Machine Head - Blistering Lyrics

you stabbed me in the back over a sliver
a feeling i have been betrayed
both hands broken together
clenching fists cause the rage

it comes in spades
from a life of pain
i don't care 'cause i don't give a fuck
it tears a path right through me

a systematic vision of survival
a struggle i alone engage
tension burning inside me
blood so sweet cause revenge


revenge i mine
suffering divine
fractures break through bone
frustrating won't let go

filled with lead and dumped into the river
and burned in a shallow grave
both hands broken together
clenching fists cause the rage

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Machine Head Blistering Comments
  1. I'm Croation

    Dope af

  2. Matthew Pore

    Maybe Josh Steffen or Meytal will/can cover the sick f'n drums!!! McClain

  3. Aki A.

    Cool times, cool record

  4. Joshua Yettou

    That's one awesome bassline!

    Big Bird PH

    Those first 30 secs in this song will not be too out-of-place in a Max Cavalera-led band song!

    Joshua Yettou

    @Big Bird PH Ha! Totally. Like an intro to a Nailbomb song.

    Joshua Yettou

    I left the original comment around a year ago, yet I randomly check the comments out and see you just replied 17 hours ago. Crazy. What are the chances of that!?