Machine Gun Kelly - Highline Ballroom Soundcheck (Freestyle) Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Ay yo, first off my name is, fuck that check the playlist
Bitch I'm trying to blow up like the Al Qaeda
But why do yall want to be famous? So I can pay for protection and pretend to be gangsta?
These rappers are five foot tall talkin' bout gang bangin'
I'm 6'3, I pee make em yellow like cold play is
6 D, up in a rental honda from A this bad bitches give me brain that explains my mindless behavior
But fuck em' I never mind them like a hater
Fuck this rap shit is wack, I'm going back to get paid under the table
This industry turns me off like I forgot to pay my cable
Bunch of males on these labels trying to stick it in my anal (what the fuck?)
So I fuck these girls cause they're rear ended (what?)
So motherfuck the world because its near endin' (ohhhh)
Uh, and if you scared go to church
Other than that, go get a shirt with my name on it, get your peers offended
You're tormented by face huh, yeah
It makes you think what ain't huh, yeah
So ship ship shimmy shimmy yah shimmy yay
Get your old dirty ass out the way, hold up

[Verse 2:]
(Kells, Kells its double XXL)
(We've got some wonderful news and I just wanted to tell)
(Now I know you and our freshmen issue don't sit well)
(So we said fuck everyone else give the cover to yourself)
I ain't ballin', but I'm at the free throw
There they go to college, but i know this gringo is copied more then the fucking kinko's
Me ho, mis amigos will cut you into burritos and feed you to the seagulls
Your career is over, finito (Fatality)
Yeah bitch yeah bitch call me Steve-O
I'm a jackass, I backhand my country's presidito
I don't take part in politics, where I'm from we call it deep throat
I'd rather fuck me a bitch and X men like Magneto me an asshole but be tactical
Cause the wrong vernacular could turn something spectacular into a massacre
Microphone damager, midwest assassin, a cleveland cannibal animal eat too many of you faggots like bananas
My caskets are full of plants, make my lungs blacker then Janin, high as an intergalactic planets I think I work for NASA
My chucks are classic, body marked up like my managers calendar
Stand up fanatical still I've slept on like these mattresses
Wake up! can you see me? somebody get binoculars
I'm on top of a man and slapping two animal activists
Living up to the standards I got stuck with as a rapper
A havoc problematic psychopathic basic ambassador
(Cough cough)
Hot boxin' an Acura
Pants saggin', gettin' head from tabitha
Bitch I be that skinny muhfucka
Cleveland's what I'm reppin'
They already know the answer ain't no mothafuckin' question its Kells

[Verse 3:]
I got more bars in the jail
I got more heat then sun itself
You would think I was a member of hell
You would think I wouldn't have any manners the way I'm using Biggie for myself
But, if any one of you got a problem then let me call P Diddy up on his cell and tell you
All you industry bitches can suck my dick!
I said all you industry bitches can suck my dick....bitch

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Machine Gun Kelly Highline Ballroom Soundcheck (Freestyle) Comments
  1. Eric Mcanany

    Wow!! The first EM diss. He cleaned this up better than EM and Biggie and that is very hard to say. Gotta give him his flag!! #Laceup

  2. Bobby D

    This is MGK that took me through a few crazy years. This mf is a beast. This was his 1st prime!

  3. Britten C.

    I'm shook, it's 2019 damn near 2020 and this doesn't have a million views 🤯

  4. G S

    Wow, old school vibes, fantastic!

  5. Tina angel

    I M 44 years old from the shittest town in indaina..I got to Say "I love U Man ,ur fight to b who u r No matter what IS F * cking Great. STAY KELS & wide eyed down the streets.Poor ppl will geed y ,Rich dont give 2 shitz..peace young gunner PEACE FROM MELISSA

  6. Putri Khadijah Binti Megat Mohd Ariff

    ei yo Colson, lower down your tone i hear ya' 😄 //👍

  7. Miss Putri Khadijah

    oohh..,,😄 kiss my lips!

  8. Vids By Austin

    this shit is some hard ass bars ive always thought so but listen now I evolved myself in the rap game.... these bars are next level and amazing flow... unbelieveable

  9. Yuv Raj Badu

    3:00 wowww

  10. John Tivo


  11. Raman Randhawa

    Who knew this guy gonna diss eminem in future..... He's dope though

    Aaron Tyus

    Raman Randhawa 🤘🏽🔥🤘🏽🔥

  12. Ricky Warren

    I used tot hink this was a sub shot at eminem the whole you tormented by my face huh? yeah , it mkes you think of what you ain't huh (young) so shimmy shimmy ya shimmy yay (could easily been so chicka chicka slim shady get your old frty ass out the way " Ring Ring Kells Kells its xxl weve got some wnderful news and we just wante ot tell .." instead of XXl XXl now your magazine shouldnt have to so much problem to sell"

  13. Daniel moore

    Haha! Last post 4 years ago. Rap devil buried by his own "shevel"!

    Eric Mcanany

    Well em don’t got it any more, and here you are. Nice clean dis.

  14. DWC

    Rap devil



    Nikkei Pvck

    @THeHypeIsReal legshot*

  15. Tarun Anand

    #Lace_Up #Respect #MGK

  16. Ray Striker

    whats the instrumental?

    Joey Snow1

    dead wrong

  17. Rasmus Jeppesen

    2018 still bangin'! (Y)

  18. Bonnie Sanchez

    Damn Kells keep them hating 😉😲

  19. ilumixxy

    2k17 still fire🔥🔥

    Aaron Tyus

    ilumixxy 2019 🔥🤘🏽

  20. riche mullens


  21. riche mullens


  22. N-Word Salesman

    This would be such a hype song to perform live

  23. treeluvin365

    please preform this on the alpha omega tour!!!

  24. Bran Mastemaker

    Epic shirt!

  25. Jason Ink

    better than biggie haha

    Ricky Conaway

    mgk is dope but no lolololol

  26. DeadSeriousOfficial

    I'm sure MGK got permission from Diddy who owns the rights to Biggies tracks since he owns Bad boy, Anyway love how he isint intimidated to spit in the same room he's inspired. I love how he used a snippet of Biggies vocals too happy for you and your growth over the years you spit real then and still do to this day one of the best to ever stand behind a mic! LACE UP

    Lord Infamous 98

    DeadSeriousOfficial he needs to do another track with tech n9ne


    Camren Macias Yes it would be awesome I'd like a song with yelawolf too both had a fatherless childhood

  27. 2FuckinSaucy

    I remember when this shit came out, doesnt even feel like 3 years ago

  28. Battle Rape

    how did you get the rights to use biggies beat? :D


    +Battle Rape I think because he's with Bad boy records , Biggie was aswel :)

    daniel koel

    +Battle Rape they're on the same recordlabel i think
    not for sure tho,

    P M

    "If anyone of you got a problem then let me call P.Diddy up on the cell, and we'll tel you.." I think this is for the copyright question, but not sure. 3:07

    daniel koel

    could be Haha

    Brian Garcia

    It's just a beat that he's freestyling on. He's not selling the song by putting it on an album or something. Anybody can do this as long as you aren't selling it.

  29. Los Freakys

    Why Read??? luego la canción no es suya ??? .. neee

  30. chuky me abla

    asap rocky?

  31. Rio Armando

    Lace up <3 machine gun kelly use to kill every seconds of beat with his lyric. that's why his songs better than others,
    love ya! MGK    
    lace up or fuck up. 

  32. Bennett -Redacted-

    If this is a free style why does he have a phone out? Are they triggering certain effects or something?

  33. Mariah High Hawk

    nice beat and nice rap

  34. Andrew Hakan SAMUEL

    nice fucken dis to world

  35. Nas ________

    I dig his studio vids a lot

  36. Teanna Bowers


  37. lowsmask

    Download dont work anymore :(

  38. Grayson Keeble

    dead wrong - biggie

  39. dnaakadesconhecido

    what beat is it?

  40. ThatDudeNamedDaniel

    He should do more songs like this cause goddamn even now i'm still addicted to it!

  41. Ian Boyd

    Mgk stands above all other artists. Lace up or Shut up!

    Maliek Bailey

    Nah bruh but he HARD as fuck.


    @Maliek Bailey whos harder in your op? tammy macdonald ? lmfao?? Miley Sirus?? T Keif?? Lmfao Mgk Is The Best Look All Hes Done The Only Other One Is Token & Eminem

  42. Skrumpy

    2 years later and still dope as fuck...

  43. novella claiborn

    omg I want his shirt

  44. Cheyenne Bernthal


    Farrah Hamanda

    #Eminemdissbefore2k18 love it!!!!

    SUPERKID 187

    Cheyenne Bernthal damn kells dissed em 5 years ago 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🔥😂😂

  45. Jager Bonham

    still listening to this can't believe i met this guy i almost passed out god 

    Crazy Bro

    Oh my god you are so lucky

  46. HazeusIMVU

    Dope af

  47. Emily Bäkken

    mgk should definitely do a single over the chorus of kottonmouth kings- cali man

  48. Cross Starling

    ya kill it kells

  49. Joshua Ranc

    you for sure caught that ghost man you killed it

  50. TheColonialKickass

    I'm 5 foot and offended.

    The Gaming bros

    TheColonialKickass then fucking grow

    Just Mei

    6"3 here . And youll hate it believe me . Bitch you can ever sit in bus like wveryone else . Need a knees job and cut em .

  51. Anjelica Valenzuela

    That bitchh at the end (:

  52. patriotdue261

    What is the name of the instrumental

    The History Buff

    Yeah dead wrong biggie smalls and at end were it says fuk da world that is from biggie smalls the what ft method man

    chris tha menace

    dead wrong notorious big ft. eminem

    The History Buff

    @chris tha menace sorry meant to say that and wen it say fuck the world is from the what by the notorious b.I.g ft method man

  53. Don Yung fucking nailed that that shit.lace up

  54. Owen Fitzpatrick

    Fucking amazing

  55. Enrique Gazza

    Oh...oh my....oh my gosh.......He killed it and me for a second.

  56. 4EverLacedup

    Told them straight up

  57. Xavier Key

    My boy kells killed this freestyle. Lace up! Est 19XX

  58. Crystal mGkFaN

    Lyrical Genious...

    Mr. Qwerty

    Crystal mGkFaN ^ MGK fans everbody

  59. Mido Monjy

    Mgk is the beast

  60. Jenn Lojewski

    6'3" <3333

  61. JAMBOo 93

    What a cool motherfucker MGK is!

  62. Damione Thomas

    He really did....

  63. Damione Thomas

    Lowkey flowed better than biggie just on this though.... Be afraid.......

  64. Zee TV

    Are You Ok?? o_O

  65. infotechest

    i'd like it

  66. Thegangsta00711

    Sickest rhymes and flow I've heard from Machine Gun Kelly! Sounds like something Eminem would do but with a different flow.

    Billionaire helping soul

    He is more than your Eminem

  67. chrisrocks132

    MGK doin' work on this gangsta beat.

  68. Jerry Robinson

    and there are no struggle bars at all.

  69. Jerry Robinson

    your not a big mgk fan your a joke.

  70. ZAPxFusion

    this songs amazing what are you taalking about?

  71. Dynamic ViiBzZ

    wild boy
    get laced
    chip off the block
    hold on shut up
    la la la la
    breaking news

  72. mindofa criminal

    haters going to hate but they are not making millions in living the life there is a reason he is famous because he has talent the only talent you haters got is sucking cock real shit.

  73. ThatDudeNamedDaniel

    why didn't i knew this song..

  74. Jerry Robinson

    so does your mom

  75. taticalzombie96

    Rip to the NYC

  76. Jewel Benton

    I love it!!!

  77. Xonin Jump

    I didn't know Suge Knight fans still existed

  78. M Tru

    These verses should have gotten the same reaction that Kendrick's did in control.

  79. SweeTGaming

    Who would dislike this tho like, the fuck??!!!!


    woooooooo!!!! Clee'land city Boyzz!!!. wtf u

  81. Cici Kinchh

    Whoever dont like mgk you need to get fucking shot

  82. ClintTorris



    Dude says an ASAP rocky line in here

  84. Giovanny Manrique

    Great song

  85. Crystal Shupp

    Damn.... Speechless.

  86. vannessaave

    this is probably one of his best songs.

  87. Chad Leopold

    Wow...that was fucking incredible

  88. KnickNation761

    Respect from Bosnia !

  89. Elvijs Ķēniņš

    Lace up

  90. cherry1785

    Lace up muthafuckas!Ohio born&proud&raised.Wooster here,what's up?I noticed someone from Canton,were neighbors;) Peace

  91. Mayte Villanueva

    fuck you

  92. Jared Lewis

    how can you dislike this..?

  93. JoMarie1981

    F NYC... CLE BEST HANDS DOWN.. (so is Canton baby) 216 forever baby!

  94. Jacob Guinn

    Youre Dead Wrong

  95. Gjalth Aarsen

    Dude, know your classics!

  96. nicholas hatfield

    the beat fucking sucks