Machine Head - Down To None Lyrics

bow down to no one
bow down to none

straight down
been going
been sleepwalkin'
in a violent haze

this world
in ruin
the chain shackles
like a foul disease


this rage
this struggle
it is a feeling
that's devouring

can't break
can't fuckin' give in
the pain will lead us
through the blistering



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Machine Head Down To None Comments
  1. Jhead bomber

    Killer Track by MH.

  2. TrephineArtist

    I never get tired of this menacing metal masterpiece.

  3. Maria Aparecida

    Melhor album do machine head pesado insano

  4. Daniel Dawid Roslan

    Awesome MH old school sh*t! Heaviness n
    Awesomeness as whole The Things Change ../and BME as well/ ! Thx for upload!:)

  5. raider101416

    This song is Highly underrated. RIP MH.

    Jeff Arab

    Lol true

  6. ryan Legge

    I was a teen when I first heard this. changed my life. still my favourite metal song

  7. Frédéric Puglisi

    like a frenetic train, this song is insane

  8. Rusty Kuntz

    MH first 2 albums were sick! Great guitar sound & mix of speed/power & groove metal. This song takes it on this album, awesome! Even better live

  9. Razor Razorov

    Can anyone find out lyrics at 4:37?


    +Razor Razorov No, Id like to know too, let me know if you find the lyrics to this part! Cheers.

  10. Dillen Haywood

    Awesome riff

  11. ecxpac

    This masterpiece, plus 'Struck A Nerve' and 'Spine', are enough reason for TMTC to be rock-solid as my favourite MH album, ahead of Burn My Eyes (which doesn't seem to be too common a preference). Nothing but the purest, seething, raging nastiness here!


    +ecxpac This is their undisputed BEST album! I don't really like the more generic melodic thrash sound they're going for these days. This will always be my favorite.

  12. TrephineArtist

    As much as I (still) love MH, people saying they 'sold out' for a while but have now 'gone back to their roots' are wrong IMO. They tried to experiment quite a bit on a couple of albums but it was really a logical progression of their sound combined with modern elements (TBR & SC) then gradually incorporated old school thrash/metal influences into their sound (since TTAOE and especially TB & UTL) whilst trading in the hardcore/crossover edge as well as the MH GROOVE of the first few Machine Head records. I think that the experimentation, although it nearly brought an end to the band, is why they are still around and stronger than ever. Having said all that, for me it doesn't get much better than Down to none!

    the snowdawg

    @TrephineArtist lol, I'm listening to Only the Names as we type!! What are the chances!!??


     That's cool if you don't like it, everyone has their own tastes, that's how it should be. I love Machine Head but didn't (and still don't) get the hype for The Blackening or Unto the Locust (not bad but by far my least fave MH records) so each to their own.

    the snowdawg

    @TrephineArtist Woah Woah Woah Trephine-- Let's not get carried away man!! Supercharger holds its own by 2001's standards for sure, but The Blackening is a Metal Masterpiece!! And Phil Demmel is a far superior guitarist to Arhue Luster. Check it- Get high on something tasty, put on your clearest and loudest headphones, and listen to Clenching the Fists of Dissent......


    +the snowdawg I dig all the records but the first five (especially the first three) are the ones I always go back to. I love the opening and closing tracks on The Blackening but don't get the love for some of the other songs (Halo, Wolves). Each to their own. TMTC featured their best ever sound imo.

    the snowdawg

    +TrephineArtist Ya, I love the sound of TMTC.. Lately, I've been listening ALOT to Locust. It has a nice "progressive" value to it... And I'm in sorta a Trivium stage, but their older stuff....

  13. blahh557

    Robb conveys so much rage in most MH songs, it's amazing.

    PsiClone 414

    Yeah and without his voice even at times.

  14. E Schur

    Nostalgic.. I used to live on this 16 years ago.
    Its still extremely brutal today.

  15. David Slater

    The More Things Change.........HEAVY AS FUCK

  16. livinitup12345

    the beginning souns like a metroid song when you are about to fight a boss xD

  17. The_Slayer

    The more things change... the more money I spend on Machine Head CD's!

  18. PorkChopsLittleDitty

    there are three worse things in life:

    1.) haemorrhoids

    2.) justin bieber

    3.) forum trolls like lenin

  19. TheSludgeGod

    You insulted me and started this argument. I merely stated the MH are a thrash band. And they are.

    Shreks Swamp


  20. Stif Meister

    I find it really sad that it's still, to this moment, hard for you to comprehend that musical genres are not a subjective thing. Talk about being ignorant, lol. "Stick to your computer debates and insults" LOL? Who was the one who insulted me, dumbstick? If you still want to keep this debate up, at least try a little to make some sense. Your whole last shout was just a pathetic display of ignorance, hypocrisy and absent-mindedness in one.

  21. TheSludgeGod

    Dude. You need help. Its fucking music. And you are not a psychiatrist. You don't know why I'm mad. But I'll tell you. You're a dumbass. not only are you a dumbass, you're an arrogant dumbass. And to make matters worse, you're ignorant. Most people's stupidity is excuse by ignorance, but your special brand of stupidity is enhanced by your ignorance. And people like you, in real life, end up in the ground. So just stick to your computer debates and insults. Much safer.

  22. Stif Meister

    You're choice of ways to insult me in your last 2 comments strongly suggests that you are mad due to your inferiority to compose a decent rebuttal against my statements. And why are you so concerned about my life? Don't have one of your own to worry about? Look who's the lifeless one here, lol. You're sad.

  23. TheSludgeGod

    I did not lose that argument, you stubborn fuck. Jeez. Go do something with your life.

  24. Stif Meister

    >Loses an argument >Goes on to personals. Lol, you're so easy.

  25. TheSludgeGod

    I never said anything about this particular song. You're really annoying. All complex words and technical jargon aside, you really, really aggravate me. You don't have a lot of friends, do you?

  26. Stif Meister

    Lol? Do I even need to make remarks on how retarded and irrelevant your last post was? Yes, music is subjective, the level of musical quality is subjective, however, musical genres are NOT fucking subjective, if you have any idea on music as a whole you should be able to understand these simple things, but what do you expect from someone who considers this particular song to be thrash metal.

  27. TheSludgeGod

    My little sister understands i won this argument. She's sixteen years old. Point, set, match. Now go to other metal videos and puke your ignorance to the masses. All music is subjective. Otherwise mainstream music wouldn't even be considered music. So please broaden your mind a little bit and stop being so confrontational, and next time you might learn something.

  28. Stif Meister

    Musical genres are subjective? Dude, seriously, just stop talking, you're posts are getting worse and worse.

  29. TheSludgeGod

    Its music man. There are no facts. You are arguing opinions. And your interent tough guy shit is really starting to piss me off. You wouldn't be calling anybody names if this was a face to face discussion. so chill out.

  30. Stif Meister

    (continued from last post). Doh, of course most bands don't fit into one genre, even if they mainly play one, but the majority of MH's music, especially in this era, is groove metal. And lol @ the majority argument. The majority may also think that Pantera is a thrash metal band and that Municipal Waste are thrashcore, as I can see by people tagging them on Many even consider Pantera power metal,should I know take that as granted because many think so? Stop being stupid. There are facts

  31. Stif Meister

    I said that it is ONE of the MAIN characteristics of thrash, I could go on with others, including aggression, downtuned guitars, shouted vocals, which MH do have, but then again, I don't see them using lots of fast alternate picking in their riffs, and again, the majority of their songs are too slow to be considered thrash. This is enough to say that they lack some key components of thrash and therefore are a thrash-influenced groove metal band at best.

  32. TheSludgeGod

    Well. Thats what you said characterized the genre. You gave no other characteristics to speak of. And you still haven't. And despite what some of the songs may have sounded like, they are a thrash band. You can't pigeonhole a band, not a good one anyway, to one genre, but if you were to try, Metallica would be thrash. No good group of musicians label themselves. Usually they just play their own type of music and are labeled by others. And the majority of people label MH thrash. Get over it.

  33. Stif Meister

    Where did I say that fast tempos are the ONLY characteristics of thrash, douchebag? Who's the ignorant one now? Also, Metallica was never an entirely thrash band. Kill 'em All is a speed metal album, only on later albums did they start playing thrash, yet always included at least one ballad and one slower groovy song.

  34. TheSludgeGod

    fast tempos are not the only thing that characterizes thrash metal. Not only are you retarded, actually, you're narrow minded as well. Your opinion does not make for fact. But, that was always Lenins problem. But if the only thing that made thrash thrash was fast tempos, metallica never would have been considered thrash. And the big four comment was what i was implying about you. I consider skeletonwitch thrash, albeit somewhat blackened. i've run out of room to dignify your ingnorance.

  35. Stif Meister

    Wow, you really are retarded, aren't you? Have you even heard something outside of the Big 4 to know what thrash really is? Machine Head have a few thrashier songs, but overall they are are a groove metal band with thrash influences. Thrash metal is primarily a genre of f a s t tempos and aggression. Where the hell do you hear fast tempos throughout the song here? Most of Machine Head's songs are mid tempo with thrash riffs, that is exactly what GROOVE metal is. Now shut the hell up.

  36. Stif Meister

    So, SOAD are also thrash metal now because Scott Ian said it? Do you realize how stupid things u are writing?

  37. TheSludgeGod

    It's thrash. If Kerry king says its thrash, it's thrash.

  38. Steel Fury


  39. Bobby K

    For an interesting exercise in self control and discipline:

    Try resisting the urge to get the fuck up and start head-banging away at 2.40, when the riff breaks free from its shackles and starts destroying everything in its path. If you can, kudos to you good sir, you have Shaolin monk levels of control, and I bow down to you ;)

  40. Stif Meister

    @PorkChopsLittleDitty oh god, please go and learn what thrash metal is. I won't be surprised if you consider Pantera thrash as well.

  41. PorkChopsLittleDitty

    @Lenin2304 don´t make yourself a tool, it´s thrash metal for sure!

  42. Stif Meister

    @PorkChopsLittleDitty thrash metal? Are you retarded?

  43. Bryan Craven

    The more things agree

  44. Al Smidr

    classic, reminds me off my school dayz.

  45. Steel Fury

    it' not surprising that after the rage was overcome on Burn My Eyes they started getting softer and softer with every release, saying this is soft compared to BME is incredible isn’t it :) but you can clearly hear the edge is not there.. just goes to show. , Robb said himself in a discography review interview that "We didn’t even have a formula on this album" it was more like a band just jamming out",
    { Pissing Razors } ‘Cast Down The Plague’ is much better than this.
    metal till i die \m/

  46. Keone Lee

    the intro puts bumps on my geese

  47. sapiopneumoni

    @PorkChopsLittleDitty i'm not sure if i can classify this as thrash but there is no doupt that this is easily the best machine head album !

  48. Antony Whitmore

    God I miss this MH.

  49. MrRuggo

    @PorkChopsLittleDitty I still cant decide what the best thrash albums are. Sepulturas Arise and Beneath are in the same league, one more death metal influenced and the other one with better production and more experienced songwriting. Slayer, I think their best album is Seasons, the song structures and soloing is Slayer at their best. Id add Kreators Extreme Aggression as one o the best thrash records. Its not as raw sounding as Pleasure to Kill yet remains aggressive! Agree with Megadeths RiP!

  50. thisusernameshalldo

    @PorkChopsLittleDitty sorry didnt see the other post lol

  51. thisusernameshalldo

    @PorkChopsLittleDitty and the other 4 would be?

  52. PorkChopsLittleDitty


    slayer - south of heaven, sepultura - beneath the remains, testament - the legacy and suicidal angels - dead again

  53. Colton Kelling

    Thanks for putting this up! Havent heard it in ages .. still kicks ass!!! This song makes this ol fart get back in the pits!!!

  54. Cassidy Gardner


    Lol ok fucktard. Wow you own 4 machine head albums.. if they're your absolute favorite band, why don't you own all 7? Nice correlation.. 2 metal songs that have long intros.. except its metal and there are thousands upon thousands of metal songs that start with a long intro and end after 5 minutes.

  55. Cassidy Gardner

    @Bman1393 yeah cuz for whom the bell tolls was the first song to ever have a 2 1/2 min intro .. ??? hater fails.

  56. sofiahardcore

    @wannyyydilliamsss Yeea dude I absolutely agree with you, so heavy and dark album I love it

  57. wannyyydilliamsss

    This song makes me want to kill someone. So fucking heavy. If ever there was a heavier album made, i'm yet to hear it.

  58. PorkChopsLittleDitty

    not forgotten in a lifetime! this is the best machine head album ever and 1 of the best 5 thrash metal albums ever....

  59. Smokinhorse Guitars