Macy Gray - White Man Lyrics

Hey white man I am not my grandmother
I'm from the city Canton Ohio
I'm just a lady but I think like a man
You hating me and I don't understand
You're judging me, you wanna send me to hell
God is my father and I got my ban
You come for me, let me make it clear
I'll whoop your woooo [x5]

Hey white man you can best believe I matter
Now I'm offended by your tattered chatter
But I'm living good on the edge of myself
I'll make a drink and I toast you my hell
Let's go together, let's make it better
Let's go together, let's make it better
If you don't agree I'll make it clear
I'll whoop your woooo [x5]

(Let's go together, let's make it better
Let's go together, let's make it better)
If you don't agree I'll make it clear

I'll whoop your
I'll whoop your woooo
I'll whoop your
I'll whoop your woooo
I'll whoop your woooo

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Macy Gray White Man Comments
  1. like_totally_pending_approval

    cringe lyrics. nobody cares

  2. Jacqueline Bonnell

    Awesome 👍

  3. aureliano cabral

    Love it another great song from Macy .

  4. Zee Fisher

    Tired of these negroes tryna push their racist agenda onto the people. Wakdafucup

  5. J Alexander

    Racist through and through yet people applaud it. Why? Oh, yeah. Because fuck white guys.

  6. MyRealNameWontFi

    "Hey, White man."

    Lol, generalizing an entire group of people solely due to their color of skin, Got It!

  7. Med Jay Paris

    Seriously, this song is a masterpiece... lyrically, musically & humanly

  8. The Brand most who commented

  9. abandon all hope

    make no mistake this is a call to genocide.globalist have declared war upon the white man.the message behind this song is very clear accept your eradication white man don't fight back against us it's for your own good because if you do you're racist. the symbolism of the white woman is the globalist say look even your women have betrayed you.make no mistake the globalist will not with rest until every white person on this Earth is eradicated.white man when are we going to fight back? we can move mountains we can travel to the Stars.we have accomplished the most amazing things equal to no other race upon this why do we continue to let the Lesser races of the Earth demonized and belittle us.make no mistake it is not about equality it is about revenge and subjugation.Obama has really emboldened these people because they know there's no repercussions to their racist songs like these are openly accepted that never would have happened before Obama.Obama made it safe for black people to openly hate white people. now white people are openly attacked in the street if they voted for Trump. and supposed news reporters are calling all white men terrorist.
    wake up white man they're coming for us they want us dead.are you going to go quietly into the night like they want because they've already declared war upon the white men.they hate white people from merely existing.and the government no longer protects our people in fact our government Advocates against us.“I would say our country should be more fearful of white men across our country Rep. Ilhan Omar does that sound like a government that's working for you white people.

  10. Kick butoxy

    You can not be oppressed by white men

    If you don't live in a white man's world✌

  11. Aaron Stinson

    I doubt white men are doing anything to you. Maybe take personal responsibility for your own happiness & success.

  12. Steve Arizona

    So, basically,'s "Heh, white man, you judging me. Heh, white man, you want to send me to hell. Heh, white man you ....."

    So, basically,.....she's a racist singer singing racist songs and PRESUMING bad things about people based upon sex and skin color.

    So, basically,.....Macy Gray is no different than the Klu Klux Klan.

    So, basically,.....You ain't getting a nickel out of me, Macy.

  13. Philip Baruch

    Why does it have to be white man? Most whites in western world treat women as equals. You should be talking about muslims in the middle east and how they treat women. Or how blacks degrade women in rap songs.

  14. Joshua Swain

    The white woman is the new enemy

  15. James Brown

    I came back for the horns!

  16. Ronald Ramsey

    Love Her...Love this Song... Truth

  17. r Hays

    Timely Momma Thank You 🙏🏼

  18. tom h.

    The new album Ruby is sooooo good ; the best record this year so far

  19. Averyofthemain

    I'll guess she means I'll whip your ass, as a white man I highly doubt that. Ps I don't care if you're offended by our chitter-chatter, since when do we have to run anything by you.

  20. spiritual619

    The horns tho. Classic club song.

  21. anne darling

    I wa just looking to buy this cd until this revolting song came along - long term fan leaving now -

  22. Green Phantom

    Gotta make that money off race..

  23. Med Jay Paris

    This song is such a brillant piece of art ! musically, humanely and lyrically speaking ! Well done

  24. jcholland

    Is time for all of us to become one. I still believe so🙏🌷

  25. Penguin Xenix Fritz Voldislav

    Good song cool I like. Good beat.

  26. Anna Sarkisian


  27. Cortney Hampton

    Another social justice warrior spoke passionately and vociferously about how one group of people were responsible for the wrongs of the past and present and should be treated as a collective instead of individuals deserving individual consideration. He said everything would be better once the others in society, apart from that bad group, embraced social justice ,got woke like him and did something about it. Later in 1945 in a bunker Hitler shot himself in the head and forever put himself out of misery and reach from the oppressive Jew.

  28. catherine coman

    Love me some Macy!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤟🏽

  29. Jake

    Awesome, more white man bashing. just what society needed.... you keep poking the bear and you won't like the outcome.

  30. Tamara Lang

    Well done, beautiful song and dancers amazing. Love the choreography.

  31. Drago1995

    Let me guess another white hating song I'm a centristic person and stuff like this doesn't help

  32. Gingerella Cookie

    this is abot feminism thays why there was a white girl and a black girl dancing together because its about the oppression by white men against women black as well as white

  33. Will Forrest-King

    Does anyone else just like the song ?

  34. Axl Anselmo

    Just a racist song to create buzz and make money...

  35. Mel Mel

    Saw Macy on TRL yesterday morning and they showed a short clip of this video. It’s so beautiful and amazing! I love the 2 dancers and the concept of it is just what we need right now. Well done! Love and blessings to you, Macy.

  36. Toney Davis

    ima go smile at a white person now ... love this song more than you know Thx Macy. Luv

  37. Edison Y

    Thank you Missus for producing music - not trash. Amazing song.

  38. Hawk eye

    yawn. the victim complex from black people is so annoying.

  39. Vanessa Riley

    SHE HAD ME AT OHIO. <3 such a hot Jazzy Lady!! Thanks for the music!!
    REAL MUSIC. I like the music and singing most though.

  40. a w

    When your career is dead jump on The sjw train

  41. Passionate Brazilian Girl.

    It is about time white people make up for the 400 years of slavery n the consequences that destitute so many of us African descendents. Or be that white man or woman we blacks just tolarate, your choice.

  42. Sherry Bosshart

    I wish Obama would have never became president he's set this country back years

  43. Rae Love

    2018 message still applies


    Lol, keep alienating whites. we are slowly moving and more and more further to the right.

  44. Joy Hasan

    Blacks hate white but it is sad to see white whores doing the same

  45. AstroKite00

    African-Americans and Caucasians live in different worlds; different mind spaces. Caucasians could never hope to understand the struggle of an African-American, which makes it easy for Caucasians to look down on and label them. Its easy for Caucasians to be offended when an African-American brings them up in any context. Take this song for example; Its a song about unity, yet a typical racist Caucasian will immediately label it as racist and offensive. Reading the comments should prove my point.

  46. Talia Smith

    I like the song

  47. Joshua Jackson

    Way to alienate most of your fan base, who are white.


    Love this...Macy's back

  49. storm breaker

    Blame the white man.

  50. Ma Mck

    Also for anyone that doesn’t believe cultural Marxism exists all u have to do is watch a video like this and it will always have at some point cummunisms signature on it(the raised fist).

  51. Ma Mck

    Just looked up lyrics where it talks about let’s get together let’s make it better. That’s cool but I gotta say most of the lyrics are pretty counter productive if that is the desired outcome.

  52. Ma Mck

    The lyrics say if u don’t agree I’ll make it clear. And then I have no clue what’s said

    Seafood QueenKing

    I'll whip your oooohhh ooh ooh ooh ..... !!!!!!!!

  53. leah Renee

    Sis came through! Well done!

  54. Brehnner Valente Leite

    Gostei _ por D-mais

  55. YissieDTV

    Wow this song is amazing..why didn’t this blow up when it came out?

  56. Rich Flen

    Wow what a sad song it race Bates

  57. DVN

    Message of the song: let's all come together without the white man because they oppress us and of course white women show their absolute disloyalty like always.

    Tyl Jet

    When you're so oppressed that you get section 8,ebt,welfare,diversity quotas but you still blame others

  58. Matt Biden

    I don't understand why blacks think they're oppressed when they're the longest living, most healthy, best feed, most rich blacks on the planet?

  59. Patrick ‘No Tears’ Star

    A wonderful message that all white people - male and female - can display racist prejudice against black people, though white women are subject to the same abuse for being female themselves. Only when women of all races and cultures unite can the ever-superior 'white man' be brought to equality with all subject to their indecency.
    Keep up the amazing work Macy I never want to stop listening to your style of music, it's saved me over and over in the past <3


    Darius Sajid You're a damn good victim that's all that's certain

    Code Rood

    +Darius Sajid Nothing proves ''white male superiority'' more than to have every other group of people, including white females, unite against him. And you still fail miserably, even though the modern-day white male isn't nearly as strong as his forefather. Why don't you just stop playing the victim and get a life? Most of you don't even have a real reason to be this hostile towards straight white men.

    Patrick ‘No Tears’ Star

    I'm,,,,,, _not_ going to apologise for being racially abused,,, by white men,,,,,,,

    Code Rood

    +Darius Sajid I don't want your apology. I want you to think about what I just posted to you. Victimhood is beating you down. Get out of it.

    Patrick ‘No Tears’ Star

    I'm not about to be disheartened by you not thinking Ive healed from that abuse already; I made this comment because one of my favourite artists released a song about something that has had a deep impact on me. I'm not trying to be a victim, let me just express the feelings this song made me feel when I first heard it and what the video made me feel when i first watched it.

  60. saetyr

    Love Macy... But she must be stoned again.... She became rich and was privileged after her first albums success then blew it all by getting stoned all the time and becoming a massive asshole by her own admission... So how is the white man keeping her down now???

    I hate whiners.... That's wat most liberals and blacks seem to be now and they hang it all on the average white man... Oi vay... Who's the racist here???

  61. elspic latino

    This is a prime example of black racism

    elspic latino

    wow you're fucking stupid

    Magnet 3

    Mmm you answered your own comment

  62. raven gale

    Imagine if a white musician made a song called “hey black man”.

    Tashika Abrecht

    there probably is one called Hey Black Man

  63. Thor

    White Man - Most dominant force in human history, built the greatest societies, clearly superior to all other races!

    Oepsie Van het ster

    Thor Facts, but they don't wanna hear!!

  64. Mr. LJ

    Fucking brilliant song. A very different song.WOW!

  65. The Misanthrope Channel

    It's white media more than white people.

    Code Rood

    +The Misanthrope Channel Most of the mainstream media is run by Jews, not white Europeans.

    The Misanthrope Channel

    Code Rood This is strange, because I know European Americans distinguish themselves from Jewish Americans, but obviously Jewish don't distinguish themselves from whites or there would be more ethnic integration on your TV shows.

  66. Black Dolphin

    Macy Gray, you rocked this one out! Thank you!

  67. Shai Cook

    I love this

  68. Melaine Shante

    Wow the real Macy Gray! Amazing! X

  69. dermot andrew

    Macy's comeback?

  70. Hipp's Daughter


  71. Vincent Collins

    This girl apears on ssx tricky 2002?! Seeiah is my favorite character.

  72. A Voice From Third World America

    Love the art and the ending makes the statement, we are each other, we are one.

  73. Andnotafuckwasgiven

    I’ma buy this off iTunes

  74. Tash's Journey

    love this song and love macy gray...

  75. Ms. Complexbeing4life


  76. Cartier Aikens

    i love it but she loses me at 3:21 lol

  77. Kissyfurr R

    This video!!!! Wow

  78. Niki Patlan

    Who else is here because of Nicki Swift's "Where Is Macy Gray Now video"?

    Niki Patlan

    I'm glad I checked this song out. The song and video are EXCELLENT!!

  79. Ola S.

    I love the message of this song! Let's come together! The visuals are also stunning! Those dancers <3

  80. Random Videos

    They are so fucking perfect in this and their dances were so in sync and amazing

  81. Brent Embrey

    I am white as light and feeling aaaaaaaaalriiiiiight!

  82. spacecowboy2k

    holy crap, why isn't this video/song getting the attention is deserves.

  83. clifton beary

    Awesome dancing. Wonderful video. Beats & music to the song were great as well, Message, well, seems to be so common these days that its like beating a dead horse.

  84. Jérôme D.

    Lol that bitch still around ?

  85. Simeon o

    Am I still in with a shot?

  86. ArrA

    Shit video, disliked

  87. Zig Field

    You know why this actually disgusting and very RACIST? Because ALL races on earth have a deep rooted history with racism. It is a capitalistic and elitist driven problem we have as humans and the answer is not to provoke one party alone in this insanity, it is to reverse our whole economical and social value structure with our CHILDREN!!!!!


    One love y'all, peace and love to everyone, even the ones that know I was just speaking directly to them ;)

  88. That Guy

    Yes, again, Fuck the White Man...I get it. So, I stick with my own kind; because I know, I'M HATED. Thanks for the heads up!

  89. Hunter W

    Let's all circle-jerk each other by validating the almost non-existent real racism given off by white men. You know, you can all fuck off. I don't have to prove anything to anyone or to feel bad about being a white man. I'm proud I am who I am. Blame the white guys for all of your problems in life. The singer and the dancers make more money than I do. I grew up poor due to medical bills for my mom after she had cancer. I saw black kids wearing new cloths and shoes while they'd make fun of me for having 'Walmart shoes' on my feet. I'm also paying for my own college working at a job that took two years of unpaid learning to acquire. Where the fuck is my white privilege? I'd look to get my hands on some of that. Instead, I have to hear bullshit about how bad my race and gender are by a bunch of rich fucks who want to complain about everything.

  90. Cardsmaster

    This is art

  91. SciFiDigitalMusic

    Damn! Macy. Im a super fan now! The best joint ever made.

  92. Newton Vencil

    I love it.

  93. Kay Anderson

    Tried to give it a chance, but this is wildly racist... You can't blame an entire population of people who happen to share the same skin color as a few slave owners for your problems. Not to mention, issues like slavery and segregation never would have been resolved at all if the majority of white people weren't on board. There are still people who are racist against blacks, but institutional racism no longer exists and a dumb video isn't going to change the minds of people who are ignorant enough to hate another human being for the color of their skin.

  94. Code Rood

    Muh blackness, muh victim status. Muh vagina, muh victim status. Dumb song. What would happen if someone made a Muslim man, Jewish man or black man song? The left (and even most of the mainstream right these days) would go nuts.

  95. Leandro Arroyo

    I'm 63 years old and I still listening to Macy Gray ''her first album is my favorite ''love her voice and stile.😎🇵🇷

  96. onew mvp Shinee

    Her voice so unique

    That Guy

    The voice of white hate in blacks is nothing fresh or new.