machineheart - Stonecold Lyrics

Vultures circle overhead
People love to watch a wreck
I hate the whispers and the stares
But I lost you, so now who cares

Now I'm standing in a wasteland
Of us
Desert bones and dried up places
We lost
Don't pretend you wanna change
When you don't
Oh you know you did me wrong
Oh you turn me stone cold
Stone cold

When you're here it feels so hard
Thirsty eyes and hungry heart
Working for the sweet oasis
And all that's left is on the rocks

Now I'm standing in a wasteland
Of us
Desert bones and dried up places
We lost
Don't pretend you wanna change
When you don't
Oh you know you did me wrong
Oh you turn me stone cold
Stone cold
Oh you turn me stone cold
Stone cold

Don't look down cause you could fall
From up so high I must look small
Don't hate me to prove a point
We were lovers, weren't we boy?

Now I'm standing in a wasteland
Of us
Desert bones and dried up places
We lost
Don't pretend you wanna change
Don't you see the mess you made?
Oh you know you turn me stone cold
Stone cold
Oh you turn me stone cold
Stone cold

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machineheart Stonecold Comments
  1. Arjun dwivedi

    Thanks a lot for this song

  2. Emil Bumbu

    Amazing 👑👑👑👑👑💘

  3. Brandi McGill

    how does this have more views than what machineheart put out?

  4. David David

    What happened to their in your dreams album

  5. Ben nitert

    May 2019 here still runnin this song STONECOLD!!!!!

  6. Dani Sis

    Can't stop listening!!!!! <3

  7. blue collar boys

    This track speaks to my heart I'm in love! keep it cranking!

  8. Jubisiak

    WOW. It's amazing!

  9. Heather Gallagher

    She is so painfully underrated oml...

  10. Davut Cevik

    türkler nerde la

  11. Hiro Lacang

    This is so underrated.

    Dani Sis

    IKR, how hasn't this gotten to a billion views!!

  12. A Weird Guy

    it sounds like Faded from Alan Walker

    Dani Sis

  13. Joana Jeong

    This is a total eargasm.

  14. *Dear PhøtøshøpSurgeøn, Is Jøsh Dun perfect?*

    She has a unique, beautiful voice. Better than Taylor Swift

  15. Krios HD

    That ending guitar sound seems similar to an anime song. I forgot what the anime called.

  16. terrbear

    song called stone cold and its a picture of fire - makes sense

  17. Arjun dwivedi

    Just wow

  18. S Gemini

    This song is everything.

  19. Zoey Young

    Play it at school 😍 love it

  20. iFrosty

    Cool song

  21. ana

    Good vibes 😍🍃

  22. Cyann

    Is the picture moving? Or am i seeing things?

  23. Anna Reeves


  24. Mr1pontios

    Love this song love her voice

  25. Jim Morelli

    Again, my third time here listening. Machineheart, thanks for the great music, keep it coming more and more great music!

  26. Rangsi Sarunanaga

    love machineheart : form thailand

  27. M. V.

    So beautiful voice. Amazing!

  28. Constanza Osses

    Me encanta 🎧❤️

  29. Vaas Montenegro

    Imagine SCSA uses this song as an entrance song and Jim Ross was like "BAW GAWD STONE COLD! STONE COLD!!"

  30. IABI TV

    Such a shame they chose to delete their older songs, there was nothing wrong with them tbh :(

  31. Squa Marma

    Why have they started removing their songs from the internet????

  32. Fatih Sultan Balamtekin

    That background photograph <3

  33. Girls Love Girls And Boys

    This song is gold.
    This song makes me want to shower without water. I love this

  34. juan lopez

    machineheart your so dope. great sound.

  35. Lucas Henniger

    Absolutely love every song from machineheart.. hoping they aren't done :(

  36. Annabelle Joy Manansala

    Shoutout to Lukáš Kováč who recommend this song to me. 😂❤️😍👏

  37. RoadiEs AspHalT

    I love the beat..

  38. SiimpL

    why does the beat make me nostalgic


    Because its a very classic, maybe even over used or cliche break but, here its used in magnificent simplicity rather than lack of imagination.

    Mario Umstand

    @Nonarei from where we know it then?

    patrick balbuena

    @Nonarei hmmm i dont understand .......the beat is quite off note to me

  39. erviinzzzzzzg

    Best song in like ever! Thanks

  40. badi touzene

    Just be a stonecold 😠😎

  41. susana salice


  42. susana salice


  43. Teddy Fleming

    why cant all the big edm disturbers be like sheep, over their doxing people and abusing their clients. honestly youre amazing and so is this community

  44. Albert Zhmyshenko

    Why im hearing "Stonefol"

  45. Vandana Saini

    This song has a vibe of the song faded by Alan walker, it's like the lyrics got changed. :P
    Not that it's bad, I like it.

  46. Ramona Tobi

    This song is amazing and great! 😍 I love this beat... jeah

  47. Taktik Savaşları En İyi Anlar

    This is insane<3

  48. Kara Johnson

    Ohhhmygod I'm having such a hard time trying to figure out where I've heard this before

  49. Gordana Tomicic

    So nice.. love it!

  50. 4eversupersonicgirl

    she sounds familiar.

  51. hug dealer

    I'm in love with this song!
    It's 4 in the morning. Can;t stop listening to it :3

  52. Jim Morelli

    This song is great.

  53. CarouselBlind

    kidney stones

  54. fearomar

    1 word.


  55. omuL verde Andrei

    thx i love this song (@[email protected])D

  56. Raijinn

    amazing song, can't believe I only heard this now, love finding these hidden gems!

  57. MetilOranj


  58. Elef __

    Linaras Army?

  59. King gay

    The beats in her music tho. 😍😍💕😩

  60. Jai Reddy

    machineheart - Stonecold

  61. EMPRESS, C Phillips

    There goes up the wall... Stone cold.. T. R. M!!!!!!!

  62. Lorena Prinzessin

    Meine Mama mag das Lied und jetzt has ein neues Lied😘💏😍

  63. Jim Morelli

    Great Song, love the base and her voice, background voice really adds to it. Thanks

  64. ismail altunay

    amazing !!!!!

  65. Inda MG

    Love this song, is amazing 🔝🙋

  66. Harry LBK

    stone cold - Demi Lovato cover by harry lbk
    just i covered this song with karaoke
    plz take a look this cover
    i am sure you like

  67. Joana Jeong

    Thank goodness this song appeared while I was randomly checking out playlists on Spotify. Good one.

  68. William Stephens

    02:04 best part of the song <3

  69. Julian Trejo

    This song is singing to my soul..You know you did me wrong, you turn me stonecold 😔

  70. ennaira oniqua

    this song is for my narcissistic ex boyfriend

  71. professeur83330

    Beautiful song!

  72. Teh

    Great choon

  73. Ethan Domaki

    All of MachineHeart's songs are very theropuetic for a man with a confused and damaged heart <3

  74. jim p

    what a tune

  75. JuJu 77

    chuis amoureux de cette music

  76. Sophia Shaffer

    2 the bone...I'm Stonecold

  77. Night Shade

    oh nice very nice

  78. mystical musical

    forgive me for my profanity and my guttered mind... this song jus made me feckin j#zz in my pants in the first few seconds of listening to it...

  79. The Inquisition

    Another underrated artist. :(

  80. Laura Kordova

    O.M.G. I think that I found my new favorite song! I'm totally in love 💜💙💚💛

  81. kermanRB12

    BKAYE!!! (Tomorrow u'll understand)

  82. Froggyonaloggy

    Greetings from Tacoma! ;)

  83. penne renee

    is it just me or does this sound like banks

  84. Xeno OwO UwU

    I subbed:D PFFT UGH CAT GET OUT OF MY FACE (My cat is running on me)

  85. Julie Sauquet

    Amazing song !

  86. JSC travel

    thanks for making this sheepy

  87. Вадим Водкин

    Заебатая тема

  88. Eliza Hawthorne

    If you're reading this, I love you and I hope you have a lovely life ♥

  89. Zeyra Blue

    Why are you reading the comments ? xp

  90. its_sophia

    I was so shocked on instagram because Stevie liked my photos and is following me 😱😍

  91. Megan May

    my feelings.

  92. IZzelYy

    The first 15 seconds are just... woooow!!!