Madilyn Bailey - Team Lyrics

Call all the ladies out
They're in their finery
A hundred jewels on throats
A hundred jewels between teeth
Now bring my boys in
Their skin in craters like the moon
The moon we love like a brother, while he glows through the room

Dancin' around the lies we tell
Dancin' around big eyes as well
Even the comatose they don't dance and tell

We live in cities you'll never see on screen
Not very pretty, but we sure know how to run free
Living in ruins of a palace within my dreams
And you know, we're on each other's team

I'm kind of over getting told to throw my hands up in the air, so there

So all the cups got broke
shards beneath our feet
but it wasn't my fault
And everyone's competing
for a love they won't receive
'Cause what this palace wants is release

We live in cities you'll never see on screen
Not very pretty, but we sure know how to run free
Living in ruins of a palace within my dreams
And you know, we're on each other's team

I'm kind of over getting told to throw my hands up in the air
So there
I'm kinda older than I was when I revelled without a care
So there

We live in cities you'll never see on screen
Not very pretty, but we sure know how to run free
Living in ruins of a palace within my dreams
And you know, we're on each other's team
We're on each other's team
And you know, we're on each other's team
We're on each other's team

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Madilyn Bailey Team Comments
  1. Mike Walton

    Golden goddess of music

  2. Guadalupe Martinez

    Plase lorde dinamite

  3. Hysteria! At The Dance Event

    You butchered it.
    The original is 100x better, no one can top Lorde. You don't have the depth and darkness In your voice that is needed in this song.

    Stick to other songs. Stay away from Lordes.

  4. Daniel Moore

    got the words wrong...

  5. Cinnamon

    Watch the baby hair in 2017

  6. Naomi Garrett

    you have great music

  7. Naomi Garrett

    love this

  8. Renz Espino

    i really love this 😍😍😍
    can you make a cover of OURS by taylor swift? please?!😍😍 you have an amazing voice.

  9. Aneesah Koser

    not to my taste the feel of the song isn't good

  10. somunsat indra

    amazing voice..niceeee...

  11. Seanna Renée

    This was uploaded on my birthday 😊😊 Love your voice😊

  12. 배승연

    Your song's make me happy:D~~


    Awesome singing

  14. camila loaiza

    omg! your voice is beautiful! also you kinda look like Alexis G. Zall😂😂

  15. Rachel Wootton

    not my type

  16. Autumn Stressman

    this is my dance song and it is turning out great thank u

  17. George Silva

    How old is she?

    sweet silvy

    she was born in year 1992

  18. KainzMusic

    ...and the Lorde listened, and wept tears of joy...


    +KainzMusic Yeah

  19. Angelina Kahn

    mega geile stimme da bekomme ich genseh haut😉😢 und trännen

    simona 2001

    *gänsehaut und Tränen

  20. Ami Phi

    I love the "we haven't lost all of our graces" part so much Maddie :'( Wish you putted it in, but this cover is also so so great :)

  21. S U

    I thought this song just came out because I just discovered it and I never knew you covered it!!

  22. Legends Destroyer

    I luv your teeth

  23. SSJHarambe

    Hi crush! :'>

  24. двei

    Fantástico, genial !!!

  25. ham

    You need a vevo!

  26. Hannibal Lecter

    Favorite female singer used to be Skylar grey, now its this girl lol

  27. Mlle Selena

    She has a good voice, however it seems that she's taken the wrong approach to the song. In the first verse (as it were), the impression is given that these "ladies in finery" are all fancy and M's almost looking down on them for their fashion and subsequently boasting about her group of friends, though I believe Lorde meant it purely as a contrast between upper class and middle class, and that she's alright with it.

  28. Andrea Ayala

    Amazing voice !!! I love it :)

  29. dranilo

    I don't like this voice, sorry

  30. 林芯羽

    Love the way you sing this song!
    Some sexy and some lazy...(love.

  31. Love Life

    She is so so so so so good she did a great job

  32. iiSky La

    1 am and listening to this makes me smile to myself <3

  33. Lane Uhler

    Madilyn takes murky lyrics and transforms them into an emotional experience - a true improvement on the original!

  34. Sloane Huey

    such a good singer.

  35. Michael Yao

    i swear ,when i has been , i will do my everything i can do to  know you and make friend with you , i swear , because your voice is so beautiful , and also you are

  36. Sama Ali

    pretty awesome I love it!

  37. Johanita Castellanos

    This song is amazing, You have a great voice!!! :D

  38. macri


  39. Niall Dunne

    speechless. so good. cant handle myself right now lol

  40. Isac.Cardoso Cps

    Wonderfull baby

  41. karen navarro

    You sing amazing😍😍😍best cover eveeer!

  42. Carolina López mondragon

    You voice is fantastic

  43. NobodysPro

    Love The Way You Sing Mady

  44. S0FT GYU

    U voice look like same with lord

  45. NobodysPro

    Mady <3

  46. unknown analyse

    i love it

  47. ehab pop

    i Love You Madilyn Bailey <3

  48. Katherine Huang


  49. just call me Jay Kay

    oh i love you so much ! Sing more , more, and more, girl :))

  50. Twenty Øne Piløts Baby

    υ αяє тнє ρяєттуєѕт ρєяѕσи єνєя

  51. Catana Denisa


  52. Leslye Tavarez Reyes

    make a video  of the hanging tree

  53. joker5962

    i don't my favourite but exelent

  54. Tim Brown

    i love you you are a really great singer


    @Tim Brown You comment on practically all her videos.

  55. Alysa Roberts

    I personally don't like Lorde, but I loved this Cover. great job😍

  56. Zhizhi Hua

    Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your awesome voice :D 

  57. Krystel Alvarez


  58. İbrahim Avcı

    Good 👍

  59. Avichayl Hindi

    I just LOVE your covers Madilyn Bailey, such a soft voice, keep on your great work, hope to hear your originals songs very soon :)

  60. yansi txt

    its so beuatiful voice.

  61. Maria Fernanda Cabrera Loredo

    Wow !!!! I love you ♥

  62. Mille Baun

    Hello Madilyn
    First of all you have a nice voice and a beautiful face. Even so, the way you act in the video is - to me - very unattractive. You look very dramatic and over the top with the tired eyes, open mouth and slow blinking. Like you're trying too hard to be interesting to look at, making it seem like you are kind of into yourself. I think it's too much. Maybe you don't know that you do it or maybe you don't care but I just wanted to share my opinion. Congrats on the amount of fans though.

  63. Irad Iqtidar

    im just speechless. This cover is sounds better to me than the original 1. And u r very pretty too!

  64. มาริสา อุขุนทด

    เทอน่ารักมาร้องเพลงก็เพราะดีชอบเทอ love

  65. mee t

    I just love this cover soo much<3i listen to it continuously on repeat:) it's so mellow and calm

  66. thibault romanetto


  67. Helder Munhao

    Love your voice girl ;)

  68. NEL넬


  69. DeaschnoMdMa

    I love it

  70. Saadman

    Your voice went flat in "Livin in ruins " part.Should've practiced more.
    you have a great voice and an amazing way to present it.:)

  71. Marta Plaza Serrano

    I love your songs, they´re just amazing! Kisses from Spain Madilyn :)

  72. Sarah

    Nice cover. You sang it flawless!

  73. Thanee Paobanfang

    I'm from thaiIand , I Love it girlie!!  

  74. Tammy Tran Nguyen

    Why so many dislikes Maddy?

  75. Swagbot YOLO

    you inspired me 

  76. Linda Samuel

    love it and i am only 10 years old and i have an idael and its.........YOU

  77. toulouse11


  78. Lonneke

    Your voice is perfect it really fits this song

  79. Brytaney Ambrose

    I actually like the original bettter.... I like the other cover she did better than this one.

  80. Louise Battung

    This is the best cover!

  81. ran ya


  82. Juli

    your voice goes with this song! :)

  83. Sky Valentine

    Probably the only one, but I adore her hair!

  84. WE do it all TV

    I love u im a big fan

  85. smith suyapiang

    I think,,,,,,, This is better than original!!!!

  86. KalaGIANT

    You did it better ,, You always did ... :3

  87. Hannah MacDonald

    I love this song

  88. Sahriar Tonmoy

    ain't good @ all..the voice sucks..

  89. Anna Kurtzahn

    Love your voice!!!♡

  90. taufik amala

    i love you Madilyn Bailey

  91. Aline Oliveira

    I knew his work now and have loved it immediately, your tone is amazing congratulations perfect voice  :)

  92. Pomme Astuki

    Why are you perfect ?

  93. Pomme Astuki

    Omg that voice ! :o