Machine Head - Wolves Lyrics

[Music: Flynn / Demmel / Duce, Lyrics: Flynn]

Release the wolves
Carnage has no rules
Comparison, competition
We'll bury one and all

[Solo: Demmel]

Look in the eyes of rage
A loyalty bred of suffering
The fire inside it burns eternally, victory

Look in the eyes of pain
The scars on our souls forever remain
Calling the sheltered of the broken
Wing, join the fray

Bury our rivals
Shotguns, knives, rifles

[Pre Chorus:]
A family of the unwanted
Beaten, stunted, dysfunction
A brotherhood that is of violence and to
Tyrants bow to none

Release the wolves
Carnage has no rules
Comparison, competition
We'll bury one and all

Look in the eyes of hate
A circle of hell they come to pray
United against all that come threatening
Lay to waste

Look in the eyes of the free
Bound to each other's longevity
Guarding the back of alpha's dignity,

Bury our rivals
Shotguns, knives, rifles

[Pre Chorus]

Come closer, walk with me in hell
Dear rival, fear in you I smell
A fist to face is all fair game now
The pack attacking, the sacrificial
Pray for the prayers

Reaping the sour seeds of death's breed
In tooth and claw the scent of the dead


Spreading our population
Far across the land
Loving to fornicate,
Respecting the command
Rally the warriors and
Tally the score,
In every victory is solace but there's

No satisfaction!!
There is no satisfaction!!
And there never will be!

[Solo: Flynn, Demmel, Flynn, Demmel]

Bury our rivals
Shotguns, knives, rifles

[Pre Chorus]

Release the wolves
Carnage has no rules
The night will fall
Beware the call
Dominate ALL

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Machine Head Wolves Comments
  1. Johny B

    4:03 - 4:25 - aka At Down They Sleep Slayer

  2. Mat Demaz

    This album is an actual masterpiece. I miss this Machine Head...

    Jason Leonard Chen

    I agree with you.... Catharsis is their downfall and Do Or Die is their demise.... Robb Flynn makes me feel very disappointed.... I´m worried about the future of MH....

  3. David Schibilla

    Come closer walk with me in hell, dear rival fear in you I smell. Haha Pray for the fucking prayaaaaaahs!

  4. ni n ho oh n i n

    Love this song!
    This is...hands down... their best album! Every song has got that killer riff screwed to your skull by a hammer. The cleans, one thing I enjoy from Flynn's voice are placed just right, there's no nu metal shit, non-stop trash and groove. The blackening indeed.
    "What have we become?..." I'd say the best version of MFH! God bless you for this.

  5. Pat Wall

    Release the wolvess!!!!

  6. Forever Free


  7. cornfed mule

    I prefer mo bamba

    Morris Arokianather

    Is that another band?

  8. extreme metal music snake


  9. FortniteIsTrash

    4:26 nut nut nut

    Joshua Yettou

    That's quite the breakdown!

    Kris Alexander

    J Roc I've seen your username on another comment elsewhere.


    Always loved that breakdown so heavy rock it!!!

  10. MOR 3D

    One of the best songs from Machine Head

    Chris Holland

    Yeah and one the most aggressive angriest too.

  11. masterpbk

    Tfw Primaris Space Wolves