Mad Caddies - 10 West Lyrics

Well I'm back on the road again lost among the city lights
We step up harder just to make it to the show tonight
With yesterday's antics still playing in my head
Well another day's upon us so let's do it all again

Now it's just another town another day another year
And we got to wait till five o'clock before we crack a beer
Somewhere it's gonna be five o'clock yeah that's what we say
It's all just a game to keep ourselves sane

Drink smoke drink smoke this is what we do
Drink smoke drink smoke playing it for you

Born to roam here we go yeah
Another city and another day
The road's my home we're all alone yeah
Out on the streets is where we gotta stay

Well we barely see the light of the sun
With all the midnight fun
It's coming down on my head I feel it
But music's part of my soul
So I jump back in head first my arms around it

Outside tonight I don't think there's really anything going on around here

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Mad Caddies 10 West Comments
  1. Matt McArdle

    I love that the guy who loves Nufan loves Mad Caddies. These are my two favorite bands :

  2. SubparBuzzard

    Cool song. Smooth horns.

  3. Sn0wD0gg

    Thanks for the upload!