Made In Heights - Cry Lyrics

I love the way you talk
The way you're askin' me please, over and over
It’s getting hard to stop the shakin' in my knees, over and over
I love the lines we draw, amber and indigo
Oh my baby love, you make the heavens show

You make me cry, cry, cry, cry
You make me cry, cry, cry, cry

This ain’t no silly [?]
I'm not wrecking my metaphors whole
I'll take it by the horns then ride like I'm queen of it all

When I’m righteous or ready
When I’m callous or crazy
When I'm crowning the top of the world
When my power is frightening and my destiny's shining
Know that I’m always your girl

[Chorus x2]

You don’t know me at all
You know you make
You make me cry from deep down inside
You make the stars fall down
Fall from the sky like the 4th of July
You make my tears come down

[Chorus x2]

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Made In Heights Cry Comments
  1. academic person

    This song is killer

  2. emmanuel ysita

    What genre is this music?

    academic person

    Good music

  3. Sam Ojeda

    Made in Heights, the Most underrated band/group ever

  4. Paulo Alves

    This song is SO amazing, such an amazing feeling

  5. girls girls

    idk why but this song makes me daydream

  6. Karla Basurto

    The sounds at the beggining scared me so much the first time I heard it lol
    Great song tho

    Sam Ojeda

    I believe they are the sounds of the Ghost in the movie Mama

    Gregory Reimer

    My dog hates it