Machine Head - The Sentinel Lyrics

Along deserted avenues
Steam begins to rise
The figures primed and ready
Prepared for quick surprise
He's watching for a sign
His life is on the line

Sworn to avenge
Condemned to Hell
Tempt not the blade
All fear the Sentinel
Dogs whine in the alleys
Smoke is on the wind
From deep inside its empty shell
A cathedral bell begins
Ringing out its toll
A storm begins to grow

Sworn to avenge
Condemned to Hell
Tempt not the blade
All fear the Sentinel

Amidst the upturned burned-out cars
The challengers await
And in their fists clutch iron bars
With which to seal his fate
Across his chest, in scabbards rest
The rows of glowing knives
Whose razor points in challenged tests
Have finished many lives

Now facing one another
The stand-off eats at time
Then all at once a silence falls
As the bell ceases its chime
Upon this sign the challengers
With shrieks and cries rush forth
The knives fly out like bullets
Upon their deadly course
Screams of pain and agony
Racks the silent air
Amidst the dying bodies
Blood runs everywhere
The figure stands expressionless
Impassive and alone
Unmoved by this victory
And the seeds of death he's sown

Sworn to avenge
Condemned to Hell
Tempt not the blade
All fear the Sentinel

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Machine Head The Sentinel Comments
  1. Ali Eren Belirsiz

    Maybe you can lynch me but it's better than jp's ’ to me.

  2. Gordon Burchell

    Wow amazing! Hell yeah machine head perfect cover

  3. morymb

    This is a nice tribute. Nothing's gonna touch the original, even with Holland's processed sounding drums lol. Halford's phrasing is funkier and more wild, and the KK/Tipton solos aren't up for competition. I can see how it would be super rewarding to add this song to a setlist.

  4. Thiago Salles Garcia

    Obrigado Canal Barbonico

  5. John Biri

    *Última da minha playlist 1:*

  6. thomas tischler

    my favourite Judas priest song

  7. Paul Moses

    Sings the lyrics clearer than Halford. Good job!

  8. Alessandro Tonini

    Grande cover

  9. Dillon Stienike

    The original is a classic! Long live Judas Priest... but this Machine Head cover is BADASS!

  10. MentalScraps

    They played the Instruments better than the Original song writers LUL

    Andrew Medina

    MentalScraps you wish

    Anthony Manuel

    sad troll is pathetic

  11. FriendlySith

    The original is my favorite song, and I'm glad to see that this cover does it justice (not as good, but still great)

  12. wkLeoTrooper

    Decent cover, but the downtuning is excessive.


    to be fair, trying to hit the highnotes of Rob Halford is pretty hard.

    Simone Burini

    This is the normal tuning used by Machine Head

    Jerzy Dziś

    alternative//post-grunge 📬📯

    Andy Finney

    Don’t forget Priest often tuned down to D when playing live so I’m pretty used to it.

  13. Hugh Lamont

    Great, good to see respect for The Priest! He's no Rob Halford though.


    Nobody is.

  14. whatsup914

    Wow. This is an awesome cover.

  15. Electric Cream Man

    me like

  16. Rabbit in Red

    this cover is absolutely fantastic.

    Andre Santos

    MONSTROUS i think is the right word, awesome..

    Matty Schwarz

    Love the guitar work, Demmel rips those solos