Made In Heights - Lunette Lyrics

I'm racing the sides of the cars
Cause they glide when I'm riding through yards
But only at night, and I like the night
So gone when I'm caught up in things
Symbols and Copernicus rings
Can't make the heavy hours, fly
I'm far from the streets of LA
Shadows of La Corbusier
Long arches of reinforced concrete stones
Stretch out and tell me what's good
Struck out, but I know that I should
Focus and practice
This love that I've lent you

[Chorus x2:]
I'm always where you've been, but where have you gone?
I'm not allowed to know, I'm now allowed to go

I'm floating, I'm losing my hold
I'm falling into the unknown
San Francisco Bay
Somewhere with you
Blue eyes from a buffalo farm
Symbols and tattoos on your arms
Telling me how good, how good you feel
I'm cool in my yellow and blues
Like Berkeley is still on my shoes
You searching the silence for what to say
The stations are a mile or more
And Oakland is closing its door
I know you wish you'd ask me to stay

[Chorus x2]

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