Madchild - Death Race Lyrics

Run Forrest run!

I'm doing battle with imaginary demons
You can hear 'em, inner savages are screaming
My life's a fucking nightmare so I keep dreaming
Feel like I'm trapped in a prison, not a free man
But I am just trying to stick to my agreement
My loyalty to those who helped with my achievements
All the others they can kick rocks
I'm trying to open up my heart but the shit's locked
So many people in my life fucking did squat
They think I owe 'em, they can eat a bowl of pig slop
Bloodhound bound for glory, astounding story
I can tell that everyone around me's worried
I can tell what everyone around me's thinking
Will he ever go back to the drugs and drinking?
And will he ever go back to the hoes and sluts?
Will he start walking 'round again like he knows too much?
Will he ever go back to the games and start making videos with strippers while he's singing Bang, Bang?
Ha! Not in this lifetime. I guarantee that
I was being stupid as fuck and now I see that
And I don't need to wait and see the people's feedback
I put that shit on everything! I'll never have a relapse
And I can tell the ones I love, they finally see that
I'm staying in my lane, fuck a speed trap

What up tho!
I'm just staying my lane
Here to finish what I started, got my head back in the game
I could tell you things will never be the same
And I'm still the same G, but a whole lot's changed

What up tho!
I'm just staying my lane
Here to finish what I started, got my head back in the game
I could tell you things will never be the same
And I'm still the same G, but a whole lot's changed

The way I rap, you would think I got a power pack
Everything I spit is wet, get a shower cap
I'm getting old, midday take a power nap
Give me any motherfucking beat, I'll devour that
I'm so alive that when I spit, these rappers seems dead
Make you bleed Supreme red, rapping with a clean head
I'm like a bat out of hell ready for liftoff
And I still rock a mic and rap like I am pissed off
Classy like the Walldorf, game like a ball court
Style, I got all sorts. Child, in a small fort
Compatible with radical rap-stars to rap hard
Bad scars, fucking glass shard, I smash bars

What up tho!
I'm just staying my lane
Here to finish what I started, got my head back in the game
I could tell you things will never be the same
And I'm still the same G, but a whole lot's changed

What up tho!
I'm just staying my lane
Here to finish what I started, got my head back in the game
I could tell you things will never be the same
And I'm still the same G, but a whole lot's changed

Still a hypochondriac
Cleaner than a Laundry Mat
I am still a psycho and at night I'm an insomniac
Thoughts still dark without a forgiving head
At night, in my apartment, it's Night of the Living Dead
Used to be a zombie, now I'm just a vampire
Hotter than a campfire, flowing like a hand dryer
OCD? I got OCD
But my rhymes are fucking dirty like the ODB
How many people down with OPP
Get yourself stuck for pussy, oh that won't be me
Still, they love the kid, 'cause I'm very strategic
Make these other fuckboys look paraplegic
Fuck with Madchild? I will bury your legion
Make your whole damn region compare you to rejects
Trippin' if you're thinking that I'll swear to allegiance
I'll just have my little young homies tear you to pieces

What up tho!
I'm just staying my lane
Here to finish what I started, got my head back in the game
I could tell you things will never be the same
And I'm still the same G, but a whole lot's changed

What up tho!
I'm just staying my lane
Here to finish what I started, got my head back in the game
I could tell you things will never be the same
And I'm still the same G, but a whole lot's changed

I'm a motherfucking super beast
The little monster's back
The little monster's back
With the six kin
Rob The Viking in the house
We in the studio killing shit

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Madchild Death Race Comments
  1. Pahontu Ionut Valentin

    i can't describe how much i like this beat.

  2. Michael Kelly

    Whats in the backpack...

  3. Deborah Victoria Edwards

    Angels, Saints Warriors of GOD are rocking this world. The Revolution we are in. Demons hold many. Sold their souls long ago. Satan comes soon too. Collect his dues WE all do. A FRIEND OF MINE HE BE
    All must balance as is the law of the
    Universe. Karma calls on all one way/day or another. As minds, hearts do not get past God on judgement Day.
    THESE END OF TIMES is gonna be hell 🔥🔥🔥
    Cheers 🤳
    Bee 🐝⚖️💜🏴🏳️

  4. polonium-210 XXX

    Icp movie

  5. R. Peterson

    10:00 seconds into the video shows black white checkered tile!! The symbol of corrupt influence on behest of illuminate masons. Aka, sick pedophile acultists rings!!! Im not giving up!!! Find me dead, we'll all know why!!! If pedophilia is ok, than whats the problem with exposing the sick and twisted truths!!! Get out my face!!! Mind your per capita gains you sick fuks!!!

  6. Gary Brown

    If eminem made d 12 2.0 group madchild would be a perfect fit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Nathan Barraza

    Madchilds better then tom McDonald he sound so mediocre like his still is morning but madchild has a sound that's deep in the abyss

  8. James Ebert

    Never heard of you till whitetrash with Tom MacDonald, sorry it took me so long to find you bro. Really liking your stuff. Much respect 💯

  9. Jorden Berger

    January 28th?? Why didnt i get the notification?? Oh... 2019 lol


    I was just trying to figure that shit out why haven't I heard this before

  10. Thomas Sweeney

    Bro you put it down one the track, and that back beat sounds like a sample of the Gremlins movie song. Super sick.

  11. Robert Neasham


  12. Dave Cope

    Nice to see you again brother. 🎶🔥

  13. candycorn cock

    you look like tom Macdonalds brother

  14. lawrence shadow

    I love the rap hooks. I'm sick of these cookie cutter pop hooks on all new rap shit.

  15. Jbone Valentine


  16. Jarad Morton


  17. Eric Turnmire

    proud of you man for going through hell so many times and coming out still standing.

  18. Brian Lee

    Damn that was awesome! I will checking out all of your songs in the next couple of days. Also, Sober is legendary man! 🔥🔥🔥💯

  19. Robert Scruggs

    Damn son! You rode that beat for real 🔥🔥

  20. Michael Walter

    Good stuff man

  21. Jonny Cowen


  22. Lolo Min3

    Never heard of you b4 (sorry) until Tom. Love this song...

  23. Vi Krah

    From the thumbnail I thought he is Kat von D's husband. That's why I've clicked.
    Remained for the song. Nice one, and an unique voice.

  24. The Terminal

    Killer !

  25. J Twig

    Wat up tho! MADCHILD is back son! Watch and see. Dudes killin shit!

  26. Tom's Garage

    Madchild with the COME BACK!!!! Watch out kids☝️👌🏻

  27. Idiotic Tirades

    .....and here I thought rap was dead, I was wrong.

  28. Gucci Lee

    Shit thought manchild lol cool

  29. Jayna Marie Arsenault The Certifiable One

    Ur awesome sauce

  30. Gyanendra Bhatta

    My life is fucking nightmare keep dreaming💖
    I can relate to mine, who else ?
    Hit that fucking thumb up button😍

  31. Spriggan v

    Waiting on Madchild to drop a Banga! ▶ ★

  32. Code Hall

    I can tell what everyone around me thinking, will he ever go back to the drugs and drinking ;)


    Hope not


    Death Race 👊🏾✊🏽👊🏻int dope sick wreet MISSION GRAFFITI MENES YOUTUBE CHANNEL

  34. J Twig

    Wat up thou!!

  35. J Twig

    Dude...second or third post. Which i never do. ...straight fire! With out a doubt!

  36. Tyler Mason

    Victoria represent

  37. poo harrisson

    hypochondriac... laundromat... wasnt that line on the slim shady lp?

    biggest pac fan alive

    You think he need eminems verses? Cmon man

  38. J Twig

    Hey...the track is bomb. ! Its killer. Dont let anyone say it aint. Straight fire.

  39. J Twig

    Luv this shit....gets me hooped up. Straight 🔥.....super nasty. With out a doubt. Your wordplay is killer.

  40. J Twig

    Best flow ive heard for a minute..shits nasty

  41. J Twig

    Yo...straight fn fire! 🔥 killed that shit....🔥 for sure.

  42. kurtis Gonsalves

    good thing this is digital...cuz....i play this off the rails!

  43. Michael Goodwin

    wait how'd I miss this....

  44. Jasper Q


  45. Tzvi Heiman

    beeepy booty tooley you korny man


    MI5 where is my mummy?

  47. Warren Thompson

    It's 🔥 brotha

  48. jethro oever van den

    FUCK YES .!.. ¿ ..!.

  49. ipi223

    Cool Video! great parkour guys!

  50. jamo Jamison

    Thanks for making hip hop and not rap !

  51. Camron Cook

    Yeah. Smashing gears, while sitting neutral in a parking lot... pretty solid analogy for dudes career... I loved swollen late 90s early 2000's armed to the teeth was manchild's end.. doesnt matter how many times dude can bring up his addiction, I was one also.. move the fuck on and find a new subject.. it gets redundant.

  52. S W

    Fucking love MADCHILD. Wish the UK saw more of you 🤙🏻

  53. Crow Sword

    Man, tha's that lil cinema in CPH ! Across the street from there, I had one of my last meals on the terrace of that restaurant with my first gf!

    Crow Sword

    fries with salad

  54. Riot Stellar

    Bruce Willis rapping! Great!

  55. ipi223

    almost a movie right there! great work!!!""

  56. Hjeje Ejhej

    Still cant believe you grew up so close to me and that rob the viking lives in the same small town as me
    Nan life🇨🇦🤦‍♂️💪💪

  57. Peter Holz

    Love this track have it bumpin my car daily and myself and times change and many more love ur work @ madchild former addict myself almost 8 uears clean whoop whoop #bax war also a tattoo addict lol

  58. Micaylaandcrabman

    Still fire 🔥🔥🔥

  59. Dustin Kotek

    For those of us that like listening to hip hop music while working out or excersizing. Madchild is definitely an excellent choice for great music that keeps me going strong and riding fast with my bike rides. And I feel like a super beast.

  60. Steven Garcia

    Complete murder!!!!! 👽👽👽👽

  61. kurtis Gonsalves


  62. Dalton Leonard

    Anyone think this would be better with a Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner montage?

  63. Brandon Maceira


  64. Pencil Neck

    So, what was in the bag?

    Pencil Neck

    @Madchild I love your songs, i wish i was on one of them!!!! Whoop Whoop!!!

  65. Josh Allen

    you and eminem are my favourite rappers

  66. highroller501st

    Anyone rember when he did one with classified


    I'd love to do another. We still talk, so hopefully something gets worked out

  67. S. Veliz

    Is it just me or does Madchild look like a Bruce Willis of rap

    Bombay flows tho

  68. Dee Kay

    Damn !!...respect from Germany

  69. Danfaya Burning

    good shit mennn!!

  70. Frank Beasley

    great music need more truth something like unsaid word of natrure ;5

  71. foxin era

    beat reminds me d12 - crime life ost

  72. biggest pac fan alive

    Its unhealty how much i listened to this song

  73. Dave B

    Fuck SDK. MADCHILD with a banger fuckyeah!

  74. Tyler Delaire

    Good job Madchild you made hip hop from Tyler

  75. Pluralithic

    but for some reason this youtube version sounds faster than the one onn google play? haha im probs trippin' who knows....

  76. Pluralithic

    listen to this every morning, legit

  77. It's what You make it

    Can't deny him Mann, won't do it.

  78. Sean Salata

    Rob the Viking needs to change up his beats already they all sound exactly the same.

  79. Tara Kennedy

    Mf NOICE . 🤯🔥🙌🏻. Beat goes hard and lyrics as always are on point.

  80. Jason anthony Saunders

    hey madchild, you liked death race? msg me man.

  81. Kevin Stumpy Campbell

    Loving it dude. Wicked to see Victoria being the place to shoot.

  82. Mo Klassen

    Staying in my lane 🙌💖💖

  83. Chris Maw

    Just got your new album on CD lol man keep crushing it

  84. Tayron Forbes

    This is sick🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  85. Thomas Van Kempen

    saw you at neck of the woods in nz bro.loving the new shit.keep it up

  86. eskayel

    Hip hop still lives in the UNDERGROUND! 🔥

  87. J Rocck

    I like this is shot in Victoria. Nicely done

  88. Jenn

    This is your Captain calling 🔥🔥🔥

  89. Tyler Mason

    oh shit yo it's victoria bc

  90. BigLordJimbo


  91. Billy Gervais

    Still the sickest eva

  92. Hop

    Did this dude just reference WoW by saying " Classy like the WoW dwarf"

  93. Jacob G

    I needed this one from you madchild they needed to know much love Bakersfield Cali 💯


    👊 Thanks brother

  94. ashton luther

    I like this one. So dope!

  95. WillyOD

    That bass really wants to get out... keep that bitch on a leash! This beat is on fire just like Madchild rhymes: always.

  96. Kai Plaum


  97. MumblzDelusional

    Can't wait for this new album!!! Keep it up bro! #madchild \m/O-o\m/

  98. Madchild

    The new album Demons drops April 26th. Check out the video for "Han Solo":

    Sharlee Rennie

    @J. Kelley I am aha thank u person who knows what's up ahaah awe

    J. Kelley

    @Sharlee Rennie nice

    Space Cowboy FPV

    Rolly on my wrist , plad polo.

    Peter Holz

    Got the album dope

    Chad Bethea

    Man just heard you love it checkin in from Tennessee!!!