Madonna - GHV2 Megamix Lyrics

Hey Mr DJ
Put a record on

[Don't Tell Me:]
Tell me
Love isn't true
It's just something that we do (g, g, g, g, get up)
Tell Me
Everything I'm not but
Don't ever tell me to stop (g, g, g, g, get up)
Please don't
Please don't
Please don't tell me to tell
Don't you ever

Erotic, Erotic
Put your hands all over my body
Erotic, Erotic
Put your hands all over my body
Erotic, Erotic
Put your hand all over my body
Erotic, Erotic

Something's coming
Something's coming
Something's coming over me
My baby's got a secret (Mmm mmm)

Mmm mmm mmm
Give yourself to me
Mmm mmm mmm
You are the key

[What It Feels Like For A Girl:]
Do you know? (What, what)
What it feels like for a girl
Do you know?
What it feels like in this world for a girl?

[Take A Bow:]
I've always been in love with you (Always with you)
I guess you've always known it's true (You know it's true)
You my love for granted
Why? Oh why?
The show is over
Say goodbye
Say goodbye

(You recognise my voice
It's Madonna
You can hear me
You can even see but you can't touch me
Ain't nothing like the real thing)

[Deeper And Deeper:]
I can't help falling in love
I fall deeper and deeper the further I go
Kisses sent from heaven above
It gets sweeter and sweeter
The more that I know
The deeper I go
(You've got to just let your body move to the...)

Makes the people
Come together
Music makes the bourgeoisie
And rebel

(Do you like to boogie woogie
Do you like to boogie woogie
Do you to acid rock)

[Ray Of Light:]
Quicker than a ray of light
Quicker than a ray of light
Quicker than a ray of light
And I feel
Like I just got home
And I feel
And I feel
And I feel like I just got home
And I feel

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Madonna GHV2 Megamix Comments
  1. Ramiro Brandan

    queen of music

  2. Katie Mo

    F E B R E A R Y 2 0 2 0 💃💃💃❤✔

  3. Maurício Antônio

    Tão maravilhoso! Devo muito ao GHV2! Aaaah meus 10 anos 🤣

  4. Kelly Swat


  5. David Murphy


  6. Ryan Paul Balagtas

    I thought there will be a GHV3...But Madonna did not have much hits after GHV2.


    Die Another Day, American Life, Hollywood, Hung Up, Sorry, Get Together, Jump, 4 Minutes, Give It 2 Me, Celebration, Masterpiece, Give Me All Your Luvin', Girl Gone Wild, Ghosttown, Bitch I'm Madonna, Medellin, Crave

    Sailor Amarok

    Her 4th compilation "Celebration" was released in 2009.

  7. Oscar Diego Nevárez Avilés

    A reason I became a Fan was for this video.... I was 14 and I used to ask myself: all those women are Madonna?... Now I'm 33 and still love her work

  8. Dark Angel

    ¿Que Temas se usaron para este megamix? si alguien sabe

    Abril Vieth

    Dont tell me
    What is feels like for a girl
    Take a bow
    Deeper and deeper
    Ray of light

    Dark Angel

    @Abril Vieth Gracias

  9. Diego Diaz

    Este Megamix lo tocaban en la radio hace años en Chile increíble escucharlo después de tanto tiempo.

  10. JoeBrown B

    a pop masterclass and a review if my first twenty years in this world

  11. Fernando Salazar Salazar

    Majestad, de los mejores que he escuchado. Gracias

  12. ROB M:

    2019 and still kicking ass

  13. dawlsid raehol


  14. Israel Álvarez

    I need a second part of this awesome and dope remix with the hits from 2002 to 2019.

  15. Alex Souza

    Um dos primeiros clipes que vi da Madonna na época boa da MTV


    I'm forty. Literally grew up with Madonna.



  17. wycc sivan


  18. Billy's Angel

    It’s time for a new Madonna Megamix. From the beginning till now 2019.

  19. Pablo Zerpa

    put your hands arround my body --> something's comin' over me <3

  20. Roland Baldwin

    My favourite megamix is the Pajama Party 95 mix but this is also incredible.

  21. Hector Varela

    La eterna Reina del Pop.

  22. dawlsid raehol


  23. Rodrigo Vazquez

    I remember I listened to this Megamix for the first time when I was 10 years old, can't believe 17 years have passed now, and I'm still loving it

  24. Manoel Rocha

    Wonderful megamix... LOVE LOVE LOVE...

  25. DarkSaladBowserFTW DarkVirusBowserJrFTL

    Thunderpuss Megamix Setlist:

    1. Don't Tell Me
    2. Erotica
    3. Secret
    4. Frozen
    5. What It Feels Like For A Girl
    6. Take A Bow
    7. Deeper and Deeper
    8. Music
    9. Ray of Light

  26. Michail Zapantis

  27. Cringe AF

    So tell me, what Madonna are you?

  28. Ricardo Ang

    At 2:40 The transition from Vogue’s “Let your body move to the music...” to “Music” gives me goosebumps each and everytime.

    Sailor Amarok

    "Let your body move to the music" is actually lifted from "Deeper And Deeper" (in that song Madge quoted that line from "Vogue").
    But yes, it's also my favourite moment in that megamix.xD

  29. Arte no Tom Washington Oliveira


  30. DarkSaladBowserFTW DarkVirusBowserJrFTL

    The Thunderpuss megamix songs' melodies does not sound like Thunderpuss.

  31. Rene Willemsen


  32. Luis Valencia

    El mejor remix!!! 😍

  33. lost in city light

    Only Madonna could do this, hit after hit. ICONIC.

  34. RaffaellaCarrà_fan_ Kelly K.

    Excellent mix ❤️👏🏻👑

  35. Audiovisual MG

    Amo essa risada no final 💖

  36. jesusen1818

    Grandioso mix perfecto bien logrado me recuerda el 2001 buena forma de promocionar un Greates Hits

  37. Joselo Da Silva

    MUCHMUSIC and MTV channel of her, she always be the number one

  38. Kelly Swat

    Madonna has the most number 1 hits of all time 22!!!!!!

  39. juvenal teixeira dos santos


  40. Gonzalo Arvietti

    I feel strange, ...bitch im madonna and others, dont belong here...

    We lost madonna?

  41. Dani Cris Lira

    Show 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  42. supernatural2029

    I love this megamix but quality is a little bit weird, after many years that I didn't watch the video, I watched on mtv but never on youtube , but the quality is very strange, it looks darken

  43. KyriakosGR

    !Great Madonna!

  44. TheTheratfarmer

    who wrote the music? someone and people wrote this music. so others can wreck it there own way. lol, who are they? i'm not trashing any remakers, i just wan't to know.... who writes or wrote this original music.

  45. Wallace Fernando

    There's only one QUEEN.
    Do I have to say her name?

  46. Marcelo Decon

    Vogue, Music and ROL in an endless loop. All that I need in my life.

  47. ale gonzalez

    Yayyyy love all these videos :)))

  48. sweet boy

    madonna pls upload GHV2 Megamix (Johnny Rocks & Mac Quayle Edit)

  49. Maurício Antônio


  50. victorpassa

    I remember watching this on mtv
    miss those times <3

  51. Bradley Arnold

    I've always loved this one

  52. Huck Furler

    How bout a love afair between a bull and a bull fighter?

  53. Kyle G

    There's only one queen, and that's madonna. Bitch!

  54. Jose Luis Machuca

    LA REINA DEL POP hoy y siempre MADONNA

  55. era Z

    On est la

  56. Thales Lisboa

    Queen of pop!

  57. Oscar Espinoza Martín

    Amo este mix, fue por el que conocí toda la videografía de Madonna de los 90, no paraba de escucharlo en el 2001, qué recuerdos!!!

  58. Blank Dorantes

    me encanta,reyna

  59. Blank Dorantes

    me encanta,reyna

  60. Blank Dorantes

    me encanta,reyna

  61. MZ Channel

    I remember when this was on TV

  62. Mai Mohamed

    Wow queen😍😍👏

  63. Jakson Joni

    Eu amo todas a músicas da minha Deusa Madonna

  64. sami aly

    روعه المكس مادونا لا يمل منك

  65. Monsieur X

    Next upload : BEAUTIFUL GAME pleeeeease !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  66. Monsieur X

    Best megamix ever ❤️❤️❤️

  67. Skandar C


  68. Catarina Costa


  69. Lulú Hernández

    😍me gusta gracias por compartir MEGAMIX MADONNA🎶👍❤

  70. Abdon Horta

    Always hated that the tag said “THNUDERPUSS”.. a typo 😞😞😞😞😞 anyone noticed that? I have this megamix on DVD

  71. Fernando Contreras


  72. José Augusto dos Santos


  73. Jackson Rivieri

    Anos 90 década de ouro da música pop e da rainha que lançava um CD melhor que o outro!

  74. Alex Souza

    Que nostalgia!!! Lembro como se fosse hoje quando passou pela primeira vez na MTV.

  75. Lena - Colombia

    well done papurie .... lovely

  76. faiyazhanif80

    I have the CD single still

    Maurício Antônio

    Wow 😮😍

  77. David Q


  78. jose luiz pereira silva


  79. jose luiz pereira silva


  80. Dylan Gabriel

    My fav😍

  81. Mark Wendell Louis

    I remember this.

  82. Carlos Junior

    Porraaaa! Incrível! 💜💜💜

  83. Ll Ml


  84. Charliston Vasconcelos

    The Queen Of Pop! 👑

  85. Joxeh So

    I remember heavily playing this mix at the gay club. Everyone loved it everytime.

  86. kolima26

    Nice.. end hag song :D sweet physical nd lyrical mix. À poétesse. thx

  87. lOulOu 1985

    Powerful MegamiX & i love it Madonna 🙆‍♀️💖💞🇩🇿

  88. Polo Jacobo Leyva

    Cool Remixs:)

  89. Marie Del Rey


  90. Debbie Ro

    ENDLESS!!! Haters just suck it up!!!! Madonna you're my Queen. Love you.

  91. gobregon2011

    I'll always pick 90's Madonna! who agrees?

  92. Ant22-25 Alman

    Great megamix!

  93. Madonna Music


  94. ExtensionOfDenim

    hate when they change the aspect radio of videos

  95. Carlos Soares

    Iconic 👑💘

  96. capitu capitu


  97. Łukasz

    Cherish, Miles Away, Everybody please!