Madchild - 50 Seven Lyrics

I don't give a fuck - these rappers, they are hella plain
Wrap my lyrics around their heads like fuckin' cellophane
Half these rappers are bitch made, they hella fake
Gay pride weekend is their time to celebrate
I got money in my pocket but I'm pretty frugal
I'm your worst fucking nightmare, I'm Freddy Kruger
Totally in tune with treachery, my secret recipe
An evil leprechaun that carries lethal weaponry
Little Monster spitting crazy, your uncommon fluid
I'm a little bit explosive like I'm bombing fluid
Atomic music, strong, abusive, I'm a blond reclusive
My mind is totally gone, little King Kong, I'm gruesome
I got a killer flow, I'm fierce and I am militant
That means the kids ain't fuckin' lying when I'm killin' shit
Used to be a little fuckin' party crasher
But now it's the invasion of the body snatchers
I jump off stage, they gon' probably catch me
In the mosh pit, I'm awfully obnoxious, batshit
Get stabbed with a chopstick
Demented goblin with mental problems
My heads revolving
Madchild, you were fuckin' with the wrong guy
He'll banzai and do a fuckin' swan dive
I'm Madchild, on the mic I squash kids
I'm apeshit, jump into a booth and break shit

Little bad wolf drooling in a blue bonnet
Mentally I'm fucking plagued like the bubonic
Ain't nobody fucking with me cause I'm too on it
Iron packer, guerrilla fighter, and data pirate
My songs are sad and violent, that's why I got mad admirers
I'm like a fucking tank destroyer, I'm an evil infant
My family love me but these other people keep their distance
Please believe it, I'm an evil egomaniac
Kids, they hear these crazy raps
And jump for joy like Shady's back
I could've made it but I lost to fucking [?]
A sneaky fuck like I was Marky Mark in Contraband
These words exploding in my mouth like fucking pop rocks
Feel like I'm racing Father Time holding a stop watch
Things are slowly heating up like in a crock-pot
Top notch, you don't like it? Suck a dick with crotch rot

Yo, my voice is poisonous, my lyrics are the lethal-est
Captain of the ship and I am fly like the Prometheus
Half man, half immortal, call me Theseus
Demigod to all these creepy people, I'm the freakiest
I'm filled with venom and my face look like a bulldog
Smoking since I'm twelve, sounding like a baby bullfrog
And when it comes to spitting bars, I'm a lifer, the Pied Piper
B-Rabbit, no Mekhi Phifer
Nobody fuck with me you celibate fucks
You could suck a donkey's dick and lick an elephant's cunt
I'm a hell of irrelevant, wrath star, a black heart
Nascar, I'm a fast car, the track star
I've got the sickness, voices talking in my head
Wouldn't mind but hear 'em talking and I think they want me dead
They're plotting to assassinate the emperor with a temper
I'm trying to find some balance in my life and find my center
Listening to your asses like I'm suffering, huffing chlorophyll
Morally I'm shallow, orally - welcome to horrorville
The devil's reject, I'll paint a lousy portrait
Then move into a haunted house filled with a thousand corpes
I sit in dark corners laughing at myself
I'm a one way, third class passenger to hell
And I have caused catastrophes, I'm casting up a spell
I'm a bastard, mentally a disaster, you could tell

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Madchild 50 Seven Comments
  1. polonium-210 XXX

    Swollen 4 life

  2. Joseph oletoS


  3. Dano Ecks

    G.J. Detroit yo!!!! I preach Cleveland.......but this mfr ripped a dudes ear off!!! NO BS.... my boy will be there!!!

  4. Aaron Ebert

    Madchild is by far one of my favorite rappers

  5. Crazy Luch1


  6. Crazy Luch1

    SHARED1000X NOW SIGNMEPLZ👊🦈💛💯✔🐇👀👁😎

  7. Mother420 DuRty7

    “Suck a Donkey’s Dick n lick n Elephant’s 🐘 CUNT”. 💥

  8. Mr. Direction

    So hard

  9. Jon Rue

    When I was in Gr. 4 I wrote a story about a mogui/gremlin creature called Party Crasher... 🐱🐲🐺💚💜💚

  10. 907 uNdErGrOuNd

    This is a fucking banger 🔥🔥🔥 i can see jet lee kicking someones ass in a movie to this that movie would probably have dmx in it to

    The JoKeR

    Lol right

  11. 100mexk


  12. Aaron Pierce

    lyrical killer...laughn at myself as a madchild

  13. Yung Murda

    madchild kills everyone tho💥😱

  14. Brocky Gangell

    Mad Skills on dis Little Man, Swollen Members are next best thing to SDK 🇨🇦

  15. jonathan couture

    respect Mad Child !!!

  16. John the crazy guy


  17. Madchild

    #SupportSwollen and help us cross the 100k subscriber mark on our Youtube. Hit that subscribe button at:

  18. blacktopaz8

    Battle rap wants you back Madchild! You gonna battle Pat Stay anytime soon? Hope so...

  19. Spartan Lokk


  20. Random Channel

    Should i Movemto canada

  21. Rob-karen Kennedy-parker

    Purple mind fuckie hyroglyph

  22. Michael Martinez

    Madchild we are

  23. chris ellett

    Did madchild even take a breath? Dog straight spits concrete. That darkest hour album flows like deep water after the first track. Haters wish they had that talent.

  24. Mulisha Knight

    Fucking awesome! #truenorthrams #mulishaknight #AlbertaStrong

  25. Iliescu BeatClampa

    sa-ti dau muie

  26. Jason TipZ Mckinnon

    one question how often do people send u lyrics or a collaborations with your music?

  27. Jason TipZ Mckinnon

    i love it but you got to get mad wheres theres the fire liking the second verse is more like it imma put this one on my list jason tipz mckinnon

  28. Daren Gauthier

    this song has a great vibe and timing

    TtotheA totheK

    Daren Gauthier It's got good visuals too. This is the raw Madchild!

  29. jay T

    bitchmade is 110% correct! !!!!!!!!!

  30. jim james

    Listening to this song, Im getting all fired up, at 5am.

  31. Kody Lil Peep

    A sneaky fuck like Marky Mark in contraband

  32. presley Salas

    ill song

  33. Oh Shit

    I, who everyone is fucking with, I got a shadow, who wanted to steal from me. On Twitter, I am the guy pissing everyone off. I am the Emporer with a temper, I got name they fucked up and they are hunting me. I won't kiss their ass and tell them Thank You for shooting me in the head and stealing my tech for 26 yrs. Chris Cornell and one my twins wanted to play. I am different, but, that is because not just Emporer or some King. My brother, I was Reborn. I am polite to everyone, they shot me, speech problem. I am mean as Fuck, I just being nice to see who was cool and who wasn't. You seem cool, Madchild. I am Sick Kid or No Name the Nightmare.

  34. Jim Saints

    It seems Madchild got mad love for Eminem.

  35. Spartan Lokk


  36. watch later for Wyatt temperary

    dope track ! !!!#Baxwar

  37. Kevin Allen unknown

    amazing work,2nd to none and Canadian awesome 😎🗺 not that their isn't talent everywhere, nice to see👌

  38. Artistyf

    This is fire. I still love it <3

  39. ransom

    holy shit this is insane

  40. Jonny Mcalpine

    Only 215k views but these fuck boy mumble "rappers" get millions!! Its proof todays society is dumbed down!!! Big up MADCHILD from scotland

  41. Dirty Jay

    I listen to real rappers you know sage francis immortal technique diobolic rugged man vinny Paz atmosphere nightwalker czarface chino xl I could keep going

  42. theblackSystemjack

    Windows error msges lol

  43. TheUndergroundHustle

    Great Visuals to his lyrics on this one!

  44. Dirty Jay

    Painful skies lol over all his body of work is trash he can't rap for shit I consider him top 10 worst rappers ever I listen to this and laughed real rappers do not take him seriously

  45. StonedFreeskier

    all his lyrics are literally the same, zero creativity

  46. Tyhler Novac

    4:49 and through out Superfriends

  47. Tyhler Novac

    2:40 American Soldier starring Bradley Cooper

  48. Tyhler Novac

    1:51 .. anytime if she can suck like that

  49. Tyhler Novac

    Scene at .59 Grape Ape

  50. Tyhler Novac

    scene at .38 Weird Science starring Anthony Michael Hall

  51. Tyhler Novac

    scene at .14-.16 Nightmare on Elm st Pt.2 the girl he's choking is a Syracuse university Graduate

  52. Dirty Jay

    I can not believe ppl like this his lyrics are weak as fuck can't believe he is still rapping

  53. Kaleb Bell

    you and eminem are my inspiration to rap im also Canadian born in van represent


    Kaleb Bell 😂 enimiem is a fag😂 in my opinion but madchild is the beat Candain rapper ever to live and I'm canadain

  54. csdrt20

    Typo on there vs their :p

  55. Ms.Euphoria

    Does anyone know the short clip of that woman biting her gloves (at 0:06- to 0:07)? It seems so familiar to me. Thanks in advance.

    Tyhler Novac

    Ms. Euphoria Dear, Masta Cruel World starring Brad Pitt

  56. Tyler Baker


    JimiJop Woodstock

    Tyler Baker best weed

  57. Zack Hanley

    madchild u should come back to b.c and do a show with son real

  58. Zach Neufeld

    4 months later and still no new shit. mad were waiting!!!

  59. William Walker

    You and Shady need to collaborate MC

    Vintage Lover

    William Walker Nope, he needs to collaborate with ScHoolBoy Q or Kendrick Lamar.

    S Sedino

    I’m with u

    Vintage Lover

    @JD Yeah I guess but it would be cool.

  60. No id

    Respect from Greece =)

  61. Sid Dhir

    whats the boxing video anyone?

  62. Sid Dhir

    This is some fucking good shit

  63. Kenny Craig

    i been down with mad forever,,you never lost at least 1 loyal fan,,i respect you,youre crew and shout out to rob,prevail and bax war..

  64. Deanna young

    I'm fucking loving this!! lyrics, beat, mad rap skills & all!! truth in the words & def spits that venom!!

  65. pesadilla treinta tres

    Como mola este tío

  66. R.I.Pixels

    this song sounds like a rap song


    Oh really? I didn't even noticed. Thanks Dude!

  67. Meme Trash

    "Little King Kong" Fucking Harambe is in the video.

    bob bobo

    Dicks out

  68. No Name

    Respect from CZ man..!
    Waiting for Hardcore song with Řezník or DeSade from CZ!

  69. Chris Squier

    where did u go?

  70. triangulous

    respect from the homeland! reppin canada!

  71. PowellMoore

    Buddies a friggin goblin

  72. DJ Anthony

    dope shit mad

  73. joe lee

    to the homie MadChild salute/Respect from the sick side of KY/USA/6606/Fuck Love always down with battleaxe g stay safe sick an well solder peaceeeeeeeeee stay up an best a wishes on all YOU Do kid!!!

  74. Armada Athletics Sports Wear

    Gay pride thinking it's their time to celebrate... Hell nah

  75. Jordan Reid

    keep it up dude. much love Canada.

  76. seventhirty Argus

    force of nature

  77. Truth to Ponder

    would have been cool to see a Madchild vs. Eyedea rap battle

  78. Michael Farmer

    yo, he said things are slowly heating up like in a crockpot I'm dead

  79. Vaillancourt Kevin

    HEY Shane......WTF is going on with you channel ?

  80. Ralph Zur

    tha shit

  81. Sharief Khan

    FUCK I dont know how you do all the stuff do're magical my man...i love you haha no homo!

  82. LD Raps

    lyrics are sick

  83. Javyn Fontenot

    what's with all the Shady references man? I've never heard you even mention him. Love ya music

    Tyhler Novac

    Javyn Fontenot Showing Respect to the Lyrical Wizard that is Slim Shady

    Tyhler Novac

    Javyn Fontenot Showing Respect to the Lyrical Wizard that is Slim Shady

  84. Anonymous6654794

    beat is boring af

  85. Jason Smith

    Tru That Justin E. ...

  86. TIP Battles

    Cool song... Wack video tho, he got like 176 videos that look exactly the same

  87. Kyle Cormier

    Madchild is fucking dope, one of a kind.

  88. Samuel Garofalo

    i love those videos

  89. Flyer Boy

    How does this still only have 100k views? I been listening to this everyday since it dropped.....I don't understand how Mad's views are so low...

  90. Tyler Silva

    Godamn madchild you did it again! I bought the entire album NOT one song gets old this videos badass!!

  91. Preem Supreme

    Now this is the Madchild we've been waiting for!