Machine Head - Violate Lyrics

i want you to know this
i want you to know just what i feel
you told me through sacred lies
i told you once with bloodshot eyes
you told me don't ask
just stay away from me
you told me it'd be alright
i told you once, then told you twice
you can't face
can't you face me

i won't pray for you
i can't pray for you
because you took it away
because you took it from me

[first verse]

thought i could never ever fuckin' find another
get a muthafuckin' chance again
because the power is the rage that can devour
gotta make that fear descend

without it, you ain't shit
and you ain't shit to me
berating, a scathing
grave idignity
i see the look inside your eyes
it makes me sick
defiling innocence
is how you get your kicks
you violate, and then you think yourself a man
you violate, and then you call yourself a man
don't come my way
don't care what you say
pray you fuckin' die
before you feel my...


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Machine Head Violate Comments
  1. Nabucodonosor

    Reminds me of my favorite bands Type O Negative and AIC

  2. Alan Tyson

    It's so strange to think of this song in 7/4 and yet sounds so natural. Machine. Fucking. Head. Been with the Bay lads since '95.

  3. Alexander

    Alice in chains love hate love?

  4. Big Bird PH

    I love how this song slowly builds up towards the hard, fast, and furious final part of the song that starts at 5:20! I am sure the mosh pits that erupted when that part of the song kicks in live were fuckin' incredible, and would have loved to see them play that live! Too bad they have yet to play in SE Asia! 😎🤘

  5. Mark Prendy

    This was machine head.. 😎

  6. David Oliva

    Flynn's vocals were way better then!!! No stupid emo voice or rapping like The Burning Red.

  7. raider101416

    Epic, so damn underrated!!

  8. Michel van der List

    This is one of my all time MH favorites, with Imperium, Block and Clenching the fists of dissent! Been a fan for almost 25 years now, getting Old \m/

  9. megaman Ramos

    To bad machinehead don't rock like this anymore.

    Samuel Allen

    Wally Ramos they do so! Every album since has had at least one song that could've avoided ruining the mood on TMTC...

    Bonded by Spite

    Wally Ramos They rock even better!! 😈

    Tomislav Terek

    @Samuel Allen "had At least one song" - that statement right there. This album here is perfect in every song. Burn my eyes as well.

  10. Electric Cream Man

    Creepy good

  11. TrephineArtist

    A timeless masterpiece, 20 years on.

    Tom Fitton

    Has muscle