since 82! ❤️

  82. Kevin Henry

    obra maestra, obra-prima, chef-d'oeuvre, capolavoro, Meisterstück, masterpiece!

  83. Толян Zebest

    Эх это классно👍👍👍👍

  84. Filip Zawistowski

    "If you were the Mona Lisa, you'd be hanging in the Louvre". Thank you, Captain Obvious. Who writes this shit?

  85. Ruslan

    Super!!!!!!Aj lovju.


    I love this movie I cannot understand why it never got much of a mention. And it is a masterpiece.

  87. Juan Avila

    Absolutely she is the one and only masterpiece......!

  88. Wendy Whoisit

    This could be about Michael Jackson - given their history.

  89. Zafnat Paneaj

    A truly Masterpiece !!! It deserved the Oscar too !!! Too much marvellous !!!!

  90. Gina Sousa Branco

    Masterpiece was number #1 in Russia for 7 weeks, TOP in several countries, TOP 75 in UK and TOP 100 in Japan in 2013 when was used as theme for a popular TV Series.
    Surely sales got higher after winning the Golden Globe for best song too.

    Кеннет Джонсон

    We love Madonna in Russia. Unfortunately, she decided not to come here😥


    hadn"t madonna failed to submit the song to Oscars on time, this could have been nominated and a sure winner for Best Original Song. Madonna's vocal was very impressive, simple yet soulful. in fact, this song won the Golden Globe Best Song.