Madonna - I'm A Sinner Lyrics

Like the sun, like the light, like a plane
Like the storm, I'm born through everything
Like a bomb in the night, like a train
Thundering through the hills, let it rain

I'm a sinner, I like it that way

All the boys, all the boys and girls
Wanna be like us tonight
All the boys, all the boys and girls
Ride the magic bus tonight

I'm a sinner, I'm a sinner
I'm a sinner, I like it that way

Like the moon with a light of my own
Sift the sky for a place to call home
I woke up with my hand in the fire
Get my kicks when I'm walking the wire

I'm a sinner, I like it that way

All the boys, all the boys and girls
Wanna be like us tonight
All the boys, all the boys and girls
Ride the magic bus tonight

I'm a sinner, I'm a sinner
I'm a sinner, I like it that way

I'm a sinner, I'm a sinner
I'm a sinner, praise the Lord, I like it that way!

Hail Mary, full of grace
Get down on your knees and pray
Jesus Christ hanging on the cross
Died for our sins, it's such a loss

Saint Christopher, find my way
I'll be coming home one day
Saint Sebastian, don't you cry
Let those poisoned arrows fly

Saint Anthony, lost and found
Thomas Aquinas, stand your ground
All the saints and Holy men
Catch me before I sin again

I'm a sinner, I like it that way

You're a sinner, you're a sinner
you're a sinner, you'll like it that way

We're all sinners, we're all sinners
We're all sinners

I'm a sinner, I'm a sinner
I'm a sinner, I like it that way

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Madonna I'm A Sinner Comments
  1. Paul Fishman

    Recorded; The Original Showgirl. A real sinner's saint for ALL the world to love.

  2. Pos Yo

    Is it me or she says "Holy Mary full of grace your love is trippy" I hear that lol but i'm pretty sure she's actually saying it

  3. Gilbert Martinez

    Who the hell wants to be a non-sinner, anyway?!? PRAISE THE LORD AND I LIKE IT THAT WAY...

  4. Jon Clingan

    I'm a sinner, wouldn't have it any other way xxx

  5. Noahide

    Confession is the road to healing.

  6. Georgia Richy Muñoz


  7. magdalena dobosz

    Everyone is a sinner .

    Jon Clingan

    We nearly all sin at some point, I know I have.....only get one life....

  8. Noahide

    This song is probably ok Madonna. It's honest. It's possibly eligible for Catholic pop.


    Apostle Paul did say all had sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Who can really claim they haven't sinned? Not too many I think. And I'm pretty sure a lot of people like to sin a bit. It's true enough statements. Probably not the best attitude, but it is honest.

  9. Jon Clingan

    I'm a bisexual guy so I suppose some people would say I am a sinner BUT who cares..... wouldn't have it any other WAY

  10. Jannah Ponce

    I love it but come on madonna, add more vocal power!!

  11. Somjitr Somboonsopha

    Yeah, I'm a sinner!!

    Jon Clingan

    ME TOO!!!

    Somjitr Somboonsopha

    I'm a sinner and I like it that way.

    Jon Clingan

    Life's too short might as well make the best of it...this is one of my favourite songs on MDNA

  12. David Sky

    Beautiful stranger 1999
    Amazing 2000
    I'm a sinner 2012
    Love love love ❤️❤️❤️

    Angelo Martinez


  13. Jon Clingan

    Love this song AND I'm a sinner And i wouldn't have it any. other way
    One ofc the best tracks on MDNA
    going to heaven don't sound fun anyway

  14. campbell bailey

    I support heterosexual marriage call me deviant it is awefoolly gay

  15. campbell bailey

    this is derivative off laddy googoo

  16. campbell bailey

    I d repent butt its butter da devil ewe no

  17. campbell bailey

    I am convicted of my sin of list for woemen every thought and action I have is a sin

  18. sincherga

    Hail Mary full of grace

  19. winston1319

    MDNA era was so perfect §§§

  20. Tranquilino Padilla

    Beach Party 2017???

  21. campbell bailey

    he's had too much rumi

  22. campbell bailey

    lordeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee should do a number on this one

  23. campbell bailey

    this is knot las islas bananas

  24. James Blayney

    I like it that way !

  25. Jackson Eleutério

    I LOVE IT!!!

  26. Angelo Martinez

    Beautiful stranger in 2012

  27. mad girl

    Best song from MDNA album! ^_^

  28. rob deeper

    great song

  29. Selenium EDM

    I need to MDNA and shroom one of these days lol

  30. Rodrigo Garcia

    we love you

  31. MusicJayPe

    Live version is much better.

  32. matthew nelson

    I really like the vogue move it teach a lot about life and proper ways and I do day ways to handle when a fool or Prince even a female adult shall conduct or what is written or lets in the books about a way of life even when is wrong to be at the last moemont when we all become human sooner saints Angel demon out one Lord ensues and his father God or when the virgin and her row shall begot our flesh and bepart because click and class of the blessed family that we are peon to and other forms belonging to Christ his family and our human ways

  33. pixarian

    i love the MDNA album. it's so enjoyable from start to finish. this song remains my favorite.

    Kameron King

    why you like that song you know that song talk about sins and I don't like them

    jhnewrd 28

    you dont care BITCH! jajaja

    Jacob Miller Otxoavallee

    pixarian i agree with ya

    Nicolás Díaz Puig

    it's my favourite too!!! So soothing and hypnotic

  34. Felicia Palumbo

    I really like this!! I like it ALOT

  35. Marcos Garcia

    I love how Britney has a song called "Am I a Sinner" and Madonna has a song called "I'm a Sinner"!

  36. Allahu Akbar Akunamatata

    Im a sinner Give a F at least i admit it and i aint ashamed of it I like it that way p.s. JESUS STILL LOVES ME so F it (Grin on face).

  37. Steve Eidem

    I support gay marriage, and apparently that makes me a sinner. Well, I guess I'm a sinner and I like it that way.

    Yago Valle

    we're all sinners!

    Lion Alesso

    And? You're not a criminal. Don't fall in any religious mistake that they cannot distinguish between the words and their meanings! They talk and still dumb. They hear and cannot listen. :D

    Misael Hernandez

    I see a little bit of doubt. Welcome to the modern, secular, new age phenomenon. Nothing new, just paganism ruling over us, once again. Go to hell.

  38. Lost Girl89

    "I'm a sinner!" ;)

  39. Xavier Toscano

    Excellent project, maybe you will also like my video

  40. MadiSon5000


    Angelo Martinez

    yeaahhh totally agree

  41. jefferson palacio

    somos pecadores

  42. GiGi

    I'm a sinner, I like it that way.. ♥ ^_^ ♥  i feel like a sinner...♥

  43. Random Stuff

    I hear a bit of Shanti/Ashtangi, Beautiful Stranger, and Drowned World. 
    Like a trip back to 1998!!!

  44. Nárian McKennitt

    Thomas Aquinas or Thomas a cryin'...?

  45. francisco piña



    @francisco piña Lo "inquietante" es un gusto?

    francisco piña

    lo "inquietante" en si no es un gusto , si no lo que me provoca la inquietud !

  46. VicGeorge2K6

    Good music, crappy lyrics.

  47. Nabil El Jaouhari

    what a beautiful song, reminds me of Ray of light...This is my Queen


    satan is your queen

    Nabil El Jaouhari

    Ben ShotSold what's your problem troll?


    the shit music is the problem

    Nabil El Jaouhari

    Ben ShotSold I wish you heaven, all yours, live and let live. wish you can read between the lines of the song my friend. love and peace doesn't need a god. may positivity bee your guide, and happiness be your path.


    Ben ShotSold fuck u n fuck off

  48. Vivi WestW

    MDNA is cool, but Martin Solveig, totally garbage

  49. BroccoliQueefed

    So different from the live version....

  50. Baranmusic1 .Baran

    It's a little bit like Beautiful Stranger and Ray Of Light! A grreat period then and a great period now!

    Braulio Ugasa

    is more like amazing from music and a little bit ray of light

  51. M James

    This song is disturbing.

    Angie Velez

    But in a good way. 💋

    M James

    @Angie Velez No

  52. Andres Molina

    I love William Orbit's tracks.  Martin Solveig tracks are just fucking horrible, sounds cheap and childish.  I don't know why he didn't produce the whole record!

  53. Riccardoderek

    Her voice here sounds more merged with the instruments and the band. Way better!

  54. Wenthony

    This is Madonna, not the one from Give Me All Your Luvin'!


    elHEARTBREAKER GMAYL was an abomination

  55. renanbms05

    amooo I'm sinner

  56. Daniela Cervantes


  57. scorpio200218

    Sinner's seems to have more fun. Why isn't this a single.

  58. miloradvlaovic

    Actually MTV has a thing against Madonna which has been evident for quite a few years now, I actually wonder why may that be. Regardless, You are right about fanbase, it's not that we are getting old, as much as we are old fashioned. Nowadays fans are what makes their idol popular not the other way around as we ( Madonna's fans ) are used to. So for example, Miss Stefania makes a silly, worthless song and her fans do not sleep of eat until they make it sell decently, and earn it views on YT

  59. winston1319

    This should be a single !!

  60. Fernando Barros Barros

    Madonna Queen of Pop <3

  61. kaia kkb

    16.08.2013. Happy Birthday Madonna!!

  62. Fernando Barros Barros

    Madonna Queen of Pop!

  63. Mclee Thefree

    I just fell in love with!
    Thank you for ALL!

  64. MadonnaImperia

    Then I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

  65. Paul Sharp

    Perhaps, but I don't hear that on this album. In fact, I hear so much originality in the way she continues to reinvent herself that I don't hear in other artists... She is still at the top of her game for good reason.

  66. MadonnaImperia

    "Stolen riffs overlayed with rap" is exactly what I DON'T like - so perhaps we misunderstood each other?

  67. Paul Sharp

    I don't think you coulkd be more wrong. Did you liten to I'm a Sinner? There are FEW songs more interesting an complex in melody. The problem is that we all have become brainwashed into believing that stolen riffs overlayed with rap is good music, so we can't recognize quality when we hear it...

  68. Paul Sharp

    You hit it onthe head. There are only 3 songs on the album that I DON"T care for, unprecedented for most efforts. I'm a Sinner, Addicted, Turn Up the Radio... all so under appreciated!

  69. Louis Smith

    The One and Only. Doin It!

  70. lux

    the queen as come home and i could not be more happy C: <3 LONG LIVE THE QUEEN then king is dead but the shall go on!

  71. Ron Scarry

    Love Madonna and all her varied FANS!!!

  72. Alwaystuned

    Love Hard Candy-American Life, and then this gem. Madonna is the shit and could care less what the critics think. Love her.

  73. Jay IslandRX

    Like Hard Candy too minus a couple tracks. I like how she keeps evolving. MDNA is comparable to American Life. Both gained a massive cult following or were snubbed off completely by top 40 DJ's...It's Madonna, you either roll with her or pray for another COAD's been done already. Claiming of sad trends is just passing the buck off that we can't keep up with how music evolved. Stand behind MDNA was one of the most unrated albums of the year.

  74. MadonnaImperia

    I don't agree with you. This is the first time ever I've decided NOT to buy a Madonna album. This song is ok and I love "Give me all your luvin'", but otherwise, I feel this album underlines a sad trend in popular music: Songs become less and less harmonically and melodically interesting as the rhythm section dominates more and more. The songs sound "over produced". Already in 2008 I was shocked when "Hard Candy" came out - I found it difficult to hear the lyrics because of this over production.

  75. costantinini

    Like the moon with a light of my own.. .

  76. summer dallas

    aren't we all ? thanks madonna ! love you !

  77. EXthesweetlamb

    I like this better than "Beautiful Stranger" <3

  78. iodine125

    Because William Orbit was involved with both

  79. Steve f.

    And Confession

  80. Steve f.

    And its Amazing on Music ;)

  81. SuzanaR

    by far the best song on the album ...most of the other tracks on it are crap ...she should make another album similar to Ray of Light (her best album till date)

  82. Rubén Rochín-Parra

    It remembers me 'Beautiful Stranger' SOOOO much.

  83. aldo gi

    I don't know why but this song reminds me of the ray of light album

  84. EAB82

    Especially better than Gaga

  85. Skill Age

    Apart from Gaga. c:

  86. SunShine8308

    I can't see that the marketing is that accidental or incompetent... they must just focus exclusively on the tours now and not worry at all about the videos or anything... such a quick transformation. It used to frustrate me as well until I realized that the singles era must be passing, at least for her. -'tarotworldtour'

  87. Julio Dinelli

    you can't like her or her music style, but it's ridiculous to say that MDNA is a bad album

  88. Relax Vids

    If you want to relax, just check out my channel -- the sounds of nature will do the rest!

  89. marc dany

    guy, nobody is 100% original! It´s impossible for many reasons, even Picasso who found out a lot of new things was inspired in the neolitic, pre-historic art, paints in caves,
    maybe just those pre-historic "artist" are the only ones who were 100% original! ;)

  90. dom barr

    Ok, im a madonna fan, but im gonna point this out just because donna acts like shes SO original. I mean she is, but not 100 percent. If any1 can help me, idk the name of the song but i heard it at aeropostale the other day and the tune of the verse sounds EXACTLY like the verses in hear. I mean EXACTLY. The way the voice is and EVERYTHING!!! just sayin!

  91. drake james


  92. Frank Suarez

    This is pure Pop

  93. Salome Pagana

    Suena deliciosaaaa

  94. Jay IslandRX

    I am disgusted MDNA was snubbed by MTV and the AMAs. The album was not radio friendly at all but I think the album was one of her best works to date. Its an emotional roller coaster of an album with golden tracks. I think her fan base is aging while she is not as fast. The album deserves way more credit than it earned. Hopefully we get in a couple more albums from her before she throws in the towel. typically she waits 3 years between albums :S

  95. Vladimir Skrozhën

    One of best albums of year!

  96. Vladimir Skrozhën

    for you and for some Madonna fans but not for all!

  97. jobin1988

    why doesnt she release this as a single....big big hit....and it is her and religion...release it...

  98. kristin hannah

    I wuz listening 2 this on my walkman walking over here...ive luved Madonna since 82 and it seems we both struggle w sin..there is a lot more 2 her than people think....remember the book?? like omg!!!..A Living Legend period..