Made In Heights - Holla Mears Lyrics

I sing my favorite songs for you
I keep my eyes so soft on you
I tell my secrets only to you
I know that lately I liked it cruel

But I'm not what they say, no
Sometimes it's hard for me to say what I'm thinking
I'm not gonna stop, oh, loving you cause it keeps my heart beating

It's not about you
And I wish you could believe me when I say that it is so
It's not about you
Cause your head's a hall of mirrors and I wish that you could hear me
But I don't know what to do
When you call I'm everything you needed
But when I needed you, where were you then?

Ooo ahh ho ho ho ho [x4]

I keep my sights so steady on you
I keep your photograph near me too
Nobody does it the way we do
Baby forgive me I've been a fool

But I'm not what they say, no
Sometimes it's hard for me to say what I'm thinking
I'm not gonna stop, oh, loving you cause it keeps my heart beating


To say the things I feel you know it's hard for me
So sow the words and let them grow into the spring
And break your back open my notes so patiently
And truth or dare I'll take them both so gracefully


Hoo hoo ha ha

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Made In Heights Holla Mears Comments
  1. Janay J


  2. Joseph Beltran

    damn i forgot about this til just now. so good.

  3. OhShes Creative

    I'm here from mahogany curls but that was years ago when I first went natural. Just thought of this song and had to listen September 4, 2017!

  4. Chad Bro Chill

    Who the fuck is Teaundra

  5. Ava Pandeloglou

    THEY PLAY THIS AT MY WORK AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MADE IN HEIGHTS SONGS!!! Murakami is played at my work too!!! and Death!!!

  6. Brownies Are Better

    i found them from teen wolf for the song Drexler


    Same hahaha ^-^

  7. Passer Angel

    this song make me feel so soft


    +Passer Angel i know right

  8. ahmed adel

    Teaundra brought me here lol ^.^

  9. neetrab

    My NEW favorite song! Never heard it before and see that it's a few yrs old. Only came across it from a tutorial video where it was in the background. Niiiiiice!!!

  10. Rory Diamond

    This song must be sampled from "I Walked" By Sufjan Stevens.

    s b f

    +Rory Diamond I noticed that too, and I think both songs sample an even older song, Dancing in the Moonlight

  11. Shrooms

    This song is just damn too good!

  12. brookeandbaileyy

    may i please use ur music in my videos


    Why dont you contact the actual band, rather than the YTer promoting their music?

  13. Mark Lamb

    This song is great .but she has other great songs

  14. casseawins

    Yes goodness Teaundra showed me the way here too!! I adore this song.....thanks


    +casseawins me too...LOL just heard this after watching her vid.

  15. Areil Price

    I love this song so fucking much its truly amazing.
    All time favorite song will never get tired of it.

  16. NimmNimm

    Teaundra brought me here too! This song beats!!

  17. AHH! Real Monsters

    Spotify brought me lol

  18. Matthieu Nelly

    Efikzara took me here! incredibly llove love love the song !

  19. Emely Nicole

    teaundra sent me here

  20. Emmanuel Wilhoite

    Even better live!! ^_^

  21. Michael Prince

    Magic Mushrooms and melting to Made In Heights = the bomb!

  22. Dorthey Tate

    Thanks Teaundra!!!! love this song

  23. Ms.D Cole

    Thanks Teaundra!

  24. stephanie laurence

    Tanx Mahogany curls :)

  25. Glitzaholic

    I love this song D:

  26. Edward Gibbons

    I can't get enough of this!!!

  27. Mimichops Mimichops

    Thank you Teaundra. This is a great song had to look it up on youtube lol

  28. Amaya Belle

    Teaundra got me here

  29. Reika708

    Mahoganycurls lol


    thats how i got here lol

    Mimichops Mimichops

    Both Teaundra and Mohoganycurls have great taste in music.

  30. melanie warren

    what an enchanting sound!

  31. Crystal CreoleQueen Chachere

    I LOVE this song!!!



  33. alexis ingram

    Teaundra brought me here lol i love her i love all of their songs

  34. laura t

    I watch her too <3

  35. Connor Sampson

    Who is teaundra

  36. Siempre Sera Bella

    Miss teaundra put me on this song I love it but can't seem to purchase it uggghhhhh man this sucks

  37. Isabel Rogers

    whew, i thought i was the only one thanks teaundra

  38. Ariel A

    I can listen to this all day

  39. Ariel A

    Teaundra got me addicted to this song...I love it

  40. Ashrel S Prosper

    teaundra brought me here lol

  41. A Shawnee


  42. Amara B

    Mahogany currls! :D XD

  43. ididntreallymeanit

    She does videos on natural hair care

  44. Torah H.

    TEAUNDRA!!!! <3

  45. the wild african

    this is the worst shit ever

  46. TLowgurl92

    Janet?! lol

  47. G K

    Twistout on Blown Out Hair ;)

  48. Neellet

    teaundra brought me here!!!

  49. Matrica Cullins

    Mahogany curls heard it on lipshock

  50. kase swade

    whats mahoganycurls

  51. Ashleigh Monae

    Thanks Jess, aka Mohogany Curls!! Love this song.

  52. Tane Daniel

    i sing my favorite songs for you
    i keep my hair so soft on you
    i tell my secrets of late to you
    i know that lately i liked it cruel

    but im not what they say
    or sometimes it's hard for me to say what im thinking

  53. Tane Daniel

    im lazy so that's all i came up with ^

  54. Mel E

    Mohagony curls brong me here

  55. Sudoku 2Cool

    Yo if it wasn't for mahogany curls, I sweaaar

  56. Roxanne Jones

    Love it

  57. Maleah A

    Well, I brought myself here!

  58. Unstoppable994

    Mahoganycurls brought me here!

  59. kbooify

    Brought by teaudra! :)

  60. Lorin Jones

    mahogany curls ty.

  61. alyknight

    Thank you Mahoganycurls ;)

  62. Decor88er

    Never gets old!!

  63. Alexis Lewis

    Ikr latisha mabullu

  64. Latisha Mabullu

    Teaundra sent me;)

  65. lovesynergy1

    MahoganyCurls brought me here as well! Great song!

  66. YoYazzy

    Love this jam!! Thanks MahoganyCurls!

  67. G K

    Mahoganycurls brought me here !! :)

  68. The Adrian

    Holla Mears = Hollow Mirrors? *Slight mind explosion*

    Paul Stubbs

    The Adrian
    thought it was word play for “your heads a hall of mirrors”

  69. Xieron HLG

    its a trap

  70. Stefanie Akesson Petrovic

    make a video with the lyric plz

  71. brxwnshuga_

    a beauty guru, she's great !

  72. iDream NColor

    Never understood the song but best believe it's on repeat tonight! Cheeyuh!

  73. Dylan Gamboa

    Her voice is so beautiful

  74. Thee Minga

    Beauty and makeup YouTube guru lady

  75. soajao

    why does lipshock (whatever that is) get so much credit...

  76. Danielle Podrazil

    Lipshock brought me here

  77. Alisha Kannan

    Awesome music and beautiful voice. Thanks to Holla Mears and LIPSHOCK :P

  78. elizabethnation

    beautifully said! ::∆::

  79. LestatConstantine

    This is considered witch hop/R&b some consider it many things.. but 1 things fa sure, this is magical music.

  80. Deola Aramade


  81. MakeupByJessiy

    #TeamLipSh0ck !!!!

  82. LoveWest365

    makeup artist on youtube WHO MAKES AWESOME MAKEUP TUTORIALS =]

  83. Ashlyn Holderread


  84. KDizzleDot

    Lipshock :)

  85. Akawette

    agreed !

  86. Akawette

    me craving for more MIH music brought me here (: but cheers tho !

  87. Mutha Ninti

    It's not about you-huhuuuu blaaaaaaaaaaaaah<3

  88. Johanna Johanna


  89. misuniversal

    yep... ' the best bands are the ones that don't exist' too ;)

  90. Gernea Fortenberry

    omgg I am in love with this song

  91. Drew

    this song is so muck better with out the singing.

  92. troopaswoman

    lipshock brought me here

  93. Imani3Faith


  94. Imani3Faith


  95. Tam Toll

    Can't get this song off my mind since watching lipshock video

  96. MsBeck1023

    I had download this song after hearing on lipshocks video

  97. stachiano

    ah, lipsh0ck brought me here, this song is beautiful. Always love a quality random tune!