Made In Heights - Mantis Lyrics

Don't worry bout my broken heart
Worry bout my broken heart

Incense and bibles
I'm running down the crystal lakes
My patience on the pavements
Pour my lament out in porcelain
Crowd my thoughts with love
Don't worry bout my broken heart
In my chest, wherein my best
Colors bleed out all of my fragile parts
You wanna fight the craze
I wanna rise to lift this weight
Whatever price I pay
Life falls better in the blue-ness of your poor bed
Lie my forehead
Let my sweetness ride around your waist
And fault lines into goldmines
Where your blood shines cause the earth to quake

I'm seeing crazy, revelations
I'm singing lazy, incantations
I'm seeing your face, in my chalice
I'm singing your praise, in my palace
(Sweetness ride around your waist)


Calling to you
Wasting all my good intentions
It's alright to falter from these heights
Don't know what you do
I'm chasing all my lost inventions
Can't make this right as I'm floating through these heights
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh [3x]

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Made In Heights Mantis Comments
  1. Zman44444

    There’s somethin real sexy about this song lol

  2. FunGi Oficial

    Come back, pleaseeee!!!! :(

  3. SoVideo

    Whoops! "Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time"!

  4. Ben Nar

    i fuccd my mom too tjis

  5. Jordan Edwards

    Dope shyt!!!!

  6. Noble Bee