Madchild - Han Solo Lyrics

Overlord of rap overqualified
Unleashed a quick 16, that's a homicide
Goldfish to a whale I'm a Razorback
You ain't a Killah you a pussy playing laser tag
Yeah, I'm not your average champion
Shit I just raid another savages anthem
Vampire on stage I'm a ravenous phantom
Snapping on a track like I'm having a tantrum
Broke away from the pack I'm the wildest horse
So for the last couple years no child support
Went back underground collecting Kyber crystals
Lightsaber back on but the child's got issues

Young Han Solo
Gold rings Han Cholo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo

Young Han Solo
Gold rings Han Cholo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo

Everything is real dark and if Madchild wrote it
The bad guys quote it some fragile moments
Sitting thinking while I smoke a pack of Marlboros
Lolo's gone but I can't put up with the dark robes
World's gone to hell but I'm optimistic
Every verse I disperse it's apocalyptic
Aye I'm making money but I stay in the trenches
Bunch of bullshit I don't like paying attention
My demons I don't want to battle em' no more
So I battle with myself through, threw my shadow on the floor
Listen homie you don't have to reinvent the wheel
I'm relentless in this game with the intent to kill

Young Han Solo
Gold rings Han Cholo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo

Young Han Solo
Gold rings Han Cholo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo

Yeah crazy lunatic can't help that I'm gifted
No arguing I'm targeting or fist fighting twisted
Misguided misfits just lighting incense
Just writing exciting lines that are intense
For instance, my insiders instant and inciting mischief
When I'm good as this should I still write at Christmas
I just might have made it but I just might have missed it
When I get too faded that's when I get too distant
Last year I was in a gloomy place
Now I'm back with the pen I illuminate
Trendsetter got cash to accumulate
You're just a bunch of bathing apes I am human-made

Young Han Solo
Gold rings Han Cholo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo

Young Han Solo
Gold rings Han Cholo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo
Rolli on my wrist plaid polo

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Madchild Han Solo Comments
  1. James Rich

    To Madchild you still got the Mean as style and always bang the Staunchest(hard asf)Beats.Mad Respect to you & Swollen Members, from NZ#MazdaMafia

  2. STLhooligans

    I've been listening to you since "Night Vision", and I have never been let down by your music. Never stop. Thanks for everything.

  3. P Diddy

    " Every verse I disperse is apocalyptic " ☠️ 🔥🔥🔥

  4. arni522

    Respect from Poland Mad !

  5. Idiotic Tirades

    Do the Mexican variant Juan Cholo😉

  6. Darrell Huxley

    Tom sent me

  7. Nagato Sarutobi

    Snak The Ripper
    Tom MacDonald

    My personal top 5 favorite Rappers from Canada. So Thank You MadChild for always showing love for Canada no matter where you were at throughout your great career. You put Canada on the map for the Rap scene and no other in Canada can take that from you.

  8. Kill me please & thank you.

    Where have I heard this beat before? What other madchild song has a similar beat?

    Kill me please & thank you.

    Crazy - Madchild! Fucking knew I recognized the beat haha

  9. David paez

    MAD C keep em coming my dude and I'ma keep listening 💯

  10. Drew from Recolour

    Nice. But that high collar coat makes him look like nosferatu in shades 😂🤣

  11. Terry Williams

    Rawww...... been waiting for this for time

  12. Morgan Foley

    Raps about that same stuff over and over ,I’m a demon,goblin,dickhead,addiction,vaping,same type beats, gets old after a while, needs a new rap outlet

  13. jethro oever van den

    fk the bitches run away whit big belly i have 3 children maybe more and never seen them and all diffrent mothers, fkng hell world, excuse my spellings please!

  14. Jeramy McQueen

    Yooooo Axes Up inked for life and spaded

  15. Kevin Allen unknown

    Off topic is anybody havin trouble posting videos for example like Facebook?

  16. Dustin Kotek

    Best best. Rock on man. 🤘🤘🔊🥁📣

  17. B-Search

    Madchild in full effect... fucking great! greetz from germany

  18. Daniel F

    This beat is dark and dope af

  19. Filip Galbavy

    Favorite rapper and still my favorite workout music. Greetings from Grand Cayman (Kelowna originally)

  20. Montana Solomon

    can't get enough of this 😍🤤


    Fucking love it!

  22. Glenn Allen Johnson

    Now that is what's up! Shane Good job keep it up. I like it when rap bout God also. 😎😎😎

  23. Sauceboogie17

    Sauce boogie the battle axe juggalo approves this msg

  24. MusicScene T

    bro come to australia an vs kerser, would be an epic rap battle

  25. Skull Violine

    This is awesome, love the new album

  26. BIG-K-7.62

    Fuck yeah you are fuckin sick!!!

  27. kanikapilau

    Dodo💩snak mo bettah👌🏾

  28. Sean Paul

    Snak vs madchild vs merkules....they are all dope.

  29. dark magic 420

    That 4 out of 10 not the best work he's done.

  30. Frank

    You literally payed a guy to do back flips ? Guess you have spare change when buyin' yer Bently at Barret Jackson on a Thursday


    RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR rrrrr arrrrrrr ARRRRRRR !!!!

  32. Mike Ost

    Grew up listening to swollen members mad respect keep up the slaughter and dont let up


    LOVE IT!💋

  34. Thee Nihilist

    Yep, still 🔥🔥🔥

  35. Nile Shmanka

    Canadians party harder than any American fuckin eh🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  36. jeremy tamayo

    Are those madchilds twins in the back seat

  37. ZPar PARZ

    What happened to lola?

    Edit: I read about it. RIP Lola. Sorry for your loss, Madchild.

  38. strobo lazer

    Apparantly *Mini-Me* from *Austin Powers* spittin now


    mad getn dark and that snare slaps! YUP!


    Yo how this one slip by me, damn this hard af.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. Jonathan Cohen

    This song is so dope as fuck! Beat is SO SIC. LOVE IT, thanks madchild!

  42. HeyBoyProductions

    And it’s Han but pronounced Hon

  43. Edvl951 D

    Dude you just avoid negativity like a hippie who forgot their era. Han solo? Okay Mandy.

  44. Mother420 DuRty7

    Han Solo 🍔 . That’s my Boy 💥!

  45. Justin Martin

    Bass in my ears feels good makes me wanna punch any person who passes me lol jk

  46. ashley vaillancourt

    I became a top fan on FB today for #madchild today I was shocked n hounored whoop whoop

  47. Mārtiņš Hāzenfūss

    Respect from Latvia 🇱🇻 ✊

    Rest Your Dragons

    Beidzot kāds tautietis ar labu mūzikas gaumi. Respect 👊

  48. HeyBoyProductions

    Wrestled myself threw my shadow on the floor

  49. Crazy Luch1

    MY KINDA #BEAT!😡😡😡😡🦈💯✔

  50. Crazy Luch1

    My world's going to h*** but I'm optimistic I love that shit!💛💛 thatz a #TtrueStory👊💥💀😢😢😡😡👀😁😁😎💯✔🐇

  51. gmail user 3679

    Love your music bro been listening for years, got me through the toughest times of my life and inspired me to do better

  52. It's what You make it

    Wow, people are l a f. Our boy is a cold piece of work

  53. Kurtis Buckle

    That fucking beat omfg madchild 💯💯

  54. Jack Trippin777

    Gotta give you respect the skills are there , solidified talent you should get more publicity and air time mainstream wise than you have ,I mean if they can do it for Eminem there's no excuse, I recognize...😎

  55. crackroXsteady

    Did I hear a twiztid diss?

  56. off my turf

    hello my name is dr greenthumb

  57. Ionut Gogescu

    dude this track BURNS SOULSSSSSSSSS. love from romania


    whats the rear wheel view


    bean bug wheel chairs for him

  60. CHristopher Hagerty

    Always 💯🔥🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙

  61. Edwin Carlson

    Dude I think I just got this song about wrist watchers?damn I stopped wearing my Mickey mouse watch back in19 fucking 78!after that never needed a wrist everyone has the time on their phone.dont care about time unless I have to go to work.those watches would get me killed!

  62. Tara Kennedy

    Didn’t expect to fall so in love with this song but now I catch myself searching and listening to it multiple times a day


    ❤️️❤️️❤️️ Thanks love

  63. Alexander Perlstein

    Madchild is a savage!! He is way better than all these fake hyenas out there now.

  64. J P

    1mother fucking day left BOOOOOOM SLOWEST 24HOURS EVA !!!???

  65. Thee Nihilist


  66. J P

    Son : dad turn that off now

    Me : wtf why !! Mads a legend


  67. Kernow Kid ت中木؛ ه CORNWALL IS A COUNTRY

    Piss poor

  68. john smith

    finally a shout out to Lola! Rip.

  69. Melissa Jay


  70. ashley vaillancourt

    Sick beat reminds me of he song crazy

  71. Edwin Carlson

    I just dont get the concept of this.a bunch of ugly dudes doing flips?I'm ugly but can't do flips.halfway there I is han solo.why not chewie doing flips?sorry y'all been listening to mad for a real long time.aint feeling fucking him up!



  72. Garett Parisien

    love from Sudbury Ontario.

  73. Siryvonne Bell

    Album out in 6 days!!! Yes!!!!

  74. Kasey Maron

    You aint a killer your a pussy playing laser tag 🔥

  75. Владимир Захаров

    Как Madchild переехал в L.A. тема за темой все лучше и лучше

  76. Harley Kids TV

    Dope as hamma

  77. Sam Osburn


  78. Tyhler Novac

    The Chick Driving car .... Madchild could have picked way better looking woman... Lamens terms . She is but as Ugly

    Jonathan Cohen

    I disagree bro she's very attractive

  79. FreeFlamingInfinite

    Single-handedly keeping the blood diamond market alive!
    Keep them beatz coming dowg!

  80. Maison Margiela

    Best ! From Russia !

  81. KC Fann

    I do like Madchild muzic!
    But 🖕🏼 Demons

  82. Weedner House


  83. Mehmets Mamma

    If this coment is grey your officially gay

  84. Kyle G

    You’re deadly son!

  85. Ashton Mcphee

    Here Before 100k ( LIKE )

  86. Sonya Adam


    J P

    Who is ?

  87. Wyatt Hanley-Brisnehan

    Sitting thinking While I smoke a pack of Marlboros 💀🚬

  88. ModyBanan

    This song is fire salut from poland :)

  89. Raoul Duke

    Love from Germany. Been to your concert in munich. was great. didnt expect you to be that small 😂

  90. Das Solo Syndikat

    beste grüsse an alle! 🔥

  91. Big Vision

    Really not feeling the hook. Such a waste of an otherwise great track and video. But to each their own!

  92. TrapshitProductionz

    this is tha shit XD young han solo gold rings han cholo

  93. Justin Musick

    Dope track but thought u dropped the diamond fetish

  94. Douglas Berry


  95. sOfficial yo!

    was so wasted couldn't even breath - and now again? lol some1 really is testing =)

  96. Madchild

    The new album Demons drops April 26th. Check out the video for "Han Solo": Pre-order Demons online at


    LOVE IT 💗

    devilsunburn 99

    Every video has 10s

    Jose Molina

    Sickest of the illest. No disrespect, but you could use a better video director. These tracks are supa hot 🔥 mofos!!


    I honestly think this was album of the year

    Rex Reynolds

    Madchild keep this shit up dude! Relatable lyrics on every track you’ve made! Thanks for the ones you’ve made and the ones your gonna make! I’ll be listening!