Madilyn Bailey - Be Alright Lyrics

I look up from the ground
To see your sad and teary eyes
You look away from me
And I see there's something you're trying to hide
And I reach for your hand but it's cold
You pull away again
And I wonder what's on your mind
And then you say to me you made a dumb mistake
You start to tremble and your voice begins to break
You say the cigarettes on the counter weren't your friends
They were my mates
And I feel the color draining from my face

And my friends said
I know you love her, but it's over, mate
It doesn't matter, put the phone away
It's never easy to walk away, let her go
It'll be alright

So I asked to look back at all the messages you'd sent
And I know it wasn't right but it was fucking with my head
And everything deleted like the past year was gone
And when I touched your face, I could tell you were moving on
But it's not the fact that you kissed him yesterday
It's the feeling of betrayal, that I just can't seem to shake
And everything I know tells me that I should walk away
But I just want to stay

And my friends said
I know you love her, but it's over, mate
It doesn't matter, put the phone away
It's never easy to walk away, let her go
It'll be okay
It's gonna hurt for a bit of time
So bottoms up, let's forget tonight
You'll find another and you'll be just fine
Let her go

But nothing heals the past like time
And they can't steal
The love you're born to find
But nothing heals the past like time
And they can't steal
The love you're born to find

I know you love her, but it's over, mate
It doesn't matter, put the phone away
It's never easy to walk away, let her go
It'll be okay
It's gonna hurt for a bit of time
So bottoms up, let's forget tonight
You'll find another and you'll be just fine
Let her go

Nothing heals the past like time
It'll be alright
It'll be alright

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    Kev- Ster

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    i know you love him

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    To be honest. This song reminds me of my ex boyfriend for 3 years a go. He has been treating me bad but I realized I had to let him go because it was the best policy for me to do! 😢😫. But I saw that he cheated on me anyways! This song is really pretty because it makes me cry and I sing along to it all the time!!! Be alright is a good song!! I love it 🥰

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    Really sad
    Is nothing
    Giving up on life
    Torn apart


    Honestly I'm the same x

  89. Yang Liu

    This is healing me now. Thank you so much for all the songs.

  90. XxSkyline WolfyxX

    today my boy friend gave me a gift and said I love you at dinner time 12:30
    i watched him kiss another girl....I diddnt believe myself at first but today has just been a harsh day for you....

    Bell Chan

    Cheers dear, he don't deserve your good.
    You will definitely got a better one in future. I have been through that situation too. I saw them fuck :)
    Well, it happens. It's life. Just make sure you're getting better without him. Improve ourselves by reading books and exploring this world. You'll become better person after that and when the moment you look back, you will see a little baby in the past. You can do it. ❤️

    XxSkyline WolfyxX

    @Bell Chan thank you I needed that I have noticed I'm much happier without him :) thank you ❤❤❤

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    listen to my new single ‘Red Ribbon’ out now!!!! ▶
    Get tickets to my show in LA!!! -

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