Machine Head - Days Turn Blue To Gray Lyrics

Thou have fathered
Son and daughter
Doth begat, yet raised not bother
Paralyzed your children's lives
Wither vines of family ties

Make him function
Crayons and clay
Days turn blue to gray
Days turn blue to gray

Seventeen when
Family begin
Drinking, fighting, heroin
Unquenchable addictions call
Responsible to none above all

Make him function
Crayons and clay
Days turn blue to gray
Days turn blue to gray

Lest I taste
Its sweet grapes
Glass to tongue
Across it tips
Cross my lips
Swallow it down

[Solo: Demmel]

Won't you love me?
Please help me see
What did I do?
Did I hurt you?
And now that you're gone
Emptiness lives on
The guilt is all I feel
No closure

No closure

The strings of my heart
You pulled on endlessly
This twine is severed
In tragedy

Mother Destroyer
Destroy her

Your self-destruction
What made you feel alive
Your self-destruction
Of your children's

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Machine Head Days Turn Blue To Gray Comments
  1. Ядерный Пельмешек

    Спасибо за актуальные рекомендации, Ютуб...


    94K views for this Metal Masterpiece, are you kidding me?

  3. james de carvalho

    i’m on my hubs account i’d have loved you hiun love 💓 iii

  4. PiNa ZiNk

    88k views? Eh?

  5. Markus Wright

    Любимая песня!

  6. Daz Lilley

    i cry every time i watch this

  7. DragonsBlood11:11

    Saw Machinehead with Slipknot in Adelaide.Imo Machinehead kicked Slipknots ass.Rob Flynn is a fuckin legendary front man.

  8. Pejman Ebrahimyan

    I believe that only those families should have children who their kids won't listen to METAL

  9. Jack Brown

    One of their most underrated songs

    Pejman Ebrahimyan

    What about Imperium?

    Jack Brown

    @Pejman Ebrahimyan that's not underrated

    pyrosis skylar

    And album

  10. oscar .novoa

    I listen the bridge like 10 times a day. At least

  11. Chad Billings

    Ah the days before Robb Flynn started dressing like a midevil viking biker

  12. Daniel Allasia

    Adam duce is amazing...miss him

  13. Through the Never

    Its best lyrics ever

  14. BlakeFst

    One of my favorite songs of all time by any band.

  15. Jak2star

    Machine Head never cease to amaze me. In a song so bludgeoningly heavy the part starting at 2:21 nearly puts me to tears every time I listen to it. And then immediately I want to go back to throwing hands

  16. Irene Ingenue

    It was a fun day in Alameda military base making this video although the mosh pit retakes were exhausting. I was privileged to operate the light shutters as well. Im the guy with the MH tattoo on back of his neck in the video. The whole band was gracious to say the least the food was awesome. Stand up guys for sure. The next day they were flying out for there European tour and they weren't thinking ahead 110% focused. Love theses guys

  17. Doruk Uysal

    It’s so sad that one of the most beautiful intro of all the time has been cut off!!!!

  18. ukmachinehead

    Cut to shit. why you cut the lyrics to shit... useless cunts!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Imre Torok

    Fucking really?! HEROIN censored out?! FUCK OFF!!!

  20. KoryMetalhead

    I love this song

  21. DownFromTheSky89

    seriously fuck the pussy censors. takes away from a great song. weakens it

  22. Zoran Peternelj

    for me the best MH song

  23. Sprywal1967

    Should be more views!


    I totally agree.Should have millions because this song is seriously kick ass!

  24. Bordan Gosic

    I have only one question why is HEROIN censored?!WHAT THE FUCK ?!

  25. Cherudex

    certain people should be ashamed of themselves for imposing censorship

  26. Maria Laetizia


  27. FR Nince

    Why would they censor "heroine"?!

  28. kensaiD2591

    Oh Soundwave 2012, this made the entire day's pain go away.

  29. Максимъ Рудь


  30. Максимъ Рудь

    More than AWESOME song and musicians. They carкy himself fight aganst injustice.

  31. Lolą Blą

    this badass song deserve more views

  32. Stephen Avery

    Use Adblock, you idiot!

  33. forgone kuria

    I've seen Machine Head 3 times. Mayhem Fest, Best Buy Theatre, and The Crazy Donkey. All shows just blew my mind....this band is an emination of my soul. Truly no other band shares a place with them except for Slipknot in my eyes.

  34. Rolling Fortress

    How does this song only have 5.5k views?

  35. Leon S

    @Iwilleatyoursoal maybe cause every song on The Blackening is better than most of the tracks on Through The Ashes of Empires

  36. BCD161

    Unless i have the wrong song in mind, they fucked up the intro. But still bad as song. :D

  37. michael hughes

    great song but it sounds like something is missing idk what though thumbs up is u agree

    C More

    michael hughes lacks a thrashy riff !

  38. Giovanni Hernandez

    ive seen these guys at the first mayhem festival they kick ass live and showcase every bit of talent

  39. tankimus

    yeah..i can relate...

  40. mrmalicious

    Probably the only video I will ever be the first commentor on. Bad ass song.