Made In Heights - Ghosts Lyrics

I know you got red blouse waiting
I know you got your playing's for
You think that love’s the way to keep score
You’re talking like you read about it
I wanna know you better
I wanna see you break
Feel you let go
When the step stay at it
‘Cause I know nothing about it

Like I just wanna ride it out
Out, out, out, out
Out, out, out, out

I take it that you won’t lose the feeling
I drove all night while you were sleeping
You're in my vision, tell me down low
Don't have a sissy fit about it

When all the ghosts still singing
Taking my tears and filling their cups up
Rolling in the sky, one record at the time

Wow, only way to feel is wow
Wow, wow, wow, wow
Wow, wow, wow, wow

Ow, ow, ow [x4]

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey

Only when I’m holding
When I put my fingers up and I can't trace the sound
What is good when my heart beat, cold in the ground
Dreaming without blinking
Without thinking about heights right now
Wanna give it up, that’s why I need you around
I’m cooler than the fires that I'm feeling you throw
Oh, screaming like a ghost
Don't be so sweet about it


Like I just wanna ride it out
Out, out, out, out
Out, out, out, out

Ow, ow, ow [x4]

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Made In Heights Ghosts Comments
  1. Khazar Milkers

    So sad they haven't made any albums after this one


    Whilst not exactly the same, the girl form this band makes music her name is Kelsey Bulkin.

  2. sah dude

    Liquid Chap brought me here !!!

  3. Big Oof


  4. OPA Abdul

    ANYONE HERE FROM LIQUID CHAP??? it took me a while to actually figure out the lyrics :))))

  5. JakeybeyyHD

    I’m here from Liquid Chap:)

    Frank Uriegas

    JakeybeyyHD same lmao

  6. Viyable

    Liquid Chap

  7. Tropics

    can i use this song as an outro?

  8. Ann Romey

    2:03 FAVE

  9. Royal D'cunha

    I discovered you guys way too late. Lost time. Never, ever stop making songs! Even if you're 100 years old, keep composing!

  10. けろっぴにゃすけ


  11. Wolf

    Play speed 0.75
    Thank me later

    R H

    I'm going to thank you now. Thank you.

    Flo Mo

    🔥🔥🔥Took it to another level my brotha🤙🔥🔥🔥

    124 Jeez

    Thank you bro

  12. Big Audos

    I actually think I've figured out the song meaning. Made in heights is a 2 person group, and the song sounds like it's about the way they construct songs, it's a conversation from the lead singer to her partner in music.

    So like the verses tend to be a direct conversation. With the first verses more personal between the two, but with hints about the lead singer faking emotions to create the songs she wants. The ghosts she is talking about is the way she feels when she acts out this persona of being sad, or lively, or whatever, and that people will respond to it. She says they are taking her tears and filling their cups up, one record at a time. Like when she says she can't trace the sound, what good is her heart beat cold in the ground, dreaming without blinking without thinking about heights right now. Then she always comes back to how she needs this other person to keep going.

    And most of the lyrics can be directly interpreted as the singer feeling a bit lost, looking for help in her partner, and feeling like she is a ghost who doesn't really know herself or the man she works with. Made in heights always does their lyrics on a feeling first, meaning second basis, but I feel like this was the most reasonable conclusion.

  13. Luisdi 098

    This song was literally, MADE IN HEIGHTS

  14. Nova Leigh

    One of my favorite bands of all time!!!

  15. Shayla Witcher

    so beautiful

  16. Cameron Surf

    Came here from Harto's Snapchat. Glad I did ❤

  17. SY Y

    I like it!

  18. bwarren1975

    M E O W !!

  19. Angela Rabalais

    this song is fuckin life

  20. Peacemaker

    Don't ppl listen to a shit ton of rap music without really knowing what the hell their talking about? we like how it sounds, same with this music.


    I do like how it sounds, but I would like to know what it is about. I think it makes the song better to listen to

    Park Hamilton

    Lost love and what remains

  21. lord Spartan

    i realy like this song

  22. Nope No

    I would love to know the meaning behind these lyrics. I'm in love with the song, but there are certain lines I can't get meaning to! Anyone know if or where they talk about their lyrics?

  23. AYTB /

    YES I LIKE ! ♡

  24. blacksusanoogamer

    this song is great

  25. Nicholas

    talk about more cowbell

    Nova Leigh

    that made me literally laugh out loud <3 thanks for that

  26. annectria smith

    I love you music it's so chill

  27. Gleigh Aquino-Javier


  28. Ruby Kim

    sounds like a chill sativa

  29. Pepa Perez

    So sweet!!!

  30. powerofdreams666

    i always like it when they say they rape the repeat button just make a playlist and u always have the song and there is always a repeat button on the playlist option


    So happy i discovered this.. Love Made In Heights!

  32. nonso ubosi

    Where can i download this please


    +nonso ubosi torrents

  33. Ahmed Muhtaseb

    this song is so good... 33k views only?

  34. Liviu Stoica

    sounds like Grimes

    Stephen Grimes

    Yeah I agree

  35. STL by the beach

    An old wise man once showed me a trick, double right click on the video, then left click repeat then listen for ever


    LOL I didn't know this trick

  36. Nala Lugo

    Have loved and will continue to love. You should hear the music mash I came up with for this song!!!

  37. DF WORKS

    slept on!!!!...

  38. Linda Quintero


  39. Marcus Schneider

    On Air in Hamburg too now - no one knows that song here??? WTF??? Going to promote it now and killing my repeat button too @Shan A

  40. mary moreno


  41. Shanandcrew A

    This song.....I'm murdering the repeat button!

    Kira Kk

    Yeah, I want more of this!

  42. Karl Marl

    I just heard about this band on the newest "Get Up On This." This sound is exciting.