Macklemore - American Lyrics

How y'all doing there, folks?
My name is Aberdeen Washington
And I'm a proud American and a terrorist fighter
That's right
Hey, get me another beer, bitch

Now when the day Bin Laden comes to town
I'm 'a drop a deuce wipe it up with his towel
Mow my lawn, sit on the couch, I'm 'a watch some football
I pray to the Lord the Cowboys win
And beat the hell out of them damn Redskins
Call up the boys, get drunk as shit
Goddamn right, I'm American
That's right, I'm American

Got a picture of Reagan above my fire
Next to the deer I shot with my rifle
N.R.A.? Hell, yeah! I support 'em
No pro-choice, no abortion
Mexicans? Send 'em back over the border
Right on home to Samoa, wherever they come from
Taking our jobs, eating out hamburgers, taking our jobs
They're taking our jobs, I see 'em in the fields I'm taking their head off
I hate my job and I hate my boss
But I love my country and I pray to God that the Cowboys win
Fuck yeah Romo
That the Cowboys win

That's right, that's right, that's right, come on
Everybody just clap your hands
If you love our country, if you love our land
That's right
And if you're not clapping your hands
You're a terrorist and you eat sand, sandwiches

The day Bin Laden comes to town
I'm 'a drop a deuce wipe my poop with his towel
Mow my lawn, sit on the couch, and I'm 'a watch some football
And I pray to the lord the Cowboys win
And beat the hell out of them damn Redskins
Call up the boys, get drunk as shit
Goddamn right, I'm American
I'm Ameri-fucking-can

Now John McCain and Sarah Palin
I know you lost out there and it was a tough one
But you're still two mavericks in my book, don't worry about it
Now listen Palin, I heard you like beer
Me too. I don't have a six pack
But I got a beer bong in my pants
What do you say we go get shit-faced in a helicopter and kill a moose

America, the chosen
Guns, explosions
McDonald's, bowling
You don't like it, we exploit ya
Pop a pill, get a boner
Hell, yeah! Tony Romo
Man that guy's so damn cute I want to sack his boner
And ride him brokeback all the way to Wyoming
No homo. Psych

Hey I said no homo
Hey... fuck terrorists
I don't mean like f—, I don't want to fuck a terrorist
Guys, I'm kidding
I like Romo, I don't like Bromo
I said, "Fuck terrorists," not "I wanna fuck a terrorist."

You wouldn't, if you caught Bin Laden you wouldn't give him one in the butt?
For America?
If ya said "No homo" right after ya did it?
It doesn't count if it's terrorists
Hey little Aberdeen, come in here


Hey come sing the national family anthem, come on

That's right, I'm an American citizen
Aberdeen Washington, this is my country
And just because Barack Obama won the presidential election
Does not mean that half the country doesn't feel the same way I do

And I came to America
And I live in America
Come on
And I live in America

I do too, dad
Let me get 'em

And I live in America
And I live in Ameri

Shut up, little Aberdeen, shut the fuck up

My bad

Let me tell 'em
That's right
I'm American

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Macklemore American Comments
  1. JiuJitsu Ronin

    Jesus, this sounds so much like Aberdeen WA- a Washingtonian

  2. Gamer 270

    Shit man you got an. A thumbs up from Missouri ,:shit made me laugh hard

  3. Amy Abernathy

    From Aberdeen, Wa right here! Lol plenty of Cowboy fans here!! Go Cowboys!!!

  4. Dylan The Genius

    my friend sucks because he suggested this song and it sucks, not really lol

  5. Trinh Tran

    I become a U.S citizen today! So blessed!!

  6. Hailey- Jean

    This is the best song to ever be made

  7. You Tube

    This song is so underated

  8. Keenan

    Perfect depiction of Aberdeen, WA LMAOOOOO

  9. Heather Ganuelas

    BW Stevenson - My Maria?

  10. ace king

    "ride on home to SAMOA", it is the heart of the pacific and a paradise to the world.. friendly people & im proud to be a SAMOA hahaha. juhuhuhu

  11. Radda Radda Radda Radda Radda

    If this was new.... oh dear god

  12. Chad Rohrer

    Fxxk em if can't take a joke

  13. Kim Potts

    On repeat 7/4/19.

  14. EJ Walden

    2019 anybody? Happy Birthday America!!

  15. HoodieVello


    Drew D

    HoodieVello fuck you

  16. Jon Michael Walters

    This but unironically.

  17. Brady Zelmore Zelmore

    Even in 2019!

  18. Jacob Grant

    Fuck you, fuckin commie bastard

  19. J W

    fuck u uk cunt u just upset you dont have central air

  20. Nate King

    I'm ameri-fucking-can

  21. Ella Webster

    man that’s gay

  22. Alyssa Fielding

    Randomly thought about this song again lmfao

  23. Ray Nix

    What a foul mouth wicked human being, needs to REPENT, he will give account for all those words that come out of his mouth. I came here investigating him.

  24. Gavin Webb

    Damn straight

  25. CaliBear 415

    Move if u don’t like it here snowflake white boy

  26. XxIron SkullxX

    I'm looking at the comments for 2019 and I see how horrible the jokes are compared to the last few years.

  27. Jem-K Un Preso En El Mundo Real

    fuck this has to be The 2019 National Anthem

  28. Mr Cousseau

    The national anthem USA USA USA USA!

  29. Mr Cousseau

    Your a terrorist and you eat sand... sandwiches

  30. Brock DeRoche

    Came here cause i love my cowboys

  31. Mason Campeau

    Welp I live in Aberdeen WA

  32. Hgfgg HHfdb

    Haha what is this song?!😂😂😂

  33. Richard Owens

    Man he is making exaggerations in case yall are but hurt but this is QUALITY!!!!

  34. Narwhal Gaming

    "I said, Fuck Terrorists! Not that I wanna fuck a terrorist!" *W H E E Z E*

  35. J loc

    Racist piece of shit!!!!

  36. nhiko999

    This has a Tenacious D vibe somehow :D

  37. Spencer Honda

    Damn, the other night I was listening to this and was just fantasizing about listening to this again in a month with the Cowboys having won the Super Bowl. Fuck yeah, Romo would be doing the commentary for the game too. Oh well. There's always next time

  38. Holt Burdette

    I love Mack's new shit, but damn... I sure do miss the fun songs lol. You can definitely tell when he got sober. I'm also a recovering addict and his music helped me a shit ton in rehab and so on.

  39. Cheapz RaiseEmUp Bmore

    No homo

  40. Panda Wizard66

    I love white girls

  41. Archle

    one tear for all the people listening to this after 2016

  42. Robby Poulsen

    i dont got a six pack, i got a beer bottle in my pants

  43. meghan weston

    When he says I heard you like beer all I can think of is Brett Kavanaugh lol

  44. Noah Montague

    This song made me realize how happy I am to be American!

  45. Robert Spuller

    You can't get mad at this song whatever side of the aisle you're on.

  46. Brian Shipman

    So many that don't understand satire

  47. Pennyelis Tela

    whats the real song

  48. Riley Flanigan

    This song was before it's time

  49. Tracie Smith

    I wanna get shitfaced in a helicopter and kill a moose

  50. Firechicken

    Has anyone been to aberdeen wa? 😂😂😂

  51. MMA_Anonymous_Legend

    I am pretty sure he made was making fun of people who live in the country and if he was.... I would love to see him bring that shit to Tennessee we would fuck his ass up

  52. Tirene Padget

    Just as relevant today as ever haha

  53. Whitworth Andersen

    Hell yea

  54. Jakirus Whitley

    2018 anyone ?

  55. Jacqueline Misner

    I wish they would make a video for this song ❤️😍😂

    Jacqueline Misner

    And we all know the best line is the broke back with Tony Romo part

  56. Dan M


  57. jay martin

    To bad this isn't macklemore. Goes to show how dumb y'all are. Love the song. Just not you idiots.

  58. King Sleepy

    This song was made to piss off southern people, I'm from Alabama and honestly this is way to funny be offensive at all.

  59. Donald Trump

    Macklemore is the G.O.A.T!

  60. NOBLE

    Fuck the star spangled banner, this needs to be the new national anthem 😂😂😂

  61. rat trap records

    This isn’t offense or anything it’s just unfunny

  62. Hexi

    This is boring shit. Time to go listen to Team America... FUCK YEAH!

  63. Evocat_ Gaming

    is it bad I keep replying the song?😂😂😂

  64. Rosalinda Garza

    Macklamore is usually really good talented but this record is full of trashy language first and second.....
    ...........he must of been high on hemp plants that you make lotion out of..........This song "American" is horrible it's tasteless and very discriminatory.......I never thought he could record this it's like why buy when it's a throwaway CD......I know he says he's kidding but why write it then?? But he's very talented and his music composing is out of this world.........but lyrics!!! These are disappointing.....

  65. Tyler Hobart

    Can we talk about how amazing this song is

  66. xele fonte

    The irony that Aberdeen wants Mexicans to go Samoa yet he loves Tony Romo who is Mexican. The joke is so real in that ignorance is bliss. Most white people Cowboys fans think Romo is white.

    E Trent

    ok.. once again, people are confusing race with nationality.. Romo is caucasian, explaining his 'white skin', and was born in San Diego - making him an American citizen. Romo's grandfather emigrated from Mexico - Tony didn't. Or if I put it in language you would understand.... "Tony Romo ain't no Mexican. He be an 'Murican - hell yeah!"

    xele fonte

    Romo might look Caucasian including have white skin and white features but he is Hispanic ethnically and by his surname. Abderdeen Washington is not just a xenophobe, he’s also a racist. That’s what you’re not getting. Because nothing is more American than Native Americans. And Aberdeen hates Native Americans as in “I hope those cowboys beat those damn redskins.” He’s not just talking about football, he’s talking about race as in those cowboys which has always respresent white people to defeat a different race REDskins. Are you getting it yet?

  67. xele fonte

    I would love to meet Aberdeen Washington which is actually a location near Macklemore's hometown.

  68. Daniel

    Definitely a Donald Trump Theme....

  69. Lil_luke69

    xD hes the new drunk southern dude that started recording in the bathroom

  70. Cre8veIndustries

    Fuck terrorists!

  71. dj scrizzy

    lol nice, one of the many reasons he’s not relevant anymore... including he’s just plain not good lol

  72. dj scrizzy

    if a country star made this about Mexico or a middle eastern country it’d be “condemned” sad.

  73. TDF_ W0rldKeY

    What do you say we get shixfaced in a heelocopier and kill a moose. My new motto.

  74. jayden law

    This song is a joke!

    King Gaming Network

    jaydog2247 it is gold 😂

  75. Andrea Michelle

    😂😂😂 love it. Hes brilliant.

  76. Allison LeGrant

    This is kind of hypocritical. He talks about Peace all the time and how we should all treat each other how we would like to be treated, but then he goes and completely makes fun of others

    King Gaming Network

    Dont worry. All the people he tries to offend with it absolutley love it.

  77. md faruk

    hi brather...
    how are you....
    i am bangladsh

  78. Gehrig Myrick

    Sounds like he would like trump

  79. Daniel Rossi

    and the cowboys winnnnn

  80. Shawn Daniel

    The moment you realize you like Macklemore but you have more in common with a satirical character he made up than you do with the rapper himself. I'm conservative and I find this song not only awesome but also hilarious.

    King Gaming Network

    ^Just.....yes...... so much yes... XD ^

  81. Aaron Cope

    Isnt it nice to have the freedom to have and voice your opinions.

  82. TRaddcliff


  83. One Conn

    I can’t tell if this song is sarcastic but either way I love it

    King Gaming Network

    Oh it is. and thats what makes it that much better

  84. Firey Flower

    Love it, witty and smart swipe at the brainless morons that define that THIS is what is and makes them an American

    Hilarious.. fucking A

  85. Fisherdave10

    I can support about half of this content non satirically. You're out of touch with America, you degenerate commie Macklemore.

  86. Farid Al Sagoff

    u eat sand... sandwiches XD

  87. Fatherly Grain

    Donald trumps fav song

  88. Dare Sink

    Let's be honest this is every dad that is a cowboy fan

  89. Garrett Biggs

    As a very proud American. I find this hilarious.

  90. Sam Ruggles

    Can't stop laughing 😂


    So I heard a soldier said to Eminem can I have a autogragh and he said back can I have yours
    How many likes can this grt

  92. Colby Lawson


  93. Anon Ymous

    America the Baleful