Made In Heights - All The Places Lyrics

All the pictures of your mother, all the places that you know
All the lessons of your lovers and the things you never show
You know you could be mistaking me for somebody else
All the roses you can send to me could sit on my shelf
Now my chain is feeling heavy on my neck when I write
But my heart is beating steady and I know it never lies
Dead could, dead could start to feel and your eyes will start to flood
If you know the kind of steel running in my royal blood

Places, places you met me
Wish you could do without me or the - you're gonna
Places, places you met me
Wish you could do without me or the - you're gonna
Hurt my chain
Check my eager tone, check my [?] could tell [?]
Check my eager tone, check my [?] could tell [?]
And my, and my, my chain

Size me up, I know you did, good for you, you know I did
Making waves like a kid, run away so easily
If the past could forgive all adults, God forbid
Throwing stones like a kid, make your way so easily
Call me brave, call me bright, messing up it's only right
Fascinated by the sounds of all night
For my sake, for my right messing up it's only right
Fascinated by the sounds of all night


All the wild horses, all the tigers with the stripes
In the city, all the voices, bold and busy is my type
On the banks of good and evil raising arms like my tree
All the creatures all the people want a piece of me
And you could be mistaking me for somebody else
If you don't forsaken me, well you can call me Kels
My mind are in the heavens and my shoes are in the mud
Leaving traces size seven, running in my royal blood

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Made In Heights All The Places Comments
  1. Heather


  2. kay sums

    hello to my tribe in the comments

  3. Andi Anderson

    Found my soul mate in music here.........

  4. hihihihihi1234567800

    i have a fetish for monochrome pictures of girls smoking

  5. Silent Song

    Love how ethereal this song sounds. Been coming back to this and Viices for years

  6. Kaffrin Honey

    I always come back and listen to this random song damn

    Flower Child

    Kaffrin Honey so random how it came in my life lol

  7. Rafael M Hernandez

    This should be more recognized

  8. Myles Fishel

    Who’s here from liquid chap

  9. Kyrakyzyl

    Who’s here because they heard this is chap’s video?

  10. DEWEI_69

    Liquid Chap anyone?

    Lumity Doppio

    I was searching for a chaps playlist, all the songs that he has on his streams are fucking fire



    amir kotv

    Please share chap’s playlist

    rayane mactavich

    @Lumity Doppio what's his donation song that slowly song im searching for it

  11. Royal D'cunha

    Is there a formula or an equation that M.I.H uses to come up with these compositions?. It's just crazy siiiiiiiickkk!!

    WiFi Toaster

    Sabzi does a breakdown video of song creation. Check under the "Blue Scholars"

  12. Christine Hammonds

    Thumbs up if you’re listening to this in 2018 reminiscing ❤️

  13. Janay

    Lyndsey Holland brought me here

  14. Lee중희

    2018 anyone?

  15. Michael Farlan


  16. Brandon Friend

    OMG I love finding good music!!!!

  17. Goddess Majestic


  18. timnost

    This song is so awesome, starts powerful and then this beautiful soft voice :D kicks me in a positive mood right away!

  19. Camille Dauchez

    Ta gueule

  20. Kanu B

    These guys are dope AF

  21. ognanios

    this song is dope!!!!!

  22. girls girls

    this song is magic 🙌😍

  23. vibin thomas

    most random find.

  24. Bitper2nd

    What does she say in the reversed part @ 2:21?

    Thomas christian

    its just a part of the chorus reveresed


    +Thomas christian Aw damn it, I thought it was a secret message haha

  25. bat country

    Saw these guys live a few years ago, they've got a crazy coordinated dance act... not really my thing but i can sitll appreciate it. very unique...

    but yea this is the only song I remember. I was tripping fucking balls lmao

  26. lovelylily

    Her songs are soooo awesome! I think I'm in love with it <3

  27. Praxsta

    CS:GO stream :^)


    +Praxsta yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo whatsup, literally listening to it while I play csgo


    +takeurtimeful Same, haha!

  28. Junaid Hassan

    Ty CLG vs GAacademy stream.

    Jonas Moreira


    Junaid Hassan

    Watching the match too? haha

    Jonas Moreira

    +Junaid Hassan Yes. Sad to GA =(

    Junaid Hassan

    \but did you see that ninja xD XD

    Robert Hilsky

    +Junaid Hassan LOL, I run the stream for winout and Fragadelphia. YOUR WELCOME!

  29. Emanuela Bogdan


  30. Samantha Degati

    Awesome song!!!!!! Love this song!!!!❤❤❤

  31. Nic Lublink

    γαμηστερό τραγουδάκι

  32. Midnight Ambrosia

    that's a sick photo of Es Vedra in Ibiza

  33. sarahi Ramirez

    Amazing song! Love it <3

  34. queebo

    This is SUCH a throwback! Damn.

  35. Weston Duong


  36. twintiesto

    Dunno why, but I love the mmm-mm-mmm-mm at 0:57. Its my favorite part of the song.

    Sydney Brugh

    Same tbh

    Kora Stark

    +twintiesto Same!

    Antonella DNPL


  37. Mitch Mulligan

    blood blood blood, blood blood

  38. Ana Hashimoto

    Great sound ! Make me wondering

  39. JaceyMSP

    Their beats to every one of their songs are so fucking cool! omg I love this song! 😍

    Vito Pacino

    i thought it was flume for the longest time.

  40. Lily Rion

    These beats though...Every one of their songs is fucking amazing.

    girls girls


  41. coacheha

    love sabzi, and this new collab reminds me of another great duo, The XX...diggin' it.

  42. bosii1000

    i love it!

  43. Benji Vernon

    <3 such a smooth song lel

  44. Nayaz Hernandez

    one of my ffavorite songs ever! so much talent!

  45. LilRipple

    what an awesome song.

  46. Alex Iva

    love  it, so light

  47. Peter Masimo

    why can't you guys be my friends? whish I had friends that enjoyed the same music

    Ferry Muller

    Peter Masimo


    Peter Masimo hit me up on messenger

    Michael Farlan

    for sure

    Jose Portero

    Hi brotheeeeeeeeer


    because you are a pony

  48. J Purpey

    Such A Good Song

  49. assia assilo

    All the places ...

  50. Vytautas Gureckas

    i listen this sound a several times. i realy like this !!

  51. Philip Dexter

    made in heights is the band, those are other songs

  52. anigbochic

    electronica or trip hop...something along those lines...

  53. Te'Anah Owens

    Is there a connection between this song and the others with the same title by Holla Mears and Viices? They songs all sound similar but they have different lyrics. I would appreciate if someone could give me a little info on this

  54. ChiefGumby

    My ears are cumming

  55. Moisty

    My god this song is perfect

  56. Ian Beatty

    good lord this song is dirty

  57. Diamond Raejean

    this sounds even more amazing with beats on

  58. gaboskisking

    might want to refresh your status

  59. Nah

    electronic mythical filth pop New York is what's listed on bandcamp.

  60. Mae B. Wilder

    One person kinda sucks. This is awesome.

  61. Daniel-Isaiah Harralson

    spiritual blues?......maybe

  62. Daniel-Isaiah Harralson

    im really at peace listening to this song forreal.......i love it

  63. garish9

    I love this picture...could you send me this photo?

  64. bosii1000

    oh wow ♥

  65. AaAsCd

    I am loving this! Zero dislikes is a must!

  66. 187DCAL187

    seriously how could anybody dislike this!! stay unhated lol

  67. hethaawanggg

    11 months ago it had 400 vies but it now has 40k views. xx

  68. jaea j

    it better be 0 dislikes on this song ! I Love it

  69. voomaldor

    Watch when they blow up ppl gonna be acting like they been listening to the for yrs.

  70. Mutha Ninti

    This song is...impeccable

  71. JM A

    and of course another amazing song that only has 38690 views......meanwhile souja boy......smh

  72. xxxhey2

    i take full responsibility for popularizing it haha joke..but i did spam the hell outta it on my facebook page!

  73. Lilian Okayama

    no dislikes <3

  74. ThePallah

    I just can't stop push the gray triangle!
    I think i develops a kind of OCD ;)

  75. Jrisahoi

    just listen to the lyrics.

  76. Jrisahoi

    i like how song's like these arn't asking for attention.

  77. Twenty Three

    amazing song

  78. marvyn

    woow its amazing in reverse as well

  79. SwRRt

    @carl12ss Idk, put it in a music editing software?

  80. SwRRt

    @carl12ss Play the song backwards.

  81. erica k

    What genre would this be considered cause I love it.

  82. tchernobule

    Awesomness, love from Morocco !

  83. LickingKoala

    @TheAkbir google free studio

  84. accept415

    nice hip hop beats

  85. Julia Garcia

    this song is beautiful, my favorite

  86. Akbir Khan

    where can i download this?

  87. Poeticwoman1


  88. SwRRt

    There's a trick to the jibberish parts if you play the song backwards. :) (2:21)

  89. Shaun Aw

    this music is awesome ! how come justin bieber get famous for craps yet people don't get famous with gold

  90. ArJohnNA Parker

    i'm loving this song got to check out more of her work

  91. x0dijana0x

    thank you The Weeknd who led me here :) this is awsome

  92. Therese Wärn

    chords and lyrics anyone? :)

  93. hu16flier

    @hxckMURGIA17 Can you send me the link. I cant find them

  94. kazin420

    My new fav song