Machine Head - Left Unfinished Lyrics

Why was I born?
Sometimes I wish I didn't know
Been times when
I wish that I had just never been
Why did you have me?
Or better yet why'd you leave?
So to the parents who could fuck
But then abandoned me

I'll give to this world what you couldn't give
Love the unwanted, every child born discarded
Add to the flock
The rejects you dumped on

I'll never forget
Life you disdain
So to the parents that bore me this pain
With all those things you left unfinished

You never could love me
I'm glad that you never did
My parents that raised me
Had plenty of that to give
And for that
I'll love them forever with all my heart
But to you
Don't let there be no mistake about it
Fuck you, you cocksucker
Fuck you, you whore
I'll live my life the opposite of what you are

Love will be my rock
The rock that I stand on

I'll never forget
Life you disdain
So to the parents that bore me this pain
With all those things you left unfinished

[Solo: Flynn]

Don't try to reach out to me
Don't try to call
The boy that you created
Is dead for all you fucking know
You just pretend you've never heard or seen
The name Lawrence Mathew Cardine

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Machine Head Left Unfinished Comments
  1. Kyle Wright

    Thank you for no lyrics dick tease.

  2. Daniel Allasia

    Epic song and album..the new era with phil...simply my favourite band

  3. Vincent Bate

    He really doesn't like his birth parents very much at all, does he? Understandable.

  4. John Duffy

    Their best album in my opinion. Everything from album title, the sleeve and lyrics to the music; a complete machine head revival. UP until the end of the blackening era they were the greatest band (IMO) on the planet.

  5. Ryan Bailey

    I fuckin love the haunting masterpiece, not to mention how much I relate to the lyrics. This song and days turn blue to grey are the best that these guys released. MACHINE FUCKING HEAD!!!!!!

  6. Jay 99

    is this song about robb real parents whole abandoned him

  7. Nostrum84

    fcuknig staple in metal history. this song is absolutely amazing

  8. Craig Nicholas

    Probably the greatest ending to a song I have ever heard.

  9. Damir K Karajlic

    What do you mean Joshua Gonzales? They are speechless obviously.

  10. Aussiejay

    i love this song

  11. Dan Jones

    this is the coolest fucking song in the world

  12. Blackened

    That ending is fucking haunting.

  13. William Nothing

    i love  the fucking in the songs :3 haha fuck you all :3

  14. javier kairuz

    great song. great melody and the vocals incredible

  15. spooky ellie

    This song gives me life tbh .

  16. Joshua Gonzales

    where are the fuckin comments!!!!!!!!!

    Instant Stroke

    I dont know haha,its a awesome song!

  17. W. Brown

    This song is fucking amazing. Nice transition in the beginning too.