Madness - Return Of The Los Palmas 7 Lyrics

Ha ha ha
Hi there folks out there
I'd like you to meet
Tommy McGloins combo

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Madness Return Of The Los Palmas 7 Comments
  1. 11matt11

    Does anyone else hear Lily Allen song at 1:12 ? I had heard rumours about it, but wow that is clear as day.

  2. Captain Anopheles

    Millennium falcon special guest appearance.

  3. Giovanni Paolo

    The beautiest song I listen this year...

  4. idealjohn

    Does anyone remember who the woman is at 2.08 with all the cameras around her neck and surrounded by soldiers ?. It’s a case of I know your face but I can’t think of who you are !. Cheers for your help.


    @MadFranco008. Brilliant, cheers for that mate. I knew I recognised her like I said, I just couldn’t put a name to her face. Thanks for your informative reply.

  5. The Joebaxi

    Love coming back to this from time to time. Absolutely genius musicianship

  6. MrCollywol

    Wow! Getting quite teary and nostalgic!

  7. Cathy Jones

    Wow my teenage years in one tune can't we go back please?

  8. David B

    Having this at my funeral. Love it.

  9. southlondon63

    Reminds me of such fun times of yesteryear


    @ southlondon63 : True, reckon along with music it's those images used in the video that take us right back to what was our time and good times they where too... :-)


    MadFranko008 That’s so true mate

  10. Sharon ess

    Play it on my morning ride to office remembering old happy moments...

  11. The Anxious Pagan

    I can’t here the goodnight bit...

  12. davedagreat69

    I love it all, but my favourite bit is the middle 8 type section that starts at 1:11 to 1:38 .


    davedagreat69 me too!

    Sharon ess

    Yesss me tooo...

    Giovanni Paolo


    Giovanni Paolo


  13. Hannah



    missed it out

  14. MrTonpark

    pucker! at a time when things seemed normal!

  15. Jcat Cat

    I'm lovin' it. xxxx

  16. darren baunt

    Stupendous. Love it. First heard it 36 years ago and still sounds fresh.

  17. Jeff Baker

    It's not English Great tune/vid.

  18. Jude Ruddock

    What a tune live life

  19. alextw13jf

    the older it gets the better it sounds. Can't stop loving Madness. Never enough

    Jude Ruddock

    What a tune Billy 72

    Jeff Baker

    Haven't listened to it since 1982 or 3. Came into my head in the shower this morn., in that comfy relaxing way. Great vid too.


    Love em


    Love these guys

  22. Moomintroll63

    I was 18 when this came out....still listening aged 54

  23. Paul Hamilton

    Still one of my favourite ever songs

  24. NapoleonSolo61

    how can two people give this masterpiece a thumbs down? CRAZY !!!

  25. James Potter

    Oh look what they're doing smoking inside back when we were allowed to do such a thing

  26. See Saw

    good times

  27. Jude Ruddock

    One of the best

  28. nuhs jus

    one of the best songs they ever did amazing and catchy

  29. Angela Farrell

    still so cool

  30. martymarts67

    Fucking Awesome :)

  31. Gary Davidson

    1.27 Alan Taylor.  IRONS!

  32. Ed Ed

    You had to be there boys.. you had to be there....

  33. Zelda Fitzgerald

    Filmed at the Venus cafe Golbourne Rd west London. Stella mc cartney has her offices facing it now

    David Myers

    +Fireball XL5 Yup and an episode of The Sweeney called "Faces" was filmed directly opposite, where the villains stayed in the junk shop.

  34. 42 Belvedere

    Fuckin' brilliant

  35. f00768500

    Hands up everyone who (finally) ended up here coz of "Holiday of my Lifetime" (!!!)

  36. Badger Biter

    Please please can someone post the lyrics to this.


    @Greatest1979 Ah well at least now I know I'm not the only person in the world who's gonna be singing those lyrics... :-)


    Good night on the origional too


    No its an instramental...

  37. William Main

    This says it all.... Love it

  38. Vajda Veronika

    Oh, I needed some relief and this music gives it to me.

  39. MrShannonite

    I miss old cafes like that.  Brings me back to my early years, really does, back when food was cooked in proper grease.

    oscar strokosz

    @MrShannonite Still exist in the east of London and large towns/cities. They'll never go away.

  40. Derek Press

    my time at Telecom 80's 90's  we spent many a happy morning having breakfast in a caf, just like that (before work time of course ;) ) the whole team LOL

  41. Scott Roberts

    lots of pure randomness footage. great tune though!

  42. Greatest1979

    I've loved this song from the first time I heard it back in 1981. My favourite part is the bridge in the middle of the song, it's so beautiful!

  43. Habibasse

    Did they play this song live many times or not ?

    Mr Secondsoul


  44. Zetep

    Simply the beste videoclip ever, period.
    And a great song too.