Madonna - Goodbye To Innocence Lyrics

I don't wanna say goodbye

There are some who believe that I owe them something
But they're wrong, I owe nothing to no one but myself
And there are some who say they created me
But only my parents will have that acclaim
I took it from there, I am to blame


Say goodbye to anonymity
I have to (have to, have to) say goodbye
To privacy, but most of all
To innocence [repeat 3 times]

My life is not a game that I play to entertain you
And if you can do it better, then you're welcome to my fame
I'm not gonna waste my time correcting myths and rumors
You believe what you wanna believe


I don't wanna say goodbye
I don't need a reason to cry
Kinda makes me wanna
Kinda makes me hafta

Stop and think about it [repeat 3 times]
Do I want to?

I don't (getting up and down)
I don't (getting up and down)
I don't (getting up and down)

Up-up, d-d-down, up-up-up

I don't (getting up and down)
I don't (getting up and down)
I don't (getting up and down)

Up-up, d-d-down, up-up-up

Listen up
It always comes down to this [repeat]

Some people have a snake at the base of their spine
That would suck out your life, that would take all your time
They're called feeders
They're not believers but you must not fear it
They're takers

You know you better stop, stop and think about it [repeat 3 times]

Your innocence [repeat 3 times]

I don't wanna say goodbye to innocence
I don't need a reason to cry, innocence

Hold on to your innocence
Hold on (hold on, hold on), hold on to innocence
Hold on

Stop and think about it, say goodbye, think about it [repeat twice]

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Madonna Goodbye To Innocence Comments
  1. timothy chung

    She should just release an album of fans choice and rework slightly?

  2. 955pokerface

    Sounds like a total early 90’s house hit! Really could have been. Even though Madonna has always pushed boundaries, this was probably seen as too experimental to be an album track

  3. Stefano Rossetti

    Is realized in the compilation album “ Just Say Roe” VOL. 7

  4. Ianng

    3:08 so true

  5. Camilo Restrepo

    Madonna should include this song in the Madame X Tour as she did with the unreleased version of Erotica You Thrill Me during the Confessions Tour!


    Maybe i dont search i find its the key

  6. vansafe2

    Actually the song was released on Just Say Roe compilation in Summer 1994 and even played by a few radio stations

  7. Ignacio Peterlin

    Is someone here because I don’t search si find sounds very similar?

    Walter Higo

    I would not say 'Very Similar' but it definitely reminded me of this song.

  8. 955pokerface

    This could have been a single! Sounds like a total early 90’s club hit

  9. Jeffrey Dunivant

    It came from the album Just say Roe. ❤

  10. James Modlin

    This look right here and the way she appeared in Take a Bow pissed Courtney Love off.
    That's why the skank started throwing makeup at Madonna while she was being interviewed by Kurt Loder.
    Courtney was fliipen jealous cause she knew she'd never be what Madonna was and still is to this day, a legend in her own time.
    A rare breed of celebrity amoung celebrities.

  11. truth teller

    Madonna your parents are not your creator

  12. Rene Willemsen

    protect innocence and keep in touch with the innocent child in yourself.

  13. nl V

    Better than Secret Garden or Where life begins

    Matias Torres


  14. boywonder9021ho

    N=O=T lookin' like dat Noni Boloni aka Noni B. (BLACKKK BITCH) Urkel . . . da internet movie database message board needed to be resurfac_ED ok . . . Noni - every1 Jesus was moore a Child Molester and pedaphile than he was anything else when he was on EARTH . . . Uwish bitch . . . dats a fairy Alternative fri_ED . . . not wit da Q-ster all over Bryan Adams High School Uwish Bitch Uwish ok lmfaoo you N***A track queens ok . . .

  15. Commotion

    megaupload link, damn

  16. Keith Lopez

    Still waiting for ur big comeback my quen i 💘 u with all my ❤

  17. Lucy Meltsmyheart

    Go to updown suite by Madonna and see.

  18. Lion Alesso

    It always comes down to this

  19. jinthenest

    I have this version on the Just Say Roe cd of various artists released in mid 90s. Great album!

    Holy Water 94

    U do? Would you mind if I ask you could yoh send it to me that song somewhere I really like it!! Thanks!n

  20. Keith Lopez

    she is the queen of pop she will reclaim her crown wait for the new album fuck beyonce i like riahana but all the gaga point taken

  21. Esteban Frezzato

    Amazing track!!!

  22. victorpassa

    this is so avant garde

  23. sheri withdog

    very sexy song

  24. Jose Nolberto Tureuna Parancan


  25. Keith Lopez

    i will love u for ever madonna i love u so much you ar my queen 2018 love u

  26. Keith Lopez

    madge fan since madonna 1st. album cant get enough of you queen forever waiting for next masterpiece album love u forever💝

  27. Arikm7

    this song was later re-worked into "Fever".

  28. Cindy ko

    This song is amazing oh my, should've been included in Erotica

  29. Daniel Henriquez

    This song was a hit in my country!!!

  30. JR Tom-Spencer

    So true

  31. Jordan Jacob

    i wish this was on the album ugh

  32. kevin

    dec 2017??

  33. Angel Simone

    This should have been on the erotica album and Shame, Your Honesty and You Thrill Me. Madonna will always be the Queen Of Pop and Britney Spears is the Princess Of Pop.

  34. Raffaele Villani

    Beautiful track...dope!

  35. Darren T

    Sounds like Fever

  36. RW Entertainment

    Wow, after listening to UP DOWN SUITE for 24 years and wondering how a DUB, almost instrumental track just came to be and appeared as B side to RAIN, I have now discovered the answer, GOODBYE TO INNOCENCE. I never knew this song existed, I LOVE IT. SHEP PETTIBONE IS THE GREATEST. Thank you youtube and Madonna.

  37. Fräulein Rottenmeier

    Quien es ella?

    Erick R

    Fräulein Rottenmeier Madonna...

  38. Erik Winger


  39. Chrîs Tøwers

    This song should've been included instead of Did you do it!!!

    nl V


    Matias Seguel Meza

    thats would have been amazing, it's just that they used this instrumental for Fever

    Matt Knowles

    Not really. It’s not that great. Although I will agree that Did you do it should’ve also been binned.

  40. Chrîs Tøwers

    Updown suite came from this track!!

  41. Jordon Hanlan

    The erotica music era sound is just so sexy I love this one

  42. Tezzy Young

    Kinda makes me wanna.. Kinda makes me have to. Stop! Think about it!! WOOO I live for this tune!!!

  43. Reginald Bigley

    Courtney love oooooooonoooooo

  44. rebecca z

    this is fantastic for shiz. 💙👌

  45. Fathurrahman Prasetyo

    well 1992's house song is keepin' allowed for catwalk song

  46. Chris Coyne

    So this is basically 'Up Down Suite' with lyrics

  47. Scott Brandts

    Fuckin' gold! Spewing that this was bumped from the final "Erotica" set.

  48. MadiSon5000


  49. andrew leary

    this sounds like FEVER from the album EROTICA in parts

  50. Soaribb

    Stop and think about how many good songs she's never released

  51. alex blend

    still sounds great, fresh and new

  52. M c

    A clockwork orange + Mae West + Jesus ..she's pure cabaret pop art.

    Witchboy Hale

    ¿Clockwork Orange? Please Explain me that, I love Madonna and that Movie.

  53. ale gonzalez

    Luv this :)

  54. Gina Sousa Branco

    The very first seconds sounds like Bedtime Story "Today is the last day that I'm using words" part

  55. remy paraskovia

    I swear her voice during the Erotica Era is sooooo good, Is so underrated it makes mad.

  56. macj wave

    elle dechire grave de grave

  57. David Murphy


  58. Marc Rappaport

    i'm not sure why anyone thinks this, or, for that matter, any recent madonna song, is any good. it's pure unadulerated crap. madonna has made a living off copying other people's form and attitude. she copied vogue from black gays in the 70s. she directly copied the video for frozen from another lesser known artist, she used william orbit and mirwais to make her own albums which forced both of these incredible artists to subsequently tank. madonna has never done a fucking thing for the gay community and yet, we hold her up as some icon. she gets fucking rich for doing little with no talent. call me a hater all ya want, i'll wear it as a badge of honor. if you think madonna is a good artist, you probably thought clinton, bush or obama were good presidents too.

    Jonatthan Mendoza

    Marc Rappaport and here you're listening to Madonna's music lmao.

    remy paraskovia

    Marc Rappaport what an Idiot, Madonna made mirwais and Orbit Famous and rich, Orbit got to Record to many other people thanks to her, And Vogue bitch please without her song that dance would be still an underground thing And it wasn't invented by black gay men in the 70s is actually way older and is Called " new way " You're a dumbass for thinking you know something about her, She has done more for gays and women than any other artist Women human ever so shut your biased Ignorant mouth.

    Gina Sousa Branco

    No, you're not a hater only plain dumb as fuck.

    remy paraskovia

    @Gina Sousa Branco XD


    'I'm not sure why anyone thinks this is any good'. Perhaps because it's, clearly, a very accomplished piece of house with an elegant spoken-word. A classic, hackneyed 'I hate pop stars' comment this. The way some drum on, you'd think they were the only people ever to 'copy' (if we're going to be that crude). If Madonna is a plagiarist, then so are universally acclaimed artists like Bowie. Not a coincidence that - for the majority of her career - Madonna has extracted grade A contributions from her collaborators and delivered cohesive albums with a unified vision across a spectrum of genres. And William Orbit and Mirwais struggling?! If anything, working with Madonna raised their profiles...

  59. Rob Fernandez

    the beginning of this song is hardly audible in up down suite.

  60. Ale Alejandro

    Temita de Bunker la mejor disco de Buenos Aires en los 90.

    Herve ARG!

    Ale Alejandro Es verdad! Recuerdo cada vez que pasaban ese tema!!!!! Búnker jamás será igualada!

    Herve ARG!

    Ale Alejandro Es verdad! Recuerdo cada vez que pasaban ese tema!!!!! Búnker jamás será igualada!

  61. Lucy Meltsmyheart

    my life is not a game that I play to entertain and if you could do it better than youre welcome t o my fame,I'm not gonna waste my time correcting missing rumors you believe what u wanna believe. ..

  62. Lucy Meltsmyheart

    this was after up down suite.


    this is before Up down suite, up Down suit is just a Dub version of this.

  63. Rosana M.

    Madge está a cara da Courtney Love.

    remy paraskovia

    Rosana Monteiro she wish, Madonna is beautiful....


    @remy paraskovia yeyy...who the heck even remembers Courtney? Quien? What?.. ;)

    remy paraskovia

    @LoveAge​ she had some good songs I like her in that way as An actress too but the bitch is to pressed by the Queen and honestly this was Before Courtney was a thing so She copied M


    @remy paraskovia Yeah i know darling...bitches from the same era as The Queen had a REAAAALLLLY hard time...and...well you know, as i know, as all of us know that Courtney had a MORE difficult time than a lot of others in so many respects...I don't bitch on people for simple humane reasons, cos i understand that most of us go through hard times that no-one else knows about, and..i can "guess" that Courtney really did not have an easy time..then, mnor now nor ever..and i don't wish her anything bad..I hope she's happy and peaceful with her life now..and with ALL that said...There's still only ONE Queen...I hardly need to repeat her name..right..;9

    remy paraskovia

    @LoveAge agree :)

  64. StefanDot

    my fucking god she is the best. This album is a masterpiece, so brave and creative. The music is sexy and classy.

  65. NotmNama derpiere

    She looks like Alison Goldfrapp in this picture.

    Erre Gi

    True but this picture was taken in 1992-1993


    ALISON GOLDFRAPP Looks like this picture, get it right

  66. MyMdd

    Better than "Bye Bye Baby" ... !!!


    Bye Bye Baby its a "squirrel" song..chipmunk voice in that song.

    Ulises yo


    Jhonatan de Jesús

    Better than "Did You Do It?"

    Jorge Sandoval

    I'll trade GTI for DYDI, period!


    Jorge Sandoval nooo did you do it is such a bop!!

  67. Jesse Andrew

    I'm not trying to be a hater, but I own the Just Say Roe CD, and this is EXACTLY the same mix. I listened to every second of this youtube video waiting for the song to deviate from the JSR version, and it never did. It's identical. I should have known when I saw the running time was exactly the same and the intro was identical.
    This wouldn't really bother me, and I'd move along, but you're inaccurately labeling this song as unreleased when in fact it was very much released. Now, the Just Say Roe CD is no longer in print, and the compilation is not available digitally on iTunes, so a more accurate description would be Goodbye To Innocence (Currently commercially unavailable song from Madonna).
    Much like Supernatural (released as b-side to Cherish, currently unavailable) and Ain't No Big Deal (early recording later released commercially as the b-side to Papa Don't Preach, currently unavailable).
    I apologize if I sound like a jerk, not my intention, I just like accuracy. This is inaccurate.

    Bitch I'm Madonna❤

    @elisa bailey No our parent's create us cause of the sperm that goes into the female and we get stuff from them called geans

    Cecily Macnamara

    I was under the impression that Dear Jessie was written for Pat Leonard's young daughter who spent time with M and Pat while recording the album Like a Prayer. Any idea where I could find a 12" Cherish/Supernatural? I have LAP on vinyl and CD but came across Supernatural here on YouTube and loved it. The idea of sex with the Holy Ghost made me laugh out loud. An Irish Catholic is always easily amused by stuff like that!

    Leo Luna

    It's been a while, but I've actually heard the demo of "Goodbye to Innocence", and this version is absolutely NOT the demo. The demo is much rougher-sounding, and the second verse includes a line like "the rest is only humour" at the end of it.

    Leo Luna

    Melissa Guerra

    Yes, the demo has "I'll pray I'll keep my sense of humor" line. You can actually here it in one of the Fever remixes - Fever (Back to The Dub 1) mix.

  68. sheyla ambition

    i love it ! of my favourite unrealeased songs of the queen....and that's Madonna...B***H !

  69. Gian Carlo

    the final chorus with Nicky voice is insane ...

  70. Cesar Ferreira

    O melhor cd da Madonna foi Erotica muito estiloso faltou a música Goodbye to Inocence.

  71. Fernando Mereles

    bye bye !!!

  72. Lolo vabt

    this song is bette than Secret Garden

    remy paraskovia

    Lolo vabt how dare you......? These song is great like really really good but Damn boy don't be absurd, Secret Garden is the motherfucking best song of Erotica, She rarely done Acid Jazz and that song is so unique In her Rich catalogue.

    nl V

    You are so right

  73. marlon patrick

    Sorry but this smells. I can see why she left it off the album. I've noticed her preachy songs that exhibit that chip on her shoulder always tend to suffer musically, like Human Nature, Holy Water, etc.


    Disagree. Human Nature is amazing, Holy water too...when she is unfiltered and unapologetic she's at her best. there's a reason why Janet Jackson and Mariah faded with their "safe" songs and Madonna remains an icon...songs that take risks like the ones you mention are the best thing about Madonna


    Musically, there is nothing wrong with this song whatsoever. Do you even know what genre it is?! It's not supposed to be ultra-melodic or bright. Anyone with a bit of taste and more than a passing knowledge of music over the last 40 years will acknowledge this is an A-1 house track.

    darrell crain

    Human Nature is one of her best songs.

  74. Linzyn Ovejero

    fantastico tema me encanta !!

  75. X.Ryeland Vincent

    so many unreleased amazing tunes. Maddy should release them all.

  76. Gina Sousa Branco

    Madonna got so many, many good unrealeased songs.

    Huke Sean

    +Gina Sousa Branco There has to be an album full of the unreleased songs, all of them!!! I am a huge Madonna fan!!! I really want to make a video saying I'm a Madonna fan. Love you Madonna

    Gina Sousa Branco

    @Huke Sean An unreleased songs album would blast the charts too :D
    Do that video & upload it here.

    remy paraskovia

    Gina Sousa Branco she have so many unreleased music, She did the same in Rebel heart.

    Sensitive Spirit

    Gina Sousa Branco. I wish there was more!

    David Wilkinson

    I wish she would release them!!! The unreleased songs would be a nice end to her career!

  77. anthony a

    OMG ,, people are FREKIN  HATERS

  78. Guillermo De La V

    cool  es muy bueno me encanta 

  79. Goliath sparrow

    should of been a single, it was actually played on aussie radio as the lead single to erotica, but was dropped.....just love this song


    this song never even made it to the album..Erotica was ALWAYS the first single. this song was never meant to be single...the only singles changes was originally to have Bad Girl as the 2nd single with an X-rated video but that was scratched when the backlash started and Erotica stalled at #3 in the U.S. Charts, you're likely confusing this with Erotica cause both have spoken parts.


    Even in Italian radio this was played as "new single" before Erotica.

    Leo MeCas

    @TarantulaCandy Hey, where can I read information about Bad Girl as second single?

  80. Apple & Cinnamon

    There is something in her voice in the hook which never fail to capture me. It is like her laugh. I love it.

    Gina Sousa Branco

    @LoveOverAll That's why there's only a very few covers of M's songs I can listen.

    remy paraskovia

    LoveAge LOL heepycreepies


    @remy paraskovia ..haha..i know, i always say these kinda things wrong in English..but i like to invent my own words..Anyone else singing a Madonna song, just make my skin crawl in a bad way, basically ..

    remy paraskovia

    @LoveAge LOL have you heard Tori amos Covers of her? She is really good


    @remy paraskovia As you mention it, i actually have, once upon a time and yeah i was kinda impressed then.

  81. Matthew Scholnick

    Is this somg about losing your virginity?

    Julián D. Rendón Rúa

    Matthew Scholnick Of course it is ;)

  82. Vivi WestW

    2:24 Fever!!!


    @Vivi WestW Yup, the _Edit One_ :D


    Yes.. they took this song and made it into "Fever".. :)

    luca durante

    “goodbye to innocence” was one of the first demo of “fever”!

    Gehrig Harris

    Yep! This song was almost finished and ready to be put in the album when on day, Madonna was listening to it and randomly started singing the lyrics to “Fever” over the beat. She liked it so much that she decided to just cover Fever.

  83. conatcha

    She looks to be parodying Courtney Love in that picture.

    Edwin B

    conatcha that picture was taken waaay before Courtney was somebody

    Erre Gi

    Indeed it was shot on a photo session for her Erotica album from 1992, she made everything before and better, with can say almost everything we hear and look at nowadays could have been inspired by her

    iDonte Perfect

    Edwin B Courtney started in the 80s 😂 and became a actual big name when she was in hole in 89 being the best female lead in the grunge genre we can support ppl without tearing others down

  84. Joe M McLaren

    great, so when is the unreleased compilation be released?

  85. marc dany

    Even old unreleased Madonnas songs are better and more modern than the trash that sounds nowaday on the radio....

    remy paraskovia

    marc dany you can bet that


    'lol ok'. Lord have mercy...

    Anders Anders

    marc dany :-D

    Lion Alesso

    When they sacrificed Jesus Christ on the cross they strip Him down to bare nakedness. When they depict (of course it's false) pictures of Him and with a white rag around Him, it is not true because they wanted to bring 'shame' on Him. Even today many think of others and therefore many of themselves as well that it is a shame. They are wrong - trust me.

    Lucy Meltsmyheart

    marc dany let the truth be told!👍

  86. roddiconic

    Up Down Suite ♥

  87. PPeeal

    Let’s get it out there. I’ve just become quite jealous of my neighbor. He’s actually been alone permanently. But he’s managed to get a part-time model to state to him she loves him in under a month. How is that actually achievable? He mentioned he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone amazing said that to me… I do not remember ever previously seeing him so content. Kind of makes me feel bad.

  88. Tashiba Bailey

    Madonna is not the dance queen for nothing now this is her she makes the best dance songs ever riannia cant touch her music


    Exactly - like with 'Beautiful Killer' on Disc 2 of MDNA....AMAZING song that should've been the first single from MDNA, NOT the cheerleader shite...

  90. juan luis duschak

    Me too

  91. Amadeo Orellana


  92. tlauderdalehp21

    Umm honey did you listen to the album Erotica? There is only like 2-3 songs about sex. Unless you are talking about the era than otherwise I agree

  93. chilaquil008

    thankfully not toomuch

  94. boywonder9021ho

    someone sent to my fan club a while back on a cassette compilation call_ED - Lady Kier vs Madoodoo !!! oooh liez and a bag of chips !!! Thank-Q!!! -eddie Q

  95. walterygor

    This song would've fit perfectly in the MDNA tour set list / theme, right after Vogue and just before Candy Shop.

  96. MonsterLunaChick

    Thanks Brutie! I didn't know about this song! <3 This is hot.

  97. Russel Contreras

    :) Courtney looks like madonna

  98. carlstadt1579

    I agree, although Fever was put instead of this. Madonna started singing Fever lyrics to this music, and decided she liked it so much more than this version of a song. So Fever is a substitute for this song.

  99. Mini Goose

    This should have ended the album :/