Made In Heights - Hors d'œuvre Lyrics

Placing your lips and shoulders on the carpet
Post-December hors d'œuvres in cold apartments
Once we comb our feathers and cure your longing
We sleep as winter pigeons on pavement falling
Grinning in clothes and timbers as I departed
Holding your hands and fingers as if applauding
Hunting the moon; hung so low, we might have caught it
Placing your lucky clovers on the carpet

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Made In Heights Hors d'œuvre Comments
  1. Matthew Minard

    Ex got me into this band. Best thing she ever did for me.

  2. Andi Tenri Awaru

    sound so emotional

  3. Nathan Teagan

    horse divorce

  4. Retrro Augiie

    I don;t know what it is about this song but it just calls me to listen to it.

  5. libby page

    I'm seriously obsessed with this song. like its reach an unhealthy level.