Madchild - Slayer Lyrics

Enter Death's waiting room, if you dare

[Hook - Demrick:]
We ride where we come from
We get high where we come from
It's suicide, try to play dumb
Go against mine, you could die where we come from

Welcome to the Terrordome
Silver Surfer, my exterior is mirrored chrome
Kill planets as I fly through the galaxy
And smash every fuckboy act that lives a fallacy
I'm exploding with vitality
Hard to find a capable compatible mentality
I found young De, that's my young G
Just as fearsome, lethal, equally as hungry
When I start snapping on a beat it gives you cold chills
White axe face tatted rapper wearing gold grills
Moved to the USA cause shit was killing me
High toxicity with zero visibility
I'm thinking how am I gonna make it I'm too complex
Waking up hallucinating, screaming with my palms wet
Then I realized they realized that I'm a bomb threat
New kid with the experience of Vietnam vets

[Hook x2]

The way I'm feeling, just know I'm willing to die
For what I believe in, blow my smoke up in the sky
Living life like this, live for nights like this
Drink a 5th, smoke and sip, take a hit, that's my shit
Any bottle on the table, living so unstable
She got a body of an angel but that ain't no halo
All about the dollar, pound, euro, peso
Son a nigga like a cradle, shot's fatal, independent no payroll
Arrive like deliverance, this the wack rapper nemesis
Fuck your censorship we killing shit right on the premises
And my head up in the clouds, puffing loud, no access
You haters ain't allowed to come around, you past tense
Tune to the sounds and right now watch the crowd
Crowd around, inside a riot, get wild
And I came from the abyss with some kill to twist
Black and white mix, suck a dick
Who the fuck you fuckin' with bitch

[Hook x2]

We on some ride or die shit, a mighty and majestic beast
The competition better exit or you'll rest in peace
Kill shows, all these other cats are extra goofy
Use my iPhone to make a porn after with sexy groupies
Fuck em two at a time until they're screaming
A green eyed, ink covered, three legged demon
My words are magical, they're dancing, jumping off the pages
And every word I blurt's a murderous engagement
I'm raging, this is oral choreography
We're climbing, steady new sensation, they're tobogganing
Fifteen minutes of fame, they fall so fast
That's cause we do it for the love before the cold cash
I'm not saying we don't want a little extra loot
But to our soldiers, we salute, and lyrically we execute
These fuckboys all chickenheads with ruffled feathers
We made it through the roughest weather, skin is tough as leather

[Hook x2]

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Madchild Slayer Comments
  1. Norrin Radd

    Mirrored chrome is the best skin color

  2. Joshua Gallup

    First time hearing this song. Its been lurking in the darkness

  3. MirrorBeatz

    when u will start releasing some acapellas?

  4. Norrin Radd

    My name online for games is Norrin Radd..

    Madchild would approve

  5. pstein doomboom

    When you do drugs for the first time.

  6. Summit Kaiju International

    Officially dope!

  7. william gibson

    Track speaks for itself...murderous, nuff said

  8. barra Cuda


  9. Madchild

    #SupportSwollen and help us cross the 100k subscriber mark on our Youtube. Hit that subscribe button at:

  10. TheTubejunky

    ALL REALNESS... MILT born Madchild is an alias for oppression aggression. What a lyricist.

  11. Emmanuel Mata

    Dis bird. Dam madchild you got allottawattaraps no joke


    Sick track Madchild much respect. So*Cal Dutch

  13. Misguided_Angel_1904

    Demrick sucks

  14. Rob-karen Kennedy-parker

    #OBC Underground

  15. warchild Fotsch

    Well ill say this damn phone sucks as I am unable to upload any photos...

  16. Katie Thal

    my bad C-Lance but that nose makes you look like a whoo from whooville from dr.sueses the Grinch that stole Christmas lmfao not a bad flow though no doubt

  17. WILLIE C

    I hope MONSTER is paying up for drinking it in your Vids!!

  18. Victor Stavshui

    nice, Respect from Ukraine ! :)

  19. Josh Newman

    MN love come here already

  20. Mo Klassen

    I get all my madness on I tunes

  21. Mo Klassen

    I love all your work Shane any comments that hate there jealous cause your freaking awesome xxxooo

  22. viewmaster617


  23. SOWNR g

    Madchild A+ BEAST on tha mic

  24. Steve Kefalinos

    Madchild - you turned my music world upside down, maximum respect bro

    TtotheA totheK

    Steve Kefalinos What's that supposed to mean?

  25. Lina Estrada

    Fell in love with Madchild seen your show at the Myth in maplewood MN. Feel free when you can to make an appearance again that be the shizz. Oh and got a tattoo of you to rep too!! The symbol you proudly rep I wear it proudly!!!

  26. nesracProductions

    Underrated song

  27. Nicole Charters

    we on some ride or die shit- no diubt. this song.. every lyric every verse, chorus- true to life. sick collab.

  28. Elvena Parisien

    how many times has he rapped vietnam vets shit getting more stale then a bag of bread. i mean he getting bread offa his bullshit recyvled lyrics and yall keep pushing him to not be creative. u think this many fucking years in the rap game he wouldnt have to repeat any of his raps. all his new shit i hear im disappointed because i hear something in that rap he has said on previous songs. fuck outta here with that bullshit. hang your career up ur done my son

  29. James Demoranville

    madchild this is the shit i just starting listen to u my cuzin got me into u your so ill bro i seen alot of videos i think u and Eminem and hopsin u add them in a track that would be the ill ass track but ya bro keep doin your thing bro

  30. Adam Rotella

    wicked song from such a wicked artist one of the best rappers out there would also love to have you out in niagara falls would be so bomb.......



  32. Leroy Gallagher

    YOUTUBE! Stop loading random videos after im done watching! You are NEVER right so fuck off with your lame-ass suggestions!!!

  33. Murph Fee

    demrick -N- Child. ...
    2gether r Fucin Fire Son!!!

  34. CrossEyedSpyder

    this songs sick

  35. Cowboys Cards719

    About to go to his show tonight! He's doing a toy drive as well.

  36. xNINJA T-REXx

    Life 's too short!!

  37. Socrates ghost

    a song about where you come from o_0 where you rap about how you left where you came from?

  38. Sarah Alstonlitbitz

    it takes me 35 to 40 mins to take a good shit. u neeieated short wick quick that miss targets when he hose up the block to blow up shit

    Sarah Alstonlitbitz

    fucking aliens when giting upducted.

    Sarah Alstonlitbitz

    and eat animals with rabies like fucking kinggong dong amuned to the hiv virus

    Sarah Alstonlitbitz

    call me sirus on my main bitches account . watch me eat count Dracula with fucking sinelangwige. use a tooth pick I used to cleave out Hart with I had for breakfist

    Sarah Alstonlitbitz

    looks like the only thang u use your game for is to blow up sex dalls made out of plastic

    Sarah Alstonlitbitz

    take my hit album if thay wasn't hijaket from my mind before gittin written . and bust u with it



  40. Mr FoFifth

    yo g you got any plans for a vegas show?

  41. ziko23

    C-Lance Monster Beat!!!!

  42. BeastMode Doyle

    Keep loving your music more and more every time I listen Shane. Hoping in a few years I'll start blowing up and I can get on a track with you. BaxWar all day homie, Oh Canada, fucking eh

  43. Kevin Skoda

    we want ya in Oslo too... Norway that is! smal, sure.. spreading the word about you here MC. Wuld be dope to party with ya dude. 50 cent and eminems was the shit before. Now MadChild is the most dope rapper out there. i am going to prison for 2 years now. so i gang listen to your music, unless u send me some cd's ofc 😜 would have been awesome to be honest. i get u cant do shit like that ofc. court on thurseday. been truough the same oxy and pills like you man. but i stopped for 2 weeks now. sick as a MF i got.. but its time to get my shit back in line, the same with my crew. we are called GHOST also have a Facebook page if ya want to support them ghost's of Norway. come on MC, support us like we supporte ya and your crew 😎

    anyway, frem free to hit me up on Facebook. Kevin Sodak is my FB name

  44. LiL T

    support battleaxe!

  45. mrluckluck1

    madchilds a fucking lyrical savage....i can say i have yet to find one track hes put a hand in that i dont like....him not breathin fire is like a dragon with its lip sowed for sure

  46. Tyhler Novac

    Banger !!! Demrick. Blow the roof off this here. Best 2 man team in undaground circut 21 yrs of madchild. Can't. Be wrong madchild. Under ground. KING !!!!

  47. Respect2theFallen

    Where the hell is that kinda looks like an abandoned prison or some shit. Dope ass environment for the visuals tho.

  48. Joseph Thomas

    bax war bitch

  49. R C

    hands down, dope as fuck, LIKE IT UP if your        Proud To Be Fucking Canadian! (y)

  50. Nikk Grimes

    Demrick straight killin it on this track! For reals, dudes a beast.

  51. matt right

    Love real hi hop thanx

  52. Jon Richards

    madchild 4 life

  53. Marco Camargo

    Young De tho. Soul Assassins crew with Swollen Members

  54. Snak


  55. Skyler Mellott

    madchild your the only person I have a feeling that might help I'm done with life but every buddie Is not done with me I'm done with being heart broken and hated tell me what to do homie I need your help

  56. Y'all Got Issues

    Black kid ruined a good song.

  57. ultra acider

    Sick track... greetings from the Czech Republic....

  58. General101_1

    best combo out there Madchild and Demrick straight up! BAXWAR fuckin killin it

  59. N'importe NaWaX

    Welcome to the TERROR DOME.

  60. averyfool

    Dopest shit to come out in a long time!!!

  61. Branden Ward

    listened to every album since banned from america and MC was right when he said every verse is better than his latest, yet every verse is better than 95% of these artists making music now Hands Down! keep it up MC got a dope flow style and wordplay

  62. swansmeister

    Old but not obsolete, mad still got that shit.

  63. Corey Cataford

    everyone in sudbury know madchild, canadian legend! #baxwar

  64. Loose Skrewz705

    BaxWar at its finest!!

  65. David Blueray

    madchild relating to you is a snowflake on top of the iceberg , like your knowledge
    is the same i found and cultivated my sound i will abound my faith keep it straight you say...shiit that toxic gutter can kill a brother. everyting walkin threw can eat shit, i understand the messeges projected to me , personnaly i am what you write in caligraphy, my dream is the same as we , what nobody got yet,

    i endured torantly been threw like you a hard knocks of a lifes gifted as fuck and nailed like a bum, i would would kill for the thrill of getting near as the respect given to me ,

    i see clearly, but knowledge , is a never ending process ,prospecting always never forgeting my trajectory is set with...only those that connect with.....deeper truths and enderestimate my hate, overated i obliterate then terminate the sequence, fuck em i mean it,

    my life as been nothing but treason, yoh, i would rather die a loyal life, then suckin in, living a fake life, nothing is given, i'm doing me going threw growing threw immense astrocities , shit

    fuck it , i burry it snuggle it shit on it fuck it up raw jam it in your face, im in the projects yet, i seem to live in regrets, that all these thought out mindsets, me free from my self,

    my demon inside is growing, i killed it came back again haunting so many times why the shit that i bind to , gets all in me like you true?, correct the greatness and my point of views, are the same i knew

    i could never forget that night and day i prayed looked away and said hey,

    i'm flying in greater states, the highest sky scrapper is more then just the CN tower jumpin off is the feeling i get , when i show how ready i am to get it fuck

    i obey my only way, it is the same but hey, i,ve been waiting again,i gotta go cause soon i will fade away listen

    and burry it my soul is taken.

    XX 24 yohmie

  66. Black Hesher

    so dope so fucking dope!

  67. AndresTheDon

    I LOVE every track that has Madchild and Demrick,they are SO beast in the same track!

  68. Derek Hammond

    looking for slayer and I get a 50 year old hoppers wtf

  69. Tyler Reynolds

    #madchild # swollen members for life # one of my fav rappers # madchild plz respond to this if you see it

  70. Johnny Martinez

    To sick, especially now with Demrick. Battle Axe Warrior outta New Mexico. Much love Madchild.

  71. Reme Train

    the mavreal quotes are amazing

  72. Kristopher robin lee Desjarlais

    Demrick's a G

  73. Daniel Edwardsen

    i beg for your help none back your mindis about be hacked listen to my beast

  74. Robert Fontaine

    whos all going to see madchild in winnipeg this september

  75. Reality

    the wack rapper nemesis

  76. M The Lyricist

    Demricks verse was weak.

    Lunar Orbit

    Or you may be a deaf person with an opinion.

    M The Lyricist

    no, my hearing is quite fine, thank you.

    M The Lyricist

    what evs lol

    dre Copegog

    I see you on team back pack and other songs with demrick and you always hate on him. do something else with your life buddy nobody gives a fuck about your opinion

  77. Lil Uzi Burnt

    I got the Album and the sick fucking shirt! Thanks Mad, this shit is killer, keep slayin' the rap game!!!

  78. Sir Taylor

    M is way too underrated!

  79. Carrie Smith

    Thats funny madchild

  80. Y oobz

    Madchild, what's your opinion on marijuana?

    Have exceptions been made to your sobriety or are you against absolutely everything that would alter your perception of reality?


    +Y oobz He's said he doesn't smoke weed, as hes sober now, but has no problems with people smoking it

  81. roach boy

    Go ninja go ninja go

  82. Daniel Edwardsen



    +Daniel Edwardsen Google Play!

    - Madchild


    @Daniel Edwardsen : It blows my mind that people still need help on how to purchase music online. It's not rocket science. Seriously.

    united states marine

    go on Google type in YouTube tomp3 dowloader it says online video converter. copy video link on youtuvlbe of the video you want the audio from. the past it in the downloading bar

    Wielki Wezyr Białostocczyzny

    are there any people that actually pay for mp3 files instead of buying a CD, vinyl or even pay Spotify?

  83. Anthony Rocco Galto

    The battle axe movement is progressing big time here in Chicago. 3rd largest city in the US. All we need now is a visit from the poet laureate himself. Show yourself dog. We love u and we would love to have u here. Here's to wishing! HAVOK


    +Anthony Rocco Galto Dope! Keep spreading the word brotha! I want the world to hear this album.
    “SILVER TONGUE DEVIL” is available NOW!

    - MAdchild

    jamie man

    Madchild. hey bro an my brother are upcoming rappers in Washington. would u be interested in a colab of some sort

  84. Punk Boii

    yo im a Canadian rapper well tryna be check me out on my page

  85. jagger jones

    fuck yeah mad child rising up to shit on the rap game


    @Jagger Jones Always rising! much appreciated!

    The new album is available TODAY! Madchild

    David Blueray

    +Madchild thanks...dmrick dope flow thanks alot!

  86. CamERON Mitch

    MADCHILD smashing the game as usual, beats are sick and flo is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep ripping their faces off dawg shit is dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @CamERON Mitch Good looking out man!!
    I just released my new video for “Everytime” Check it out, and order “Silver Tongue Devil” Out Now!!

    - Madchild

  87. Kuuukko

    Does anyone know if the stuff in the online store has shipping to what countries?

  88. Misty K Kennedy Robbins

    Bad Ass Sound Homie


    @Misty Robbins Thank you, Good looking out!

    Check out my tour dates, and the Pre Order for my new album! -> | ITUNES -

    - Madchild

    Misty K Kennedy Robbins

    @Madchild If I had the $$ I would but your tour for OH would cost $180

  89. Ravishing Grimness

    C-Lance KILLIN' it like always! Brrrrrrrrrrrap!


    @egelandir Yup!

    - Madchild

  90. Dylan Bobberson

    Dope track, man! Keep it up!

  91. Lalo Omar


  92. David Dunigan

    Madchild fucking killing it. Keep at it man.


    @KyarjiEmitilus Thanks bro! Much appreciated!
    Just dropped a new video “Lose My Mind” Please check it out, and the Pre Order for my new album! -> | ITUNES -

    - Madchild

    David Dunigan

    For fucking sure man, that new shit sounds just as awesome.

  93. Rory Malloy

    Grills? Wtf madchild used to clown on guys with grills


    @Rory Malloy Now he can afford em, who doesnt want gold teeth. Imagine being able to eat as much candy you'd like with no dental issues Kappa

  94. Wade Loveless

    Man you just get better and better keep it up man . Love it no homo . Baxwar


    @Wade Loveless Thanks Brother appreciate it!

    If you can please preorder the new album I would be so happy!! Need the BAX family to support.

    - Madchild

  95. Jim Wismer

    I love Madchild...but not really feeling Demrick

  96. Justin Rice

    Demrick got it


    I would dial that shit in for sure on itunes if I had a credit card madchild but I am also trying put my smashed up piggy bank back together ..... Much respect to you my friend and I will be grabbing that disc up on the 24 th .... You are a true inspiration and I will continue to represent the positive motivation and movement , BATTLE AXE WARRIOR MEMBER in the 2000's James Verschuuren..... Hard work forever pays !!!

  98. sKoggs TheDJ

    Madchild is one of the best to ever do it. And that goes for the underground scene and the mainstream. The vocabulary this man has is incredible. Is ability to to rhyme multi-syllables is damn near unmatched by anyone. I put this man right up there with Eminem. Straight up lyrical MONSTER.

    Gage Burckhard

    he definitely has lyrics that could put any rapper to shame. any rapper applies to the rappers getting famous lately, at least in my opinion.

    Dr. Agon Brät

    word. lol

    nene jones

    I mean he is good, but even Beanie Sigel, Young Buck and Obie Trice would outmatch him, talk more of Talib, Mos Def and the Cassidys of this world.

    He is good, but don't put him on Em's level just yet

    Blake Gettman

    Lol do yourself a favor and listen to Chris Webby.

    Yung Murda

    Who is Eminem?

  99. Josh Newman

    Sick video bro, dude a album with jarren Benton that would be sick


    @Josh Newman Thank you Bro, Just dropped a new video “Lose My Mind” Please check it out, and the Pre Order for my new album! -> | ITUNES -
    - Madchild