Machine Gun Kelly - What I Do Lyrics

Uh, I see em' try but they can't do what I do, what I do, Y
Eah, And I'm gon' die before the day that I lose, that I lose!
Bitch I am the man mufucka, the man mufucka
Bring the horns in like I am the band mufucka
Talking 'bands' mufucka, bands mufucka
Cause' this kid is worth a couple hundred grand mufucka
And I stand mufucka, never ran mufucka
I ain't backing down I put that on my fam mufucka
Damn, I'm so hot you'll catch a tan mufucka, no cam, this is really who I am, wassup?

[Verse 1: Bun B]
They say everybody been waiting
To see the OG skating On 4's and Vogue's no Dayton
Their license plate just draping I'm the topic of conversation
When it comes to the one they hating
But I don't start of compensating I just brush it off, it ain't Nothing
I'm the Trill OG of that Dirty I put in work
So I'm worthy And I'm hotter, then A hat on A Giraffe Sitting in the slizzab
Sitting on 30's So don't act like you ain't heard me
Cause, I'll have to slap some sense in you And you know what I've done
You know what I'm doing Let me tell you what I'm fin to do Wassup
Finna put my city on the map Ok, Then I'm going to keep it there (That's Tight) post up in a tight spot
Alright, then bring my people there (That's Wassup)
Teach them how to grind, how to climb on that Fucking Ladder
How to keep that money on their mind and make their pockets fatter Cause
The only thing that matters Loyalty, Honor, and The G-Code
That's how you motivate and shift yourself into Bun-B mode MGK man
They already know that We Throwed
So we gon' hit'em with a full clip If it don't work, then we reload them up


[Verse 2: MGK]
Star status, Big Dip, Levi weed, big zips
Fuck the lies from them big lips, that's small time for my big dick
"Damn that boy done got big quick... " probably cause' I kept Faith like BIG's chick" probably be a good time for my name switch to Puff cause' I'm back on my BIG shit
This shit's too real for ya'll cause almost everybody rapping isn't real at all
Sometimes I forget I got a deal cause' I'm busy thinking about when I couldn't get a meal at all
So everybody going through it, I can feel for ya'll
And everybody in my team
I would kill for ya'll
Represented for my city from the beginning so I'm a be in it until the muthafuckin ceiling falls
I'm a Cleveland dog
Damn right
In the crib blowing loud like bag pipes
I am from a place where you never see the sun in the summer it's like you under a cave with stalagmites
"Oh is that right?" Better know your way around here before you come cause' you may never get back right
I am from a town where every one of the bats bite so you need a shit-load more then a flashlight, yeah!
What they gonna do to me? I live this shit! Doc said I had a loose screw fix the shit!
Everything you trying to do, I did the shit!
Here's ya'll grave, dig the shit, I'm done with the games, I ain't playing
I'm Machine Gun Kells, bitch I'm spraying, Body full of chemicals so roll up the medical muthafucka let me catch this plane, gone!


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Machine Gun Kelly What I Do Comments
  1. Zachary Keller

    The female "ahhhh...." every 5 seconds is so annoying. It adds nothing but clutter to the instrumental.

  2. Zachary Keller

    This, and "Rap Devil" are without a doubt, wonderful works of art. Just amazing rhythm.

  3. Cunning Rivers

    love the diversity now also miss the days when the orchestra style takin over

  4. MultiFighter24

    Bun B 👏👏

  5. Victoria Mcginnis

    Mgk is badass when he don't try to battle rap and jus sticks to music! This whole album was badass but he got carried away goin after em....both mgk and em r awesome!! Instead of beefing they could've took the rap game over by collabin!!!!

    josiah J. wheatley

    What you mean mgk had that in the bag em killshot week mgk win in my books kuz I look at the facts and mgk boddied em mgk real fans know that

  6. This webpage is not available

    I can see them try to do, what I do !

  7. Dylan Meek

    Almost 1 million views, nice!!

  8. Justice Kneeland

    Lace The Fuck Up mother Fuckas!!! ❌❌🤘🏽

  9. Karri Walker


  10. JnM

    This albums amazing

  11. Alex Martin

    Aye my birthday is 4/18 and my comment is the 418 est for life

  12. Chronos127

    Is this Dubo guy actually on this track?

  13. Isha Alvarez

    This was the last albulm my friend Alex Kashirsky showed me before he passed away.. love you MGK love you Alex R.I.P

  14. Seth Burke

    Am I late? It’s only 2018

  15. KAiSKAjO

    _Good move from MGK, but he is litteraly comitting SUICIDE!_

  16. Aneesh Sompalli

    This is that Rap Devil MGK 😈

    Redneck Official

    mgk is a lord rapper and this music has begun


    Aneesh Sompalli Lace Up > Rap Devil and Binge

  17. Jetish Marak

    bitch m the man mafucka
    n i stand mufucka
    never ran mufucka ..

  18. Jetish Marak

    bitch m the man mafucka

  19. Truch School

    ,=nqge de printeps Ménage de printemps

  20. Drmcx

    This is one hell of a motivational song!

  21. Utuber


  22. Pharoah M

    My theme song when I came,in first in all my races in 8th grade lol now I am in college and its a surprise if I come,in first oh how time changes

  23. Corey Sayles

    This song go hard

  24. Quinton Floyd

    Just putting this here cause it's annoying asf when the intro to a song is more than 30 second jfc

  25. Justin Devito

    Don't idolize no man batches the street
    Saturday Are real. West Palm Beach rep. But the gutter is real down here in the bottom

  26. JDC Videos

    Why can't I watch it

  27. Randy Toothman

    how can u not like this song

  28. Matthew Grist

    Used to listen to this song all the time back in the day. Love this shii

    Richie H

    Matthew Grist same

  29. Elijah Kelley

    What I Do by Rapp Artist MGK and What I Do by Rapp Artist Young Jezzy......Seek Game

  30. jack Clements gaming

    why can't I watch it wtf is it because of my YouTube account age I'm 13 by the way

  31. OneEyedGhoulX

    Lace the fuck up!!!

  32. Jonathan Bateman

    fuckin savage

  33. Jaeven Spackman

    mgk is to boss man

  34. Matt Dillahunty

    I pooped in my pants

  35. Utuber


  36. Mel

    this is so lit.

  37. Maddy De Groot

    Ltfu legendary song

  38. trenton lykins

    facritoe song laced up pepole lace up keep your head helid high


    you must have missed some education... a lot of it

  39. robert portman

    Machine Gun Kelly is my idol he say the truth. And is just a amazing rapper

  40. Elon Bar

    Any one came here from russkhof's video?

  41. Katelynn Mishel

    they can't do what I do

  42. Average Guardian

    DID they sample the penguin from SM64?!?!?!?!

  43. Franciscoo

    so much nostalgia

  44. Richiee Hernandez aka THE QUOTER

    shit made me feel bulletproof

    Matthew Rowell

    Got that right

  45. pyrotechna

    Nice to hear some new bun

  46. JRest4fo11

    Land where the B.C. is like O. Hating the Gold man. 14 %

  47. Codrel

    Is No CopyRight ?

  48. ima boss

    badass you are the an awesome rap artist keep it going keep the songs coming

  49. Jupiters Demons Gaming Channal

    A Mixtape With Kevin Gates And Mgk Would Be Fire Asf

    Joseph Smith

    chill....I'm not ready

    nick grima

    It would be shit, neither of their flows would mix together MGK has more of rapid flow Kevin is a horrible hip hop artist in my opinion I don't think they would be able to make even a decent song


    Uhh Kevin gates is a turd who litterally raps about selling heroin? Y'all are smoked out if you think you could even compare him to mgk

    Im Drain

    @IGetIMoney be nice 😂


    Absolutely not 😂

  50. Ajennifer Padam

    my nigga

  51. MyNudy Scaife

    This sound like jeezy motivation

  52. Isaac Pulu


  53. Casey Lewis

    badass song

  54. Josh Deal

    raw mgk

  55. Melissa Endicott

    mgk + the south = instant jam lace up

    Steven harper

    They both from Texas but mgk was grew up in ohio

  56. Melissa Endicott

    mgk + the south = instant jam lace up

  57. Franco Marconi

    This is my hype song!♫

  58. Buckin Fananas

    I am the man MUTHERFUCKA

    Tommy Halfniger


  59. Max L

    This sounds different to the album version

  60. Brittney Klahre

    LTFU! Absolutely LOVE MGK!!!

    Kids Phones

    Shut up girl

    Kids Phones

    Brittney Klahre i hate him

    Kids Phones

    Brittney Klahre I love you.

    Mariusz Kaszuba

    I love mgk to

  61. Barney Stinson

    My favorite song for lace up

  62. Pablo

    zizou jt'aime <<33

  63. Colton Kelly

    Eminem and Kells need to do some tracks talk about epic

    I love Jews a lot

    +Colton Kelly no

  64. Hannah Holm

    Lace Up motha fuckas😝👊✌👌

  65. M2DaAR

    man i slept on MGK smh forgive me lol

    Joseph Smith

    a lot of people do, it's understandable, it's kind of a trigger to see someone like him make a song like wild boy and automatically dislike him...buts it's a giant fucking mistake

    Khan Shamshar

    Not anymore guys

    Derek Pine

    I did too years ago.. Hes dope

  66. Tressa Strunk

    Way better than EMINEM!

    Preston Henry

    NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!


    Tressa Strunk Eh I wouldn't go THAT far

    Aneesh Sompalli

    Well he just bodied him.. so..


    and now there is a disstrack about him

    Jeremy Diesel


  67. trevor kannady

    Trying to rack up the money to go to his and limp bizkit concert. Going to be bad ass show. 9/19/2014

  68. NDPuller

    I fking love it!!!! This shit jams hard with the top down lol!!!!

  69. DustyFlamingo

    Lace up mufucka

  70. Robert Todd

    LTFU what i do!!!!

  71. Adrian Salas

    If only i can find a instrumental with this song, this will be a dope ass beat for highlight video!

  72. j dizzle dizzle

    I wanna see MGK, Rittz, Chris Webby, Vinnie Paz, Jon Connor and EM all on one TRACK, WHAT THE FUCK that shit would be something DOPEEEEEE

  73. j dizzle dizzle

    Damnnnn I heard this shit on Pandora, Rittz or Tech N9ne Radio... GODAMN This shit bumps, hahaha, BUN B ON THE TRACK WITH MGK, nastttyyy


    I heard it on pandora to

  74. Josh Newlun

    Mgk ur the realist love it

  75. Zakk Heilner

    Lace up (fuck hatters)


    what did the hatters ever do to you besides make good quality hats for us to wear. Personally Im a fan of fitted and fedoras..

    Zakk Heilner

    @BigK0003 thats dumb


    @Zakk Heilner
    mmkay. Maybe you think it's dumb because you can't spell either. :P

    Brees Boy

    @Zakk Heilner haters bro...... haters smh

  76. Teddy Chol

    song gets me so pumped

  77. Kenny Matsushima

    this song kicks ass, got me interested in rap again

    Danielle Phair

    Ivo Robotnik mm

  78. MaGiK TurTuL


  79. Nick

    20 People Need to Lace the Fuck Up!

    Mr Ragefulness

    21 already, and u are right bro!


    29 not Laced Up
    1k is Laced Up

    Cody Frost

    Shit now 75 mother fuckers better LTFU!!


    125 people need to ltfu

  80. Anubhav Sharma

    it is the best song of mgk

  81. ally west

    TheMotorCity2011   stop hateing  Eminem and mgk are like the greatest ever so you just being jealouse cause you not as successful as mgk and Eminem


    he wasnt hating

  82. Ian Personeus

    Haters need to STFU if u dont like the music dont listen to it and get the fuck out nuff said LTFU 

    JustinILoveMusic Bates

    idk how people can hate on MGK he's one of the greatest out there right now 

    Jackson Raatz

    or ever

  83. TheMotorCity2011

    ok? so i guess MGK and Eminem are sellouts because they didn't want to eat Ramen noodles in their parents basements for the rest of their lifes? they are successful, and we should be congratulating them for that!

  84. robert coles

    this is the best M.G.K song

  85. ciupkal1

    Mike Kecso needs to stfu & LTFU :)

  86. Team CRIA

    Lace up. No velcro, MGK style.

  87. Lula Lentswe Zwinila

    ma boy goin be mad

  88. bobbey smith


  89. Jerry Robinson

    you talk shit like that but if jelly roll was good enough to get any interest from people he would in a heartbeat and mgk didn't sell out at all. i don't get how its selling out to sign with label its like saying your a sellout for getting hired. selling out is when you do anything for a dollar ie: lil wayne, drake, your mother.