Machine Gun Kelly - Save Me Lyrics

From the bottom of the ash I rose (I rose)
To the top I go
Where I'm from it's cold
But I don't need this coat, keep my sleeves rolled
Got my city's area code on my shoulder
216 forever in my soul
Swear to God every single night it's gets colder
No heat so we all around that stove like
"Fuck this broke shit",
Petty ass hustling, couldn't even sell one zone
Slim still workin at the store and the only time we ever get to eat is when he brings something home
Everyday is dark here,
Praying for a rainbow to lead us to that pot of gold
And exchange those nights on a concrete floor for a bottle of Rose to pop that bitch off like we suppose to

Never gave a fuck if we went gold,
I just wanna be able to say that I made it
Cause' real EST motherfuckers don't fold, real EST motherfuckers don't break up
Real family grows old, Real EST motherfuckers representing for the city where they came even when they gone
And fuck this throne, ain't no kings, no pretty princess, ain't no queen
No fairy tale endings on the east side, just these broken bones and these screams
Broken bones underneath these jeans,
Broken bricks cover up my streets
Friends outside trying to get their fix, while my first born in here trying to get sleep
Motherfuck this rap shit, try burying your boy 6 feet let me show you about real,
Try telling me that you can't make it up out the city 26 dollars to multi-mill's
Face inside of the double XL, then try coming back to the east side still
Well bitch I did, and it's still the kid, labeled a Bad Boy before this deal

What up Slim, Dub, Xplo, Dre, Swirv, Ash, my boy BK
And everybody from the beginning that bled with me knowing I would be here one day

So as I roll through all the hoods that raised me,
Looking at the house of pain
I'm a runaway from the ones that pay me, hoping I'll stay the same.

Can't you save me?
Can't you save me?
Can't you save me?
Can't you save me?

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Machine Gun Kelly Save Me Comments
  1. Roldi RB

    Shit! MGK and A7X, where the fuck have I been!?

  2. Wes Underwood

    I'll be damned if any woman is gonna yell at me the way she did at what if he got drunk?? He's in his 20s at this point, shit....

  3. Joseph Chapman

    damn hella song n got my the tat few years ago on my left arm that says 304 w.ham for west hamlin wv so i neva forget where i came from or how it made and molded me who i am today

  4. Carmen Randazzo

    Mgk is really like just rapping for himself... he is one of my favorite dudes to look at... Eminem is so above all mgk and can tear him apart

  5. Michael Vankirk

    A7x is my favorite band of all time and I just started listening to mgk and love his stuff too, and then I see they do this it

  6. kkiz

    This is such a heartbreaking song and video. ♥️

  7. Fresh Beginnings

    A true warrior.

  8. N-Word Salesman

    Shoutout to Eminem for introducing me to his much more talented successor

  9. Jacob Godfrey

    Damn I'm feeling this for reals sounds like my gal wtf least I ain't the only one dang that Irish blood

  10. Brilly Imantirta


  11. Miranda Marie

    This song will always be one of my favorites.

  12. Babydoll upright

    mgk u really speak to me I set here an listen when me an my boyfriend bobby go through it ur song merry go round was like beside the ending

  13. K. Nicole Anderson

    Damn i miss the old MGK!! He ain't even the same no more........ Straight sold out!! Breaks my heart. Everyone wants to make it to Hollywood, but i personally feel that's when new artists get faced with 2 options, keep ur morals and ur dignity and leave everything uve worked so hard for right before u get big, or throw away everything u think u know and care about, become our b**ch and get paid ..... Guess he chose Hollywood

    N-Word Salesman

    K. Nicole Anderson you’re wrong sorry hotel diablo is the best album yet

  14. Devin Bridges

    There’s more views of lil xan destroying his Benz then this 😥

  15. Chloe Fripp

    Soothing a broken heart. :(

  16. Sidnee Buffington

    No remembers this kells. This is the shit that made me a fan man. #LaceTheFuckUp.

  17. Xerø

    Is this authentic......?

  18. Rellim Sirhc

    2019 still here. damn I felt the love in this video.

  19. Vee Bee


  20. John Cole

    Any one else notice that the original upload is down? Thanks for re uploading this

  21. Joe Pangrac

    3:04 diabetuss

  22. Your Daddy

    I swear on every thing my life my kids the whole house. This man has the fomula. 4 years ago at the lowest time in my life MGK black flag Album this man speaks to those that listen and can see with out sight just like in the sound of silence Song I saw a flash of light and my whole world was turned right side up instead of upside Down. Listen to understand. Its a spiritual war and this man is on our side he's sacrificing his self to the illuminati for us that decently deserves more than most will ever know this silent war of darkness and light will end at darknesslight in the middle

  23. Perk

    someone keeps nudging my hand of thought

  24. Stonehill Productions

    Who's because of shads?

  25. Saheel 96

    1:53 this is absolutely a laugh.

  26. Jayna Marie Arsenault The Certifiable One

    This song is amazing thanks

  27. Jamie Campbell

    Love you kells all of us do thank you so much for everything you do for all of us you pulled out of the dark into the light you showed us what true family is and I’m so blessed est laced up!!!!

  28. Blake Moutria

    This is coming back July 5th!! EST 4 Life

  29. N-Word Salesman

    From the bottom of the ash I rose…

  30. Trent Dakota Connolly

    Who listening in 2019???

  31. PVC SKIP Davis 87'

    Damn Good!!! 💯%🔥

  32. NicBeatz

    Dope song. Love M. Shadows. Need to do more. Glad to see you on The Dirt.

  33. Rowen Strife

    He is helping people like Chester Bennington.

  34. Tears of Blood 6661

    I'm here for M. Shadow and Synyster Gates

  35. Waynewilbz420NorthernBoy

    1.53 dubo's girl bahahaaa

  36. Patricia Phillips


  37. RaahJeff Kshez

    U r the man.... Bro....!!!!!!

  38. Jujuu Sinner

    Im here cause of a7x , btw rip mgk .

  39. Talisa Collins

    Damn man shit hits on some real shit!;)

  40. Misty Dawn Elliott

    ℹ🔮🆕✌💙 😃, 🆕🎉🌞🌙⭐🌍🌐,ℹ🔮🕟⏳®💯, 🔜📶🏧🔛🔝📧💬📬👤👥👣🎊⏰📝🚻📮💾💞😎😺📚📖🔭💫🎵🎼🎧🎤🎸, ℹ🚫♻📝📁🆚🔓🆓🎼📜🎤~🏧📬🆘🆔🔛🔝✔〽

  41. M V

    What song of his is the beat playing at the end? Help!

    Dadi Prakoso

    What I do

    M V

    Dadi Prakoso good looking

  42. Bogey Moffitt

    Mkg suck balls

  43. Christopher Lomotac

    We all know that Devil was an Angel first!

  44. Qwik ShiFFter

    if it wasnt for you .................... Lace Up....!

  45. Xanno

    3:03 diabeetus

  46. April Hurt

    That his daughter mom in the beginning?

  47. Blake Michon

    I've seen that morning after video. It was just me laying on the ground.

  48. Alex Bum

    I love my k but I also listen to rock so like M shadow and avinged seven fold

  49. Princess

    6 1/2 yrs clean, I almost lost everything, my husband, my kids, my house, my life. I remember walking through the store and falling down and my kids walking away embarrassed, I remember falling asleep on the porch with a cigarette in my mouth and catching my shirt on fire, I remember passing out driving and slamming into a car doing 45mph at a red light xx I remember them telling me the lady was pregnant (thank God to they were ok) I remember taking handfuls of Xanaxs and Dilaudid and feeling like shit, then I remembered going to see a Dr and finding out I suffer from mental illness, I have bipolar 2, PTSD from being raped and molested, depression, getting all the stuff that happened to me made me look at my life, my husband, my kids, and thinking WOW there about to give up on me, I was high for almost 3yrs, I'm on medication for my mental illness and I've been clean and my family and I are closer than ever, I'm not embarrassed talking about what I did, I'd like to think that it helps other people, just knowing that there's help out there, there's people out there who loves you, and being clean feels a whole lot better than fighting demons alone and dirty.

  50. gizzmo chick

    I know you might be down in the plot drigging yourself deeper but always remember anyone can dust off thier boots and stand tall. Life is too short to the past control you. Show all those motherfuckers that you can do you 😘

  51. Christine Cook

    Mgk best rapper forsure his music tho kills it

  52. Hipsterish Skater

    Ive almost slipped up a few times in this past year but its songs like these that keep me motivated to keep clean

  53. aaron west

    mgk is rely cool and logan suck

  54. Seth Keleher

    I'll never forget this album. One of my all-time favorites. 🙏

  55. Panicked Manic

    That fat bitch screaming n clipping her toe nails kinda ruins this video for me


    release it again... Name it 'reply' : People should know when he couldn't work with Rihana because he was working with people like Matt

    Vince Carter


  57. Wes Underwood

    I like the diabetes guy in the back

  58. Carlos Angeles

    Who chilling on YouTube and scrolling,I am a fan but didn’t know he have soooooooooooo many songs! 😭🙌 it’s crazy does he make everyday songs? :0

  59. Talitha Byrne

    I wish you'd let me talk. We're the same, but different. I can't turn it off.

  60. Arthur AC


  61. I'm Going I Have

    Gunner this is the hollow ghost


    Dont be ashamed to say to yourself, I NEED HELP, BECAUSE YOUR FANS WERN'T, LOOK HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU HELPED, NOW GO AND HELP YOURSELF. In the last 5 months 4 if my friends have overdosed, only one made it back, anf she wrnt to cop as soon ad the narcan woke her up. THIS IS A DISEASE, ITS NOT Your fault, but don't use that as an excuse, use that as a WAKE UP CALL. AS SOON AS YOUR GIRL PUSJEF OUT YOUR BABY,,,,,, ⏰ TIME TO GET YO SHIT TOGETHER.

  63. Arakquin H

    this is real as fuck!!!!

  64. Arakquin H

    you have helped me through my darkest times. mgk you do make a difference
    im going through hell right now trapped in my mind and you help me sooo fckn much i cant even put it in words

  65. Tina Mefs

    Holllyyyy mfff shittt 🔥🔥🔥🔥😱😱😱❤❤❤❤💞💞💞💞💋💋 Fuckk yeaaa👌👌



    sif DAwsm

    @Randy Padgett too bad u still believe Em's the god

    Randy Padgett

    Em definitley didnt lose. Mgk still is beast in my eyes, but em won for sure.


    @Randy Padgett No he didn't. His comeback was pathetic and predictable.

    Daniel Manning

    Eminem fucked up calling Mgk out cause it finally put Mgk in the spotlight for people to hear his name and do what u just may leave a bad taste in Eminem fanboys mouths but who cares Mgk is out there to make music not satisyfy one particular group .hope u enjoy mgks stuff I have for ten years now

  67. Grand Marshal of the Air Force

    Ezio's Family

  68. Tim Graham

    Mgks songs are all good can em say that nope not at all fuck em time for him to hang up his mic

  69. Polycarp Mdemu

    Am still only one who listen it in October 2018

  70. SovietSpoon597

    One of the only good modern rappers he is definitely the rap devil indeed he is still godly but he is a devil

    Why did i write this

    M shadows in this is pretty funny though

  71. faith jackson

    im with that one boy mgk is my idol. ive been bullied and nobody would help me then i listened to mgk

  72. richy drawings

    it's a pleasure to see great musicians coming together out of different genres just doing awesome music

  73. WayIntoDarkness

    Sadly he takes cocaine now, I hope he takes care

  74. Tyler Smith

    Mgk I love all your songs fuck all the dissing Bull shit you do you man dont listen to them ive been bullied and i listened to your music and it inspired me to stand up for my self and what i believe in and now i stand up for all the kids i see get bullied and beat there no place like where your music takes me your my hero man idc what other people think of you you have a daughter all you need is you and her for life ive struggled with drugs and most of them ive done and i see all of this ive been clean for almost a year now but you are you and only you can do this for people man i hope you see this and read this take time to let it course thru your mind man much love for you kells mgk for life man keep it up and if you see this let me know man my sc:smithtyler32 facebook: Tyler Smith and insta is tyler_smith_420_ thx man

  75. Ian Autry

    He acknowledged Eminem on this "what up slim"

    Im Drain

    Slim Gs his best friend and Hype man/Producer

    Devan Wilburn

    No tf he didn’t 😂

  76. julian thompson

    Sept. 2018

  77. mizmunchkin1982

    How can you compare Tupac with MGK, are you f'n kidding me. That guy should be punched right in the mug for saying some dumb shit like that....

  78. Evan Bushong

    Dude screaming save me was annoying

    anderson bitencourt

    Metal singer on a rap song,thats why

    G S

    It's not screaming when you're hitting notes.

  79. Melanie Marshall

    We can all make it through our storms.. yet, when we make it through our darkest storms, we become Warriors.. Love to all the Warriors out there!! From British Columbia, Canada.. Chin up Peeps! Keep it real and be true to you Xo

  80. Kalam Waites

    Compared to 2pac. Mans been smoking too much wow

  81. Raven Roars

    R. I. P mgk

  82. Tara Stacey

    I feel your music so bad I came from the slumps and ya music gives a bitch hope that shit can get better

  83. Isaac Talkington

    Clean since October of 2014, for all those who are days/weeks/months clean, to anyone who hasn't made it as far as I have, keep going strong. It gets better, other than that this song is real af like all mgks music!!

  84. Talisa Decollins

    That song is epic it hits like a mother fucker...

  85. Tiffany Contreras

    Jesus saves and the earth is flat stationary and enclosed amen

  86. A Name

    But why you dissin eminem

  87. anthonybleakley1982

    Goddamn this song is good. More of the ‘Save Me’ hook would have been cool though

  88. Kathrine louise Lambe

    Comeback over and let me save you xx

  89. MirHazar Khan

    Why is this so underrated?

    MirHazar Khan

    Memri oxox That’s true bro ❣️

    Memri oxox

    @MirHazar Khan actually it's brosophine I'm a girl😀

    MirHazar Khan

    Memri oxox “Memri” sounds like a boy 😛
    Sorry my bad 😅

    Samuel Fotheringham

    Wish he would come back to this shit

    MirHazar Khan

    Samuel Fotheringham Only if Em’s cock suckers stop polluting beef everywhere.
    I’m also a fan of Em but that doesn’t mean I like every song he’s made.
    There are artists & singers everywhere.
    Millions of songs to listen to.
    People like change & that’s how things happen on earth.

  90. Home School Momma on a Budget


  91. Lauren M

    The question is is, will Em forgive you?

  92. Lauren M

    What's 216

    Patricia Busch

    The area code of the place MGK is from in Cleveland

  93. Adrienne D Brown

    Not sure how I got here.. I'm looking forward to leaving an I've been clean comment soon. I guess today starts my journey. Thanks mgk for being a voice

  94. Austin Martinez

    8months without alcohol

  95. Çørëy äçë Çhîldréss

    Mgk you make shit better when I got bullied and abused I always listened to you and even walked down cold lonely dark roads trying to figure out something much and you have shown me so much I wish i could come to you're show in grand rapides mi but have nothing but good luck and appreciate you 💯%

  96. william hall

    Love this song

  97. James Harper

    this song at the very least will make u realize that people have it rougher then you, mgk had it rougher and look where he is at its 2018 came here kinda down in the fuckin dumps just all fucked up. and this song made me realize my issues are so so small that i can conquer anything. lace up !!!

  98. Anthony Harris

    🔮😴like this if you still listen to this in 2018