Machine Head - This Is The End Lyrics

This ends now

This ends now
And I don't care about last year
Won't be afraid of what the future holds can't fear
Want not the past and the safety it brings
It doesn't mean anything
We've come too far
There's no going back now
Bring on the future with an open embrace
Memories I will erase
Memories i will erase

This is the end
This is the end of chasing dreams gone by
Ever-long is this goodbye and this

This is the end
This is the end of our respect denied
Stand with us or stand aside

Only now do you pretend to care about this
You suffocated everything that came between us
Took every condescending barb and sting
I don't owe you anything
So here we stand
Farewell is forever
And if you think that its a joke or a lie
Look me in these blackened eyes
Look me in these blackened eyes

This is the end
This is the end of chasing dreams gone by
Ever-long is this goodbye and this
This is the end
This is the end of our respect denied
Stand with us or stand aside

Bastards you bastards
May you suffer oh so long
Bastards you bastards so long

Brothers my brothers
Why have you forsaken thee
Brothers my brothers
So be

Deny those that will never accept
Empty words are just regrets
Let go the bile that your soul has amassed
With this let die be cast

This is the end
This is the end of chasing dreams gone by
Ever-long is this goodbye and this
This is the end
This is the end of our respect denied
Stand with us or stand aside

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Machine Head This Is The End Comments
  1. The Daie

    yauwwww (goyang kepala)

  2. Vintage Lazer

    Guessing what Machine Head’s sub genre is like that one shitty trend where you have to find out what color the shoe lace is.

  3. Carlos De la cruz

    Thia fucking track gets me crazy I love this fucking song,machín head rules fuck yeah

  4. Albert Lekaj

    This band is so underrated. Love em

  5. I am the Hydra


  6. Shingo Mizuno

    why i feel sadness in the song too much louder.

  7. Harry Grieves

    The tempo was a supersonic speed

  8. Albert Lekaj

    This band is so fuckin underrated.

  9. おーいはに丸


  10. Kobra 777

    there is 2019??

  11. Владислав Агальцев


  12. extreme metal music snake

    Machine Head was one of my most important inspirations in music.

  13. extreme metal music snake


  14. Gábor Benke

    Hey Robb! Is this the end...?

  15. Mr J


  16. ИВАН пахомов

    the best intro I've heard

  17. Aminkaza

    That riff at 03:07 always gets me moving

  18. Raphael Vize

    Your Mate Tom tripped to this... :O

  19. Gabriel Souza

    sounds Like Dez Fafara on voices

  20. Mark Anthony

    For the people that thumed this down fuck you 👆

    Cole Dixon

    Mark Anthony thats the pointer finger not the middle finger

  21. Layne Flory

    I think I'm in love with the drums in this song

    Josh Griffiths

    Layne Flory all their tracks have awesome drum parts but this one has so much power behind it

  22. Bryan G

    Wow found this song by mistake, what a beautiful one it was!

  23. Nostrum84

    what lot of hipsters say this album is underrated, you guys have no idea.

    Vintage Lazer

    Nostrum84 It is.

  24. Tyler Elliott

    This is... NOW!!!

  25. tokphys

    4:40 Disposable Heroes

    Kalle Hiltunen

    Absolutely! Just what I thought!

  26. Gary W-l-o-t

    Let it die

  27. Meneocus Kill

    Stand with us or stand aside!

  28. fany Valle

    jiji buenísima canción

  29. jerry1378

    when i die please play this song on my grave

    Carlos De la cruz

    Jajajaja imagine your family doing the slam on your grave jajaja

  30. Head Assassin

    This whole album was fire 🔥👌🙌

  31. Shaders

    I'm not much into metal stuff, but I kinda like this song.

  32. Novica Stefanovic


  33. deadflight 78

    These riffs are so fuckimg technical. Tremelo picking, sliding and singing simultaneously.

  34. Charles L

    I love you I love you

  35. Ventoris Overload

    Love this till the end <3

  36. Quentin Sciascia

    Mahcine Head are such an under rated band..... see you in Germany boys!!


    shut up, they aren't underrated at all


    I would even say they're overrated as hell.

    Joey JoJo

    Machine head are such a hit and miss band. The Blackening and Unto the Locust are absolute masterpieces... Their newest album is the worst album I've ever fucking heard in my life

  37. Samo Jerovsek

    I hope is not really the end. There is lot to see and hear, experience, learn, create......................End of shit yes.

  38. Boka 666

    i hope this is not the end.

  39. Crystal Southard

    Fucking love this song still! MAchine Fucking HEad!!!!!

  40. Lord Of Darkness

    What a beautiful chill out song.

    Bryan G

    Lord Of Darkness. The beginning is pure ecstasy

  41. Eterno En Mi

    Her şeyden öte.Kulaklıklarını bastır ve asla bitene kadar elini çekme!

    Jason Taylor

    Yok artık

  42. Ahra_C4 Ahra_C4


  43. Microondas Letal

    One of their most complex and underrated songs out there! Really amazing track \m/

    Renaud Beaufort

    just listen : descend the shades of night

    Damian Kisielewicz

    Microondas Letal

    Damian Kisielewicz


  44. Mike Bello

    Et miss pantera mars viens me voir, je veux te parler

  45. Mike Bello

    Not their best song, but too good band..

  46. Diammond Lee Mono

    that fucking album is so underrated :'( !!!

  47. Mimi x

    J'en peux plus d'attendre le nouvel album !!!!!

  48. Rambo 93

    Tellement bon pour réveiller, merci

  49. Operator Failski

    actually mh is melo death metal

    don FRYE

    spot on assessment


    @SaucyNinja007 Spot on, but I can see where he's coming from. Unto the Locust shares a couple of similarities with melodeath, it's definitely a really melodic metal album, one of my favorite and easily MH's best. It's sad, because in my own opinion they haven't been able to follow it up with B&D.


    @SaucyNinja007 I also think that the fact the people have difficulty defining them attests to their quality as a band.

    Thomas Stites

    OhVicanne i think that album was a great follow up lyrically better vocals better but guitar work no but still a wonderful album nonetheless

    Joey JoJo

    Machine Head are like every fucking genre... And when you think they've stopped doing Nu Metal shit, they release Catharsis :(