Machine Head - Blood Of The Zodiac Lyrics

a blind man asked an angel
could you please help
but was told
take me from this altar
i won't falter
but i might fall

this bitter man would understand
through all his life, a needle had
been his saviour, been his god
so he tried to make a change
tried to rearrange
gun at his side, suicide

i can't help feel i been mistreated
won't you listen to me

despise all that i see
all that i feel
all that i want to be
burned, blistered and raw
tearing apart
all that is sane to me

a wise man, half periah, half messiah
came to seed
rain down blood like fire
born desire
racist breed

his dominance of ignorance
was rhetoric that made no sence
some believed in all the lies
but in my mind i know what's wrong
way too fucking strong
taste the revenge on my tongue

[lead: Logan]
[lead: Robb]

and now is my time to rise
and now is our time to rise
our time
to rise

ignorant, indignant
promises made in vain

rise, i can't see like you
rise, i can't feel like you
rise, never be like you
rise, time for all us to

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Machine Head Blood Of The Zodiac Comments
  1. jaa jaadiman

    it took a lotta sleepless nights but i managed to get tht insanely beautiful solo...

  2. Nandor M

    Usually missing lyrics:

    "Sometimes I wished I died, thought I was better of dead.
    Seen two man get stabbed, had four guns to my head.
    And I'm not trying to brag, I'm just telling you a story.
    Just look into these eyes, if they fail to see your glory!"

  3. MadeinPL

    Miód na moje uszy :)

  4. saba mandaria

    Lets fucking go

  5. M C

    2019 still a banging tune.

  6. Luke Dwyer

    Love non nigga era machine head lol

  7. Jhead bomber

    Mind Blowing Metal Track 10 out of 10 its right up there.

  8. Marcin S.

    it's fucking beautyfull

  9. Steven Borgogna

    Some heavy beefy shit.

  10. jaa jaadiman

    gaawdaaaamn,tht solo...

  11. Mrs friss

    Rip machine head '$ band 😦😢😥

  12. Satia Satia

    Most powerful metal band

  13. ryan Legge

    critics always say this album didn't go where the band was headed. This is my favourite song of all time and this is the album that made me love metal, so fuck you critics, you don't know shit

  14. Dirty II

    logan leaving ruined this once great band :( it still hurts

    Jeff Arab

    @raider101416 i wonder if it rob was issue i think it is


    What do you think his issue is?

    Jeff Arab

    @raider101416 he got too political and started to soften up in that latest album

    Jeff Arab

    Most bands stay with thr sound but they kinda changed man

  15. extreme metal music snake

    Another great MH song!

  16. Katie Stait

    💕 Still listening 2018 💕

  17. Stephen Sturgis

    Fucking sick

  18. Benjamin Finch

    faaaaark yeah.

  19. марк бурцев


  20. Rtcurry Curry

    one of my favorite bands.I've been listening to them for years

  21. ZZtop stranger

    Half pAriah not pEriah

  22. trucksloverbelike

    why isnt there more views people really need education

  23. jeremy s

    I listen to my Machine head cds thousands of times over and over...never gets old

  24. mmzen

    they never caught the zodiac killer

  25. Jerem Bog

    insane lyrics , insane riffs

  26. CCLJunky

    Man, I just love this track. The ending always leaves me pumped up.


    Daniel Dawid Roslan

    CCLJunky same me ! awesome track ! greets!

  27. Max Cady

    I remember back in the nineties I've bought this with RATM _People Of The Sun_ ;
    really good stuff indeed
    Though _Burn My Eyes_ is on another level, quite ahead of it's time back then

  28. Ian McCarthy

    Just look into these eyes, how does it feel to see your glory?

  29. Ian McCarthy

    This song saved my life when i was a teen.  I wanted to kill myself and this song taught me that I needed to stay and fight the people and things that made me feel that way. One of the best metal songs ever.  RISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Max Cady

    Well to me quite the contrary, I started doing heroine while listening to this ( and to _Neurosis_ a lot) and I've quit only three years ago


    Ian McCarthy
    Keep fighting brother!

    WeKnowWhatsUp Hanson

    Ian McCarthy glad to have you still around.

  30. Tom Gallier

    Disssssspise. All that i see...all that i feeeeeeeel...all that i want to be.....burned., blistered and raw...taring apart...all that is saaaane to meeeee!!!

  31. רביד נ

    My Favourite Band Ever!

  32. Brad Hawkins

    Such raw emotion

  33. Ricky Wilson

    Is this a song about zodiac killer


    Among other things, it appears to be about heroin addiction.

    Van Kroenen

    It's a song about (against) racism and people who spread racism.

  34. Ruairidh Mackay

    So evil I love it \m/

  35. Neigh Slayer

    Needs more radio play and more concert play! 

    Here's to them playing it on the next tour cycle. 

    Jeff Arab

    Well they broke up 😣

  36. Tom Vear

    this is probably one of my favorite metal tracks ever. 

    Joseph Merrick

    You are my Brothers too i agree this is my fav metal song, gonna get this played at my funeral and blow those greaving fuckers heads off HAIL!!!!!

    Josh Cornell

    Mine too

    Steven Borgogna

    Hear! Hear!

    Michael Smith

    My favourite tune from Machine Head, no contest.

  37. fuckthenuns

    you-are-my-brother. I fucking agree with you

  38. jeremic nikola


  39. Enola Pay

    the one that i prefer after i say YES and thumb up u too mutafucker

  40. Nick p

    That riff at 4:34 is amazing.. such emotion

  41. Tom Vear

    Damn straight!

  42. fuckthenuns

    A masterpiece. The ultimate song of old Machine Head.

  43. Ilian Kostov

    Dude, what the fuck is wrong with this Unto the locust hatin'? Am I the only one who sincerely ADORES the album? Musically it is awesome, the lyrics are true and come right from Flynn's heart. It's not like that they're tryin' to ride the Nu metal wave again, or somethin. They are being metal to the narrow of their bones, and that is the cool thing about MH. I fucking love them, every single song they wrote has changed my life in some way. So stop hating their stuff, learn how to LOVE it.


    locust wAS TIGHT

  44. Mark Jaramillo

    Robb Flynn said that there was a alot of drug use on this album, thus the "atmospheric", melodies, and dynamics, i kinda wished they would go back lol. this album just fuckin' crushed! when it came out. MACHINE "FUCKIN" HEAD!!!

    Shawn McGregor

    This and the first album are untouchable. They have gotten good in recent years but never to this level

  45. John Randolph

    So true, and so many other bands had done so during that era of predominately artistic merit, not sale and marketability; a very revitalizing time for many, musically speaking.

  46. NinjatsuNinjatsu


    some times i had wished i died
    thought i was better off dead
    seen three men get stabbed
    brought xxxxxx to my head

    and i dont try to brag
    I'm just telling you a story
    just look into these eyes
    they feel the same glory

    and nows my time to rise

    Anthony H.

    THANK YOU!!! I can finally sleep!

    Nandor M

    I think its:
    Sometimes I wished I died, thought I was better of dead.
    Seen two man get stabbed, had four guns to my head.

    And I'm not trying to brag, just telling you a story.
    Look into these eyes, as they fail to see your glory...

  47. Miloslav Tlamicha

    Shit, i havent heard this song for like 10 years. I dont really listen to metal anymore, but this shit totally gets me!

  48. se Eardstapa

    @ATARITR So that's what he was fuckin saying huh? Could never quite make it out.

  49. Gonçalo Ferreira

    @GohanMH1 i dont agree. but yeah they are different albms. my faavourite album is the blackned but song is the new one. I Am Hell. you cant say that that isn't old machine head.

  50. l2\//\l{l{

    I have this album in fucking awesome cassette tape format which I still use your eargasm when bathing every day

  51. thisusernameshalldo

    @GohanMH1 Yep. I thought the first 2 albums were great. All down hill after that.

  52. EddyEatYou

    @sixfeetontop Pantera's Rise had more or less taken that title and kept it nicely. Besides, Blood of the Zodiac is as intriguing a title as this fucking awesome song and guitar and the lyrics.

  53. EddyEatYou

    @thehavoc3 You sir, are spittin Facts

  54. sixfeetontop

    I think they could've called this song "Rise" as well, if they had chosen to!

  55. diabl0r

    @panayiotis131 Clenching the fists of Dissent, Aesthetics of Hate, Beautiful Mourning just to name a few...

  56. Gonçalo Ferreira

    @GohanMH1 Are you for real. Their new work is fucking crushing.

  57. woni77

    My fav. song for the longest time.

  58. Diogo Ferreira

    14 year listening to this song. sthill the same feeling \m/

  59. Tom Collins

    Back when MH were all about aggressive expression, not the boring power metal they have come to be nowadays... :(

  60. Robert Taylor

    @ImplementDestruction Jesus, what a bed wetter.LOL

  61. FTFKaos

    Where is desire to fire? :c

  62. stallionlegs77


  63. Robert Taylor

    @Haddockxyz300 I do, hence my comment.

  64. Vincent Brien

    Who gives a shit about lyrics?

  65. Robert Taylor

    I've not heard this song for years. The lyrics suck quite a lot.

  66. thtree

    this is the best Machine Head song ever!
    those guitar solos are fu*king amazing

  67. Scott Wilson

    Great of machine heads finest.....

  68. DuckPuncher

    One of Machine Head's best songs i reckon, i wonder why its so unpopular on youtube....