Madchild - Times Change Lyrics

I learned a lot about myself over the last few years
Like these shows I'm an asshole after a few beers
It took so long for me to get my foot in the door
Worked hard going on tour till we couldn't no more
Drive around in a minivan sleepin' on the floor
Then eventually you move up to a bus
And everything is plush
Then you become a lush
You start to wanna fuss
Fuck every girl you meet that has a crush
Your head starts getting big you become a greedy pig
Star studded diva talking like a little kid sayin
Get me dis get me dat actin like a fuckin brat
Like you don't know me what the fuck you think you're lookin at
I feel embarrassed cause I'm sittin right and lookin back
Drinkin jack heinekens and botans crooked hats
Smoke hangin outta my mouth talking shit
Obnoxious and cocky like nothing can stop me
Took a while for me to finally figure this out
I actually thought that I spit better than everyone else
To all the people in the world that I treated like shit
I'd like to pologize to them for bein' a dick

Times change I know that I'm strange
What's wrong with my brain
I'm just trying to keep it together
Asshole I was such an asshole
That was in the past though
I'm just trying to keep it together

I tried staying grounded and some people found that
I was down to earth it sounds worse than it was
But I'm the first to admit that I'm the worst when I'm buzzed
And it's unfortunate cause I was drunk for every show
Was it fun? I'll never know
I don't remember too much
But I know I love what I do so ima never give up
Anyways we all know life has it's peaks and valleys
Tryna reach my second peak that's why I'm going back to Cali
Cause I lost some momentum lifes different to me
The way I see things changed quite significantly
I'm trying to get right within I'm finally listening to me
I'll hopefully become the person that I wish I could be

Times change I know that I'm strange
What's wrong with my brain
I'm just trying to keep it together
Asshole I was such an asshole
That was in the past though
I'm just trying to keep it together

So what I'm saying is I've changed
Couldn't stand being the same
But it still seems I rub you the wrong way and you complain
People come up in the club asking me questions
If I don't have the right answers that's the lasting impression
You don't understand man that's a lotta pressure
They walk away hating if I don't make em feel special
Look you can't get to know anybody in 5 min in the club
Please don't tell me that I didn't show you love
I'm just having a drink we can talk it's no hassle
But if I don't look excited then guess who's the asshole
Then you tell all your friends that madchild's conceited
We ain't supportin him no more I guess that he don't need it
I'm not evil people I treat everyone as equal
I might've had a bad day and I'm just tryin to make a sequel
You can have your opinion it's cool I'm not suffering
But my fans and my friends and without them I'm nothing

Times change I know that I'm strange
What's wrong with my brain
I'm just trying to keep it together
Asshole I was such an asshole
That was in the past though
I'm just trying to keep it together

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Madchild Times Change Comments
  1. rdslim

    This guy is the real deal, alot of talent. That video Bad News with Tom MacDonald and Nova is cool too! It sucks that you can't see your mistakes when your making them... it's not till you grow as a person to realize the bad shit you did, better late then never bro

  2. Kmk videos KMK-ULTRA

    In my heart need madchild ft kmk 2020 new 1

  3. Kmk videos KMK-ULTRA

    I will survive

  4. Robert Thorne

    Who's better you or nocdond

  5. James C

    Awesome! 👍

  6. Brandon Rifkin

    You just summed up my passed in 4 minutes great song

  7. George Adkins


  8. Willy McB

    Damn this dog gives me Wutang vibes!

  9. Mark Leavey

    Hell yeah

  10. Maize St John

    Hot shit

  11. German Ninja


  12. David Gore

    Ain't this a ( Q - Tip ) beat?

  13. Your Move Bro

    pretty good shit man

  14. Chey Sharp

    Omg yassss... mad respect ! & much love ♥️😘

  15. 3 OG

    Go Mad keep it thugging brother.

  16. Jerimy Pollard

    Wow I'm so glad I found this song, its perfect timing this is exactly where I'm at thank you

  17. Josh Andre

    We back baby!! madchild for life glad making you music again dope.

  18. Leo Roth

    love this guys vibes

  19. e Thompson

    Good afternoon nice vedos nice music

  20. Livid x100

    Madchild is so talented it's insane.

  21. Free Bird

    Only came across you from your recent collabs with Tom Macdonald, so glad I did, your music is awesome. Must have more, btw you are an awesome battle rapper too.👍👍👍

  22. Adam Ray

    I can relate to your song ( Not the being famous part) but being older, sober and looking back and thinking... "man, I was an asshole" lol.

  23. Scotties Hobbies

    I got lost in your squirrel hole. Glad I gave this song a try.. dope music right here. Subd... waiting for the next.

  24. Esteban Ramirez

    This is real hip hop fire

  25. odd stranger

    This one's way too underrated 🔥🔥👌

  26. matt

    Walking talker then uve ever been. N uve been touching the sky since I found dope sick n dug out swollen members searching for more madchild.


    Now he's gonna make millions back again

  28. CoderC

    You’re one of my top 2 fav rappers and i recently found you thru Tom Macdonald. You’re the shit bro stay sober ❤️

  29. Armadas Interceptor

    Hmm this guy is a different breed.....i like

  30. UnwrittenSpade

    This one is good too!!

  31. Matthew Lett

    I was at a swollen members concert back in the early 2000's and everyone was cool but you. I was backstage and hyped to meet you and you just walked right by everyone back to your bus. Your crew was cool. I chilled with them and Mocha Only for a bit and they explained you were going through some stuff. I just want you to know I never thought twice about it and it didn't change my opinion of you. Some of your fans understand celebrity doesn't mean you're not a human being. I totally understood. Been a fan since before that and always will be. But thanks for explaining yourself with this track even though you didn't have to.


    If you had bin a 16 year old female he might of taken notice to you. Even more so if you had of flashed a little baggie of white infront of him.

    Matthew Lett

    @TheDarkSide I was only smoking blunts then. The white came later. We all have demons right.


    @Matthew Lett very true dude, we all do forsure, but we all dont push that we are clean or that we dont have these demons while clearly doing the opposite, making out we are something we are not. And bullshitting our so called "family" and followers. I was a huge mad fan ever sense i heard the song night vision. With swollen but then the past few years lying bout shit true fans wouldnt even care about. And ripping off baxwars family. Showed a bad side to mad atleast when he was fuckin with the oxy 80s he was straight up about it.

    Matthew Lett

    @TheDarkSide Fair enough.

  32. 7 mc

    Wooooooza gangster rap music forever

  33. Stewart Fleming happened at your show out in b.c. got socked

  34. Master commander dragon Sir

    He filmed this in St.Albert.

  35. kaos Lord savantlress

    Same or what name sorry seeya , merry Christmas

  36. kaos Lord savantlress

    Hey judge you made your own diplomacy with a life being

  37. sharkey 79

    Madchild ya gona play belfast n.ireland we all love ya

  38. Jackie Labakkit


  39. One Eye Odin

    im a Bad Boy Axe Killer ;)

  40. Mlk DN HAVA

    Hui mad child guad OK yo wnara in yr luva

  41. brownpunk

    Peewan herman turned full scale wigga

  42. Way High Radio

    This song is too hot to touch

  43. Way High Radio

    Very dope song!

  44. Shalom Pasatigy

    Please tell me the glasses model on Madchild

  45. Nathan Doucette

    Can't take you serious anymore, what are you, 60 now? Lol

  46. Perminute Markingz

    The AK on the side of his head makes me feel like he is one of the Nazi inmates in american history x. Lol

  47. Michael Strong

    Wow. I fucked with the first few SM albums. I felt homie put out way too much music, I always said he could rap though. This is genuinely a good track. Congrats. Oh, please shit on your fellow Canadian Drake for being a fake, sellout POS. Cheers!

  48. Owen TV

    This song so deep 💥 🔥🔥

  49. Vinny Berry

    Like the message.

  50. Adam Bishop

    Love the sweatshop union beat and vibe..

  51. Salish Wolf

    Guy is looking like a tattoo faced troll

  52. TheSofakingfliest

    Great song! Check the original Sweatshop Union - I’ve been down ft. Madchild

  53. Timothy Washington

    Right on man. Accepting mistakes. Taking responsibility and improving as a person.

  54. Mrs J

    This is a good video 👍

  55. Ghostly One

    lol you're 44... why you going to the club ain't that shit tired? I mean i'm 33 an I don't bother?

  56. Cory Thompson

    Wait manchild actually had hair at some point??????hmmmmm🤔

  57. matt walker

    Dude looks 50 years old

    lou dorchen

    he is 50, that might be why

  58. oh ok

    Daddy yanky


    Sounded like Tribe Called Quest at beginning

  60. Cory Passenger

    aint this a sweatshop union beat?

  61. Mario Morales

    With them wallaby's 😎

  62. User Anonymous

    Madchild looking like that dancing six flags guy lately. Especially in the thumbnail lol

  63. mikebizzleuk

    reminds me of a sweatshop union song

  64. Chronic Klown

    Really Diggin this album. Definitely A different vibe this year. I feel ya Homie. Stay Strong and Stay Positive. Much Love MadChild. I was at the Windsor Ontario show 2018 & 2019

  65. Eric Powell

    It's a coin toss between him and Murk

  66. sweetmonkeylove1

    He was a nice kid. Just kidding, he was a mouthy shit back in the day too lol

  67. John Hawley

    Imagine your grandfather with a LV face tat

  68. Gloria Short

    YOu were an asshole to me

  69. nickganos

    Where you get the FXR windbreaker?

  70. 6irty6iamon6 2

    i like the chill flow its cool.

  71. Jacob smith

    He’s almost as tall as his Porsche 😂

    Robert Phillips

    Are you taller then your Porsche ?

    Crow Sword

    @Robert Phillips Can you rap that wicked?

  72. Brad Silva

    Good stuff bro.. keep on the path

  73. Akil Carter

    Love from Brooklyn!

  74. M4KERB

    Both times I met Madchild in Victoria is when a Swollen show was no more than $15. He indeed was an asshole.

  75. Constant Raven

    Dope -EastVancitY-

  76. Iriesoul_Moontribe_Wanderer

    Killing it! True OG right there!

  77. DJ AL BUMS


  78. Shane Bumgarner

    Glad hes getting earthy, maybe he can earn his neck back when he gets all the way straight. Smdh

  79. trevor kurvers

    Is it just me or does madchild look like Mini Me?

  80. Yakkup Arturo

    Weren't you with that band I forget the name but one of your guys came to boxing place south east kelowna

  81. charlieknockout

    Grew up running into Madchild here and there as teens and as adults.. saw him lots at shows.. he could be pretty harsh to some folks back in the day but shit all that gang shit was popping off on the coast then and it was kinda fucked then overall. Despite all that I personally never been disrespected by this dude, in fact we have had some good chats. Keeping it real for better or for worse.

  82. williano

    Brand new unsigned east coast lyrical ,gangsta,  spiritual hip hop

  83. williano

    Homey also been dope madchild is a real MC

  84. Eric Pirillo

    Got to respect this, salute

  85. Britney Phippen

    love this :)

  86. Brokenatoms

    Oh hes driving porsches now. Mid life crisis is evident.

  87. Puma4454

    Not even music anymore. Just talking with music playing in the background.

    John Hawley

    He does have an AK47 tat on his head, that'll age well.

    Jared Dopps


    Phuck Onyou

    Puma4454 go listen to your damn mumble rap or generic crap then, just don’t leave shit comments for MAD I’d bet all these people are fans.xpt u.

  88. Pegasus 898

    Should get them tattoos lazered off your face before your old wrinkled and looking like a bag of ass

  89. GVHvidz

    Okay, but did you ever pay Matt Brevner back all the money you owed him?

  90. Britney Phippen

    just tryna keep it together

  91. Britney Phippen

    that was in the pass tho

  92. Britney Phippen

    im a asshole

  93. Belligerent Official

    I love the beat, but the begining of the music video it did that Piano roll thing and I was bout to say, I swear if this dude rapped to an instrumental remix of "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor

  94. BWolf420 gamer

    Madchild has been a lifelong favorite

  95. Niko Kuparinen

    I listen every morning Madchild. Get me going.

  96. Alexzander

    Drunk or not Man everybody knows you’re a good guy and I remember when you pulled my aunt up on stage and gave me knuckles that was definitely one of the best nights of my life.

  97. silent Jay

    I don't suck peoples dicks. But if he came at me like he was better then me. I'd punch him in his fat fucking head

  98. Daniel Elliott

    I bet he's still an asshole!

  99. Madchild

    The new album Demons drops April 26th. Check out the video for "Han Solo":

    caterpilla joe

    Dope was wondering what kind of flow you we're gonna hit


    You and tom should do song ft. Deltron

    Drew F

    Nice to hear some real hip hop the beat was dope from past the present you've been keeping it real that's rare these days..

    Zachary Tate

    Hope everything works out for you man

    Anthony Stone

    You're very talented Madchild you are amazing artist. Appreciate you