Madilyn Bailey - All My Oxygen Lyrics

Do you know I watch you when you're sleeping?
I swear I've never seen you look so peaceful
I wonder if it's pretty things you're dreaming
Or something even darker than your demons?

I want to stay, but we'll both suffocate

I can't keep giving you all my oxygen
How can I save a life if there's nothing left?
Never knew loving you is losing me instead, yeah
How can I breathe again?
When you take my oxygen
If I give you everything
How can I?

What have I been filling up my lungs with?
Thought that I was stronger, but I wasn't
Do you ever wonder where you're running?
I won't follow you over if you're jumping

I wanna stay, but we'll both suffocate

I can't keep giving you all my oxygen
How can I save a life if there's nothing left?
Never knew loving you is losing me instead, yeah
How can I breathe again?
When you take my oxygen
If I give you everything
How can I?

Oh, I can't be your life jacket
I have to save me first
Can't bandage your damage
And even though it hurts
I can't be your life jacket
I have to save me first
Can't bandage your damage
And even though it hurts

I can't...
I can't keep giving you all my oxygen
How can I save a life if there's nothing left?
Never knew loving you is losing me instead, yeah
How can I breathe again?
When you take my oxygen
If I give you everything
How can I?

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Madilyn Bailey All My Oxygen Comments
  1. JamieXO

    Love this song !!! ❤️❤️❤️ so talented amazing the lyrics are so deep.

  2. marina canchi


  3. Fiyori’s magical channel Channel

    Hey madilyn j watched the premiere and this song is so good omg ILYSM #madfam

  4. Cra Zy

    I love U'r songs .. And I love u more ❤❤❤💕💕💕😍😍

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    Could you do a cover of carry on my wayward son please! You are so amazing

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    Please can u cover into the unkown frozen 2 please

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    Wow.. incredible song
    I hope u cover "lost on you" LP

  8. Angeline Bena

    Her music is the remedy of life

  9. Ayushi Shah

    Wow what a beautiful and strong voice.. It's amazing.. And ur song 'Red Ribbon' is my fav and makes me cry every time I listen it😍

  10. abdolhamed sharef

    That was amazing, will you please sing all of me by John Legend

  11. Mandip Khosa

    I love her she’s amazing

  12. Cami and stuff

    I wish I could have a piano at home

  13. Jennifer Delzer

    Great song and thanks for being a good role model to young women!

  14. أبنك يا عراق

    Hello Madeleine, I am one of your followers from Iraq, and I love your very kind and beautiful voiceDid you know I've been following you for 1 million so far? And I'm a big fan of yours, and thank you very much

  15. Kemiwasa - Chan

    Uh hi i'm from your old videos and i started liking the song called billionare by bruno mars maybe you can cover that song if you would like to :)

  16. hompu Tana

    This is so amazing nice video 😍😍

  17. Scientific FACTS

    Can you please explain the situation of this song? I actually didn't understand that what was happening.😑,

  18. Eden Davis




  19. Marty Fernandez

    this song give me peace

  20. Lida Kim

    Black swan for BTS pls

  21. ccb L

    like the music but i dont like the mv

  22. مجنونه بس حنونه

    Im vrey love Madlen im from contry iraq ....😘😘

  23. iibldx 22

    𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐮😢😭😭😭🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

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    Waxing your arms

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    Cover falling from harry styles pleassseeeeeeee!!!!!!!

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    She looks a lot like Elizabeth Dushku.

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  28. La La

    This song really hit me in the feels, also luv u ❤❤❤


    want to hear u sing :let me down slowly

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    Please make when you're gone by avril

  31. kannada music junction

    Good song
    Love from india

  32. Sweet Dawny

    Your voice honestly so beautiful and you really just have a really talented gift

  33. Fouad Shrdz7

    Nice work keep on
    I think some day you will be the best singer

  34. Ibrahim Haqi

    You my love 😘😘😘😘

  35. Rayna Parikh

    this song is like oxygen to me! its amazing and really touched me

  36. Piper FanEditz

    wish your MV's will become viral so that it will be one of the best hits of 2020

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    You are just so talented.This beautiful melody has surrounded me for days.


    Wooooooo I love you so muth

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    I love. You😻

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    Your like voice is better then ariana grandes.. by..theway.. I am.....10😅😅

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    Ugh you’re amazing Madilyn!

  44. kathy&flicka channel

    @madilyn please unconditionally!
    Like if you want this

  45. Rayaat GAMING

    Omg Ur Soooo gooooddd

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    Yummy - Justin Bieber please!!!

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    You should do a cover of “before you go"- by Lewis Capaldi

  48. • h a n n a h •

    Madilyn in the past is the one who whenever I see a vid could had a lot of dislike but she still creative like" I used fornite sound to create a song"
    Now she is more even like that! She now a singer! Oh you read this too? Happy new year althought is late^^

  49. Olivia Franklyn

    انا من استراليا عراقة الاصل احب اغانيك بحق

  50. cly c

    Im from China Im very like you!

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    Since you made a video on all hate comments, you should make one with all the positive ones. Btw love the new song Amazing!!! 😍😍

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    can youmake new hate comments song please

  53. Officially_Katie

    Did you have singing lessons? I'm curious because you're everything I want to be when I'm older, currently I'm a nearly 14yo with mild singing talent. I own a professional mic, keyboard & an acoustic guiatar. And a side from all that, I have hope & passion. I write songs sometimes, not very good ones mind you but hey I try lol. BUT do you have any tips for me? I mean professional ones not ones like 'keep going' because they don't give me the guidance I need ❣❣

    Michal Radoff

    I sympathies with you, Buddy.

  54. Ahmed khaleel



    اكو عرب هني

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    Your voice is angelic ,beautiful.....more songs please!!!!!!

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    Hiii! I'm your new fan! I really love your songs! Thank you for making me happy, when I'm watching you!!💕

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    I wonder why this song isn't vilar yet.
    Good Job Madilyn! Your voice is magical ,incredible.
    I want to listen this song all the time. Well done!!!!!!!!
    This is one of my favourite songs. Thank you for this AWESOME song.;-) ;-) ;-)

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    I want to tell that by listening your songs, I reach a deffrent world.
    I love your song's ❤️❤️❤️
    If I ever get a chance too meet you, I would like too meet you in all the ways love you me a lot 💌💌💌

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    Michal Radoff


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    Please may you sing memories by maroon5


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    Love you maddy from egypt💜😍
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    (I say this to those people who want to beg for likes in the last video or many of Madily's video) Jesus =.="



  78. Maryam Majid

    This was released on my bday
    How did i miss such a beautiful gift

  79. I like cookies

    Madilyn:Do you know I watch you while
    your sleeping
    Me:well that’s a little creepy

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    I literally love everything you sing, & I hope one day I get the chance to sing with you ❤

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    You are perfect madliyn

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    Madilyn: Do you know I watch you when you're sleepin'?

    Santa Claus(e): HEY! That's my job!!

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    Also I have listened to the song since it came out but listening to the music video gives a whole new feel and understanding

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    Keep moving bailey
    Always watching ya💜

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  98. Madilyn

    ahhhhhh thank you all for the love!! Just a quick reminder, it's not selfish to prioritize your own mental, physical, emotional health in a relationship.
    listen to 'All My Oxygen' and 'Tastes Like Karma' here!

    Fauziah Rahmah Thamrin

    Sing yummy!!

    Natalie Storm

    This song is my new HEALING ANTHEM!!💜

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    Hermione Granger

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