Machine Head - Elegy Lyrics

Elegies are to be sung
Winds of armageddon come
Ignorance within your bliss
Soon you will atone for this
In your carcinogenic haze
Baneful of a newer age
Flower of a different scent
Poisons of the earths lament

A requiem
Earth belong not to you
Belong all we to her

Take another deeper breath
Inhale invisible death
Pollution fills the land and sky
Forever you justify
Take a deeper look and see
Nothing's left to future seeds
Icicles melt into blood
Ashes where there once was wood

A requiem
Earth belong not to you
Belong all we to her

Pain of life has pulled you under
Left you there to bleed and wonder
Open heart left torn asunder
Wrong the wrongs that you've been suffered
Kill we scream in roaring thunder
Destroy all, leave all things plundered

Acid rain cries her pain
Full bloom, a world gone insane
Her anger the flower
Plays God with all of our lives

A requiem
Earth belong not to you
Belong all we to her

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Machine Head Elegy Comments
  1. Dan .Mehmet

    This would be dope as a UFC entrance

  2. Dplik

    Ive listened to this intro 1000 times. Musically one of my favs of all time in the heavy metal world. It grooves so hard and is sonically perfect... hats off to the producer and engineering team. Oh and the band.

  3. Electric Cream Man

    I wish they still sound this mean! Great album

  4. Electric Cream Man

    it's dark but me likey!

  5. Maria Patricia

    umas das minhas favoritas

  6. Meneocus Kill

    love that riff .... like an engine going and going and going ... and I'm not talking about an Energizer. Cool Machine!

  7. Patricia Fallis

    this is such a killer song wow love it my fave from this album but hard to choose just one the whole album is amazing!\m/\m/

    John Akyuz

    \m/ Hell yeaa!

  8. Garrett Russell

    1:35 1:42 awsome

  9. chad hinz

    2:21 is amazing!


    can't stop listening to it

  10. Sam Allen

    This one fits right in with what they had been doing on The Burning Red, and is one of my absolute favorites from TTAOE

  11. S. man

    Fucking heavy groove shit. Luv the guitar "drone" riff during the singing... mesmerizing ...FUCKING COOL. Listened to it 4 times today again... This is their "Sad but True"... Gets deep down... FUCKING, FUCKING AWESOME...

  12. Neigh Slayer

    I just noticed that one of the guys said "Hell yeah" at the end of the track. Sounded like Dave. 

  13. Jennifer The Drunken Squirrel Harper

    is it just me or does this kinda sound like tool?

    Patricia Fallis

    ya but i think what you're hearing is more the whole rage anger and overall tone of song ya the emotion is very similar to TOOL

    Meneocus Kill

    Machine is not Tool ... oh no!

    Spencer Cale

    Sorta. The beginning kinda has a Tool-esque sound to it. Other than that, no.

  14. Daniel Carneiro

    Heavy shit. The way he sings though, along with the guitar... nice.

  15. Jacopo Lando

    would like to loop the bridge and rap on it >:D

  16. ceres66

    the most badass song about environment.


    You're absolutely right, I had never spent a seconds thought on the lyrics, like an idiot, but that makes total eye-opening sense.

  17. Eric Ramos

    Bad ass song to smoke a joint to


    Nope Badass song to dislocate your fucking head OFF !!

  18. TrephineArtist

    Close to perfection. Machine Head = Awesome!

  19. Isaac Ambrose

    one year on and i stick by my words. personly one of my all time fav MH songs. lyrics are incredible

  20. mike titsucker

    WHAT THE FUCK? the more things change is an amazing album!

  21. Link425

    "Pain of life has pulled you under, left you there to bleed and wonder. Open heart is torn asunder, wrong the wrongs that you've been suffered." The words that are spoken by my life.

  22. Kirisute Gomen

    An amazing song !!!!!!!!!!

  23. Metal Music Mania

    this bands amazing even tho they only have 3 good albums the blackening,unto tge locust and burn my eyes the rest is horrible or mediocre but those three are so amazing tht it makes them one of the best

  24. April Xton

    I love this song, it is probably my favorite on the Ashes album. It has a completely different sound than the rest... I always enjoy the oddball stuff.

  25. swi1979

    hell yeah at 3:54

  26. Luca Schick

    One of my all time Favorite-Songs. I love Machine Head. This is how music should be.

  27. RedEbSeb13

    The way Robb Flynn sings this song, really turns me on xDD
    Sexy song! <3

  28. RedEbSeb13

    IKR! xD

  29. Transgressorassessor

    3:54 That's fucking right!

  30. GetFuckingAngry

    @pppedro0 standard american metal

  31. Avery Dart

    @Migas128 I hope KoRn's A.D.I.D.A.S. is somewhere in that top ten, eh?

  32. Brad Goh

    @laffyta2 Hey I'm pretty sure he wasn't saying those albums were complete shit, but I think he meant that they just weren't his taste as not all of us like nu-metal. There's no need for all the hate dude, just chill out and enjoy what you enjoy.

  33. Brad Goh

    One more thing, in my opinion, I'm not really into some of the songs in this album. I do like Imperium, Left Unfinished, Elegy and Descend The Shades of Night, Bite the Bullet and Vim.

  34. Brad Goh

    I have to disagree, I disliked the turn that MH took to nu-metal just because nu was popular at that moment. I'm glad that they've returned to their roots (sort of) though. IMO, Supercharger and The Burning Red are kind of a stay away album, unless you like nu-metal.

  35. Brad Hawk

    listening to this as high as i am atm it ops your fucking mind to shreads
    please try my veiwers

  36. Eddie Cantú

    @ApocalypseMooninite and your comment is just as his fans.

  37. DeadpoolMMA

    @MrMegavana i like all their albums personally

  38. Michael Miller

    the dislike bar is as small as justin beibers dick

  39. ifuxonthefirstdate

    0:01-0:48 is all i needed to hear before i knew i was rockin

  40. Isaac Ambrose

    no comments......not anymore. fucking amazing song