Mad Caddies - The Dirge Lyrics

Well I've been standing here for oh so long
I get so tired of the same old songs of change
Who's changing

My time's been paid sure as hell ain't free
But inspiration is sold separately through these beer
Soaked tears

Where's the life I wanted?
Where's the life I started?
Where's the life they promised me?

Nothing's coming...

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Mad Caddies The Dirge Comments
  1. Millie Mell

    this shit gimme the feels

  2. 奥村 麻子

    half frequencies eaten by youtube, needs higher bitrate

  3. Jeremy Smith

    i love this song!!!!!

  4. nuclearinsanity1

    Tired Bones is the best Mad Caddies song, but this comes in second. Mostly because it's so short...


    +nuclearinsanity1 it really should have been longer

  5. EdLippincott

    This song sounds like a circus going over a cliff.

  6. Bryan Pitts

    Short & sweet...

  7. James Dinneen

    Avenge Sevenfold - A Little Piece of Heaven

  8. exolden

    god thats short

  9. Simon Petrus

    I want this to be played at my funeral!!!!

  10. Archaotic

    Every time I listen to this song, I try to see if I can place that horn line that plays in the background right before the main melody kicks in. I know I've played it before, but I don't remember what the song name is anymore. Anybody recognize it?

    Crimson Fckr

    Same here, kinda sounds reggae-ish


    St. James Infirmary

  11. Josh Genis


  12. pizzamanwannabe

    Great song, great band