Mad Caddies - Good Intentions Lyrics

Rolling away with my good intentions
Trying to go with my mind
Said I'm walking the line
Flying away with my same desire, yeah
Oh, I'm trying to get to the heart of what's bringing me down
Moving alone I feed the fire
And with the temptation all around just laughing at me

So I try my hardest to keep my hands clean
And I stop from looking for the things that I can't find
If I'm ever gonna walk the line

So let me take you back to the start
When you gave me a piece of your heart
And I will do my best, oh yeah I'll do my best
Gonna make it all right now
Cause gone is the day when I would wander
When I would wander through the night with the light on me

So I try my hardest to keep my hands clean
And I stop from looking for the things that I can't find
If I'm ever gonna walk the line

To your emotions
(I walk the line)
To your desire
(I walk the line)
For our devotion is gonna feed the fire
Yeah, I walk the line

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Mad Caddies Good Intentions Comments
  1. Lem Yaj

    Hi ms pevy

  2. Hugo Baugé

    My best song ever. Love

  3. CatLikeThief

    I ran into "Today" and ended up becoming a huge fan. The brass is so awesome. They can play beautiful loud notes, and they have a distinct personality. "Shot in the Dark" is one of my favorites.

  4. Gabs MN

    Can someone publish the lyrics of this song? Plissss

  5. Charles Harvey

    Sounds like sad songs by elton John.. love it

  6. Spaced0ut

    There are reasons why the Mad Caddies are my fave. This being one of them

  7. MrMotherfuck123

    One of their best.

  8. misfitjoe12

    My fav caddie song

  9. Jonathan Carr

    If somebody were to put a gun to my head and say "PLAY A SONG THAT WOULD MAKE ME WANT TO DANCE AND MOVE!" then I should hope that I'd have the reactions to put this song on.

  10. TheDrummingPanda

    They saw you back then, you were just like them. YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE! hahaha

    I had too :)

  11. Roneil Dumali

    MY VERY BEST SONG... until i get old... YEAH!!!

  12. Ali Rey Orbe

    just one more.. :]

  13. Bryan _Hectic

    Same, that brass decrescendo is the shit!

  14. Mimic

    did you keep in touch with them?

  15. Aimee

    i think thats my favorite part too

  16. exolden

    anyone sides me imagine drivin down the road at night smell a leather smell of warm grassy air right after a rain......sorry i just love moments like that

  17. Fabio Marcelino

    @mhmmeliss me to, they were with me every single day on my ipod :D

  18. Justin Liow

    sounds like green day xept kickasser

  19. John Patrick Gavas

    I love this song... and I mean that as an understatement

  20. Johnny Caper


  21. Kellen Hodgson

    not enough views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Zoar

    the caddies effin rock! <333 them :D

  23. dopetransmissions

    @mhmmeliss are you the preppy girl they sing about on softcore??

  24. stev6963

    my favorite part in the song. the horns give me chills

  25. Logan Chapman

    i dont know why but everytime i listen to this song it puts a smile on my face

  26. Endre Balázs

    All of them? :D