Machine Gun Kelly - Letter To My Fans Lyrics

Kells, to my fans
Hold me down mofucka
And that's all I say

[Verse 1]
When that crowd leave would you stay for me?
And if I don't become what they thought I was
In the time I should and my hype dies, would you wait for me?
Or be ashamed of me if I chose to bow out gracefully
Cause I know if I don't wanna lose myself
Then Hollywood ain't no place for me
What if I told you I ain't quit
And these drugs still is my rivals
Would you regret the fact that you sobered up
And had more heart than your idol
Or accept the fact that I'm just human, borderline suicidal
And is it blasphemous that these 2 fingers mean more to me than my bible?
Lord help cause I'm cause I'm hell bound
With the weight of the world I'm held down
Feels like I'm in hell now, maybe that's why I'm havin' this meltdown
Maybe that's why I hate fame, maybe that's why these J's lit
Cause I speak the real and get critisize
So I inhale and don't say shit
And I wake up, to the same shit
Cameras on with their hands out
And that fake smile that I hate now
Cause they're the one say I sold out
They're the one that will break out when I needed food for my daughter
And I'm the one who can't grow up so these fans will 'place my father
And these girls will 'place my momma, they give me love, I don't take it
Cause fuck love, these fucking hugs weren't around before I made it
And since I don't have no family EST is all that I got
Either drop me now or you die for life
Man it's EST or it's not

[Hook - Dubo]
This shit ain't right (uh)
Cause we never dead wrong or it's my fault (my fault)
This is my life (my life)
Now tell me are you gon' ride 'till the wheels fall off?

'Till the nightmares done
'Till the grey hairs come
'Till the friendship dissapear that we've had since day one
I said this is my life
So tell me are you gon' ride 'till the wheels fall off?

[Verse 2]
What if this is our climax?
What if everything peaks here?
What if we never get big and these days add on like leap year?
What if you were in my shoes?
Do you think you can fit 'em?
Or would put that gun to your fuckin' head
And regret the fact that you in 'em
Cause this ain't living, this shit prison
Whatever you see in videos, this isn't
Whatever I thought I knew, shit I didn't
Dealing with the consequences of my decision
Straight to the life of a lonely child
That couldn't find anyone to get through
For a life that's filled with cameras
Critisize everytime that I move
For the love I got for my fans
And the loyalty for my man's
Equaled out to the shows we dreamed of
With them bodies pack to those stands
And I did what they say I can't
So I'm living proof that you can
Go be great, chase your dream
We only got one life and one chance


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Machine Gun Kelly Letter To My Fans Comments
  1. Anastacia XVII

    2020 anyone?

  2. N-Word Salesman

    To my fans.. hold me down mufucka

  3. AMY K

    Yo I want Mgk & YungBlvd to collar on this song🙋‍♀️🙇🏽‍♀️😭😭

  4. Austin Neves

    God damn I miss the early 2010s. Shit was fucked up but it was okay but then we all got a little older and grew on up and man I really fucking hate this shit. I’m just glad I got Kells to reminisce with.

  5. Jeldarita Marbaniang

    How many fans let's count

  6. Lane Vigil

    2020. Lace the fuck up.

  7. N-Word Salesman

    EST till I die

  8. Richerd Smith

    2020 💪🏽🔥🎼

  9. Taiwon Biggums

    Is dub-o even in this?

  10. Nabil Ammar


  11. Veronica Lobo

    Personally I’m not fucked up but when I listen to him it hurts knowing this man is hurting and I’ve been crying three days straight listening to him and I love his music

  12. Chumlung rai

    One of the greatest Rap Artists of our time! Fan since 2009, hearing your music for 10 years now

  13. Mackie Official

    EST for life. Lace the fuck up. 🤘🏻 #est19xx

  14. ChefJerfey

    Listening to this after Hotel Diablo & thinking "Damn, he's still feeling that same way"
    (Not a new fan btw. Been here since day 1)

    N-Word Salesman

    ChefJerfey we all change, but them thoughts stay the same.. good luck in your own struggle bro

  15. Tox1cBoi15

    This had me in tears omg I love you kells lace up EST 4 Life

  16. Sam Dangmei

    Who's back in Oct 2019?

  17. Grim Reaper

    Whose listening still to this day?

  18. AriesFire

    here in 2019, old shit, new shit. it don’t matter. EST 4 LIFE

    N-Word Salesman

    AriesFire XX

  19. SUNIL Bhatt

    The shadies won't find us here

    N-Word Salesman

    SUNIL Bhatt damn right, fuck Feminem

  20. Dallas Walton

    Still here in 2019 and have been since helped through everything man i should've been dead

    N-Word Salesman

    Dallas Walton sane here dude keep pushing... it gets better

  21. bobby armstrong


  22. Steven Worwood

    August 2019 and I still cannot make it to the end of this song without restarting it

  23. T M

    "Hollywood ain't no place for me" moves to Hollywood smh

    N-Word Salesman

    T M he talks a lot about the evils of Hollywood
    “I’m just a human”

    Montavious Gray XX

    @N-Word Salesman he did it for his daughter

  24. Prem Ayer

    Its EST19XX till i die

  25. Danny Saraiva

    Still bumping in 2019

  26. Xiomar Zayas

    I remember listening to this as a kid. MGK has a spot in my heart

    N-Word Salesman

    Xiomar Zayas same man, hope you’re doing well

  27. Laceup92 Raww

    Still laced up. Aint shit changed. Your still an inspiration

  28. Deshaun Allison

    People call this man trash. Mind blowing

  29. The Kronik 969

    been hooked to such songs of his since days now, songs like these help a lot...

  30. Alexander Roberts

    Still bumping daily...

  31. HiShaggy 420

    To all the new est fans all I gotta say is it ride so lace up motherfuckers

  32. idg isaiah

    Shit hit hard🤛🤙✌🙏

  33. Ugly Loner

    His music was so deep & the new song is,i love it

  34. M Alva

    You made it big, dawg

  35. Memento Mori

    im glad fake fans left we dont need them if your new to mgk i suggest you leave or stay for life thats it nothing else no other side you down or your not

  36. Jake S

    Especially the chours.

  37. Jake S


  38. Joseph Nelson

    Anyone still here 2019

  39. Rap god Rap devil

    Bro im sry im seeing it now i wae in hostel

  40. Clorox Bleach

    Crazy coming back to this after all these years. EST mother fucker.

  41. Larry Oswalt

    Est for life and have been past eight. We love you Kell's

  42. Waynewilbz420NorthernBoy

    Maybe That's Why I Hate Fame,Maybe That's Why This J's Lit Cuzz I Speak The Real And Get Criticize So I Inhale And Don't Say Shit

  43. Adrian Delgado

    Damn why am i barely hearing this

  44. Jesse Reed

    devils got u bro

  45. Rose Traviss

    Everytime Kells hits another milestone I come back to this song. Kells were here to ride until the wheels fall off❤

  46. Graham Crownshaw

    Cant wait for hotel diablo and a return to more writing of this sort, Est 19xx LTFU!

  47. Dylan Gibbons

    Who else is hear still listening in 2019 even after Eminem dissed him and all the bullshit like if you a true fan cuz I’m EST for life much love Kelly your music still helps me man idgaf what anybody gotta say cuz you’re a goat period thanks for sharing the talent

  48. Savage Sock

    We all know he lost the diss but shit his old songs havent changed

  49. Jocelyn Ramirez

    His mom fucked up by leaving him as a child and then tried to re renter into his life at 14 but doesnt remember her. How does a mother just leave their child and live like he doesnt exist? I know Colson has his demons but he rose up from it. And is an amazing father that would never leave his daughter.

  50. XxL3GITxX_FIR3

    Whens this going to go up on spotify though!🤔

  51. med wilson

    Since the first song I heard by you I knew I wouldn't regret it from the laugh in that moment to now with a couple tears rn your my light Bru

  52. _mike hauncho

    Btw it's whenever they're dead wrong oh it's my fault not were never dead wrong lol

  53. kota muller

    It’s est for life

  54. Eternal Abyss

    "till the friendship disappear that we've had since day one" shit hits me hard every time cause I can relate...lost my day one best friend over some stupid fucking girl and petty ass shit..damn man I fuckin miss him.

  55. Brice Kuhn

    Sometimes even idols need support from their people. Nothing is flawless and unbroken. We all go through our trials. Fans are fans but family can be made from those same people. MGK helped me through shit and I don't doubt many many others. So the least we could do is be there when he needs us too.

  56. HunterG Music

    2019. Who’s still here

  57. Damien New

    It’s replace not will place dumbass

  58. Titanic K

    -Thank you 😬

  59. Young Tea

    2019 Lace up 🔥🔥

  60. Pistol Princess

    Still jamming 2019 much love Lace up.

  61. King Anxiety

    Been a fan since 2012. Always will be a fan.

  62. Leo Miller

    Just heard this son in 2019, this shit fucking lit, EST FOR LIFE!!!! LACE UP!

  63. Tim Bush

    This song literally means so fucking much to me I listen to it more then once a day call me what you want but can’t wait till I can meet bro ( MGK) man his music has saved me so many times I could be having the worst day play this shit smoke a blunt an I’m smooth anything I listen to by him is fire 🔥 fuxk what anyone say EST 4 life

  64. Memento Mori

    Either drop me now or your down for life Its Est or its not!! This is the real mgk nothing like eminem lace up fam est 4 life

  65. naim ar

    anyone here at 2019???

  66. sif DAwsm

    I'd literally take a bullet for kells, my brother from another mother‼ ❌❌


    dimebag died by a bullett i wouldnt let it to happen to mgk if could stop it

  67. Kat Graves

    MGK was such a big part of my recovery so when he said “what if I tell you I ain’t quit and these drugs still my rivals. Would you regret that you sobered up & had more heart than your idol” it hit me so hard. I hope he’s okay. I remember listening to this while I was in full withdrawal from dope & his music is what got me to push through those awful 6 weeks. Thank you Kells❤️ I’m only 94 days in but I know there’s people just like me here.

    Crystal Perry

    235 days in kells has been getting me through shit since I was in the 6th grade

    Crystal Perry

    Sorry 9th grade but yah lot of long nights hugging the floor cuz it's the only thing that's cold every muscle crawling his songs r the only thing that kept me focused

    Dalhe Court

    Mad love day sober is a blessing....mad respect yo

  68. Death Xtreme game

    EST for life

  69. Nikkei Pvck

    I will ride till d end rap devil :(

  70. DSpecialEffextzz

    Everyone had doubted me back when he didn;t even come out on tv. I'm glad to see all these comments now. #Lace up.

  71. Damon Capehart

    Mgk is by far my favorite artist. He's saved my life literally just by his music. I don't have lace up tatted on my arm for nothing. Idc what anyone says he's got true meaning in his songs and ill keep listening till I die


    Damon Capehart That's me bro

  72. daddy cx

    This is my life lace the fuck up

  73. I'm Daaazed

    The crowd will never leave.. EST for life!

  74. Rihanna123

    The truth when I saw the title I thought it going to be some lame song , but boy I was wrong, deep meaning that hit hard , I am crying

  75. Δημήτρης Κουσης

    And now he is rap devil ... people change the world will be unchanged

  76. faith jackson

    i love mgk i will never leave him i will be a loyal fan


    faith jackson Same

  77. Nathan Santino

    i really wouldn't be here without you, kells. please, stick around? <|3

  78. Brent Duenas:The Comment Warrior Duenas

    Kelly used to be so good and inspirational..

    martin tate

    Brent Duenas:The Comment Warrior Duenas used to be?

    Tia O

    Brent Duenas:The Comment Warrior Duenas Used to be? I've been listening to him for over a decade and he's still good and an inspiration.

  79. Mark Beckford

    And yet you release binge oops I mean cringe 🙄🙄🙄

    Steven Neal

    Mark Beckford fuck off dude. Dont like it dont listen to it

    Kinky John

    dont come here to spread negativity. go somewhere else with your hating ass

  80. DSFG36-2 Robonpaper-jflheadz

    Day1s mgk new B.EP 💯.. share link too remind them , time less-mgk & rapdevil won!

  81. JustPerfected

    Mgk, this the music we need. The new "Binge" album should be called "Cringe" cuz its garbage honestly. Youre just riding the fame that eminem put you on.. we need the real music like this, dont go into heavy autotune mumble sound. That aint you. Go back to real EST

  82. Katie Noretto

    2018 still jammin to it. EST FOR LIFE ❌❌

  83. Mama '93

    This is a litteral testimate to why he's always going to have a strong cult following. It doesnt matter how famous the rapper dissing him will be, MGK has a following that is solid and stands behind him due to this stuff. He truely built a movement of humans who support him and each other through the passion for his words and music. He may not be on the charts all the time but he is SO much more then that.

    Bone Daddy

    Point Blank.


    He is in a perfect position. Getting dissed won't cause his fans to abandon him and will only bring him new fans from the exposure. This was proved with Eminem



    Steve Marcum

    MGK does deserve to be on the charts he is one of the greatest I do fuck with Mgk still even after kill shot was fuckin wit em before and i will long after and he isn't a muble rapper is one thing i can say about him too thuga , thuga is a mumble rapper in lifestyle but I can still understand him

    Kayla Gibson

    EST 4 LIFE ❌❌

  84. Pistol Princess

    Who is still listening?

    Henrik Johansen


    DSFG36-2 Robonpaper-jflheadz

    Estgng from philla

    David Bertrand

    Never stopped

    Steven Neal

    I will always listen to mgk...he is the best


    2018 And This Song Still Hits 💯

  86. Cindy Deshields

    this is my life

  87. Mostafa Farho

    Big fan from Germany but i hate Germany I hate people here cus german people love nobody I am really sad for what happining .. and sad fot the war that happened in my country I am only a refuggee .. I wish that i cam meet MGK .. I will be always a fan :')

    Tomas Diaco

    fight for your dreams Mostafa, I haven't experienced your situation but I had to work a lot to travel to the other side of the world to see MGK and achieve my dream, it is the biggest feeling of life, when you work hard and you make it, it is possible. Lace the fuck up!

    Mostafa Farho

    @Tomas Diaco :')

    David Bertrand

    Come to EST fest next year, fam 😊
    ✌🏽 from Ohio

    Mostafa Farho

    @Tomas Diaco its hard too when u work hard and nobody appreiat ur work and they say bad things to u and u see in ur job people dosent work and everything u do and they get money and play in job and u do everything and to stop for 2 min and the responsible in job say bad words to u and u cant tell that the other people in job not workung as they should do .. Today i am really broken all bad things happen to me . i hate german so much .. I am working and studying but nothing is good :(

    Mostafa Farho

    @David Bertrand i have no money to live how i could travel i am broken :(

  88. Mostafa Farho

    Big fan from Germany but i hate Germany I hate people here cus german people love nobody I am really sad for what happining .. and sad fot the war that happened in my country I am only a refuggee .. I wish that i cam meet MGK .. I will be always a fan :')

  89. Mac Reacts

    2018 ? 👀👀

  90. Lexie J Production

    Mgk helps me with my life always

  91. What's What's

    God loves you all... Bless

  92. Alexis Sasser

    Damn... deep😐😥

  93. Morgan Snyder

    What if you were in my shoes
    Do you think you could fit em?
    Or would you put that fuckin gun too your head and regret your in em?

  94. Caitlyn G


  95. Deonte Dean

    What if you were in my shoes do you think that you can fit em. Or would you put that fucking gun to your head and regret the fact that your in em!

  96. Austin Metz

    the first verse before the chorus gets me

  97. Stephanie kenneway

    This song brings tears to my eyes. It touches my heart.

  98. Joseph Coates

    I remember playing black flag everyday in my car, shit I was fucked up and this music just had a way of getting me through each day. EST 4 life