MacDonald, Tom - War Is Coming Lyrics

War is coming, you can hear it in the distance
It sounds like all the screams of a million men and women
You can smell it in the air and see it on your television
And the government don't care, they see the money not the missiles

War is coming, and there's nowhere you can hide
We get a thirty minute warning before the bomb reaches our side
You can run for somewhere safer but you'll just run out of time
'Cause there's nothing you can do but prepare yourself to die

War is coming can you feel it? Has your fear become a secret?
Who are you more scared of, Donald Trump or North Korea?
Are you worried when you're reading all the headlines in the evening?
Even atheists will pray that they survive and start believing

War is coming, born from money, worn and ugly like it's always been
The bullets just got faster and the bombs are made from hydrogen
America the Brave will have to earn her Stars and Stripes again
She wrote the books on history but someone else might write her end

War is coming, war is coming, war has come to get the west
It was beating down our door while we were beating on our chest
It was making better weapons while we laughed at making threats
And now it's come to gets us and we've just become oppressed

War is coming
[*machine gun fire*]

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MacDonald, Tom War Is Coming Comments
  1. Occonner Wilderness

    Another spoken word or Woke rap... ur new songs don’t talk about important shit like the old ones.. it’s why I followed, it seemed to be why you rapped n now ur new stuff has no real message

    Dawson Edwards

    Bro. He's mocked mainstream rap. He hasn't changed

    Occonner Wilderness

    Dawson Edwards Sober, Famous, Hip Hop were good but Drug, Bad News, etc are ehhh, I like shit like Castle, I wish, etc

    Dawson Edwards

    @Occonner Wilderness Oh yeah. I totally understand you on that. I listen to them more than his collabs but hey he had fun doing it. It sounds mainstream and that's why some of his fans may not like it. There is a message in every song though. How the west was won Act II, Wannabe, Hourglass are amazing as well.

  2. Same old Bmx

    I’ve never met a vet. except the ones at my show’s who bring me ket, that I give to my soldiers.

  3. OswaldMosley2020

    His spoken word is some of the best poetry I have heard in quite some time.

  4. Toad Shroom

    Damn da Devil and the current truth.

  5. cusencake

    You are a talented poet.


    This guy thinks just like I do. I thought of rapping philosophy and social issues.

  7. XxlegendaryxX

    Hydrogen?? I know a little something about that

  8. J P

    "War is coming" to America, huh?

    You sure about that, Tommy?

    Stick to what you know, Tommy. 😘

    It's Gadfly

    He's right. We are living in Sodom and Gomorrah. It will be destroyed. Independence Day is coming.

  9. Cntrygrl

    You strait up

  10. J Nuy

    Keep up the good work! 💯💙

  11. Travis Landon

    Love the def poetry

  12. Matress Firm

    Well it’s happening now

  13. Art Vandelay, Jr.

    Sage Francis did it first!

  14. teenie Mclane

    "War is coming can you feel it?" ~~Tom Macdonald~~ (yes😞

  15. 5pidA 5iD

    Fucking wow

  16. Kiana Adams

    This is why they’re trying to kill him.

    But they can never silence the truth.

  17. Tellie Musk

    #whoareyoumorescaredof #iamaries #warisuponus #holdonigottapeetho

  18. millicent devina

    I wish they had poetry in school. It's a lost Art.

  19. millicent devina

    So amazing.

  20. Marfoogle Q-laid

    Artist , pure , Artist , cure , Artist
    He's Tom MacDonald BITCH

  21. Mighty Quinn

    wow this came out on my birthday. I'm an 88 baby. the year of the dragon. I thinks time to wake up the sleeping dragons to take down the aging giants.

  22. Chairman Says

    I think it's almost here

  23. ramir3323

    Where the beats at?

    Matress Firm

    ramir3323 its a spoken word not his normal raps

  24. Jay Dubb

    As a vet, this is some real shit that moved me.... More.... Of..... These!!! ASAP!

  25. Oops Wrong name

    im ready

  26. Jayna Marie Arsenault The Certifiable One


  27. Shawn Moore

    Love me some trump and tom

    Super Boa

    Basically. Tom Proves that not all TDS people are complete idiots.

  28. Tristin Kitchen

    Thank you

  29. Sean Kennedy

    To answer your question, N Korea, President Trump is the best president we’ve had since Ronald Regan


    That's why both of them almost got impeached

    Sean Kennedy

    LostSilhouette forgive my ignorance, but when in history did Pres Regan almost get impeached?? And for what?


    @Sean Kennedy On 03/06/87, impeachment papers were introduced by Rep. Henry Gonzales.

    Adolf Hitler

    that's not saying much

  30. Hobo Tater

    Its Truth. Just listen ...

  31. William Wray

    It's true

  32. SlagWayJ


  33. tha king

    Love this dude just wish he loved our president

    It's Gadfly

    He's not required to love Trump. Trump is an Israelite, i.e., warmonger. It's a War on Christianity.

  34. Pretty In Ink

    How do his spoken word videos not have more views?!? Love the spoken words & the music. He has such an intelligent mind 💣👌

  35. Greg LaFreniere

    Getting closer to the time.

  36. silent h

    respect . respect.

  37. R Athey

    I sometimes wonder if we're the mystery whore of Babylon in the BIble. We love Jesus, we love our country, our eroding freedoms. If we are the mystery, I've loved the truth tellers, I hope we're missed when we're gone. The whore will be laid to waste in a day.

  38. kedecia stephenson

    I love you so much it hurts. I cry when i hear your raps cause they are so true

  39. The Rose Gaming

    I thought you were a Canadian boy???

    It's Gadfly

    @americanmonsterr He's Cain. I've been watching his videos. Beating on chest; Tarzan saying. He's a simp. He does the cherry-picking motion; steps off on his left foot; he uses a phone as if it's a index/cue card; he curls up on a park bench. Straight white males and females stretch their arms out. Yes, someone made fun of me. They said my stretches and yawns were exaggerated. I can't help it.


    @It's Gadfly oh boy the creep is back. Look nobody understands your psychotic weird as rambalings. Go away freek

    It's Gadfly

    @americanmonsterr I may not like Tom because he is Cain, but he is speaking truth. Dear John letters will be sent out.

  40. Jay M

    "Who are you more scared of trump or North Korea Korea" word enough

  41. Bluntly Blondie

    Hey ANTIFA. We’re not going to let you commies take over. War is coming.

  42. Rufus Shaver

    Everyone sees it. Call it what you want, new world order, corrupt government, the rapture, the Apocalypse. It comes as a dark cloud not only over our nation of the United States but over the entire world. And they've already won. They will be sitting around a table somewhere eating a fattening meal gorging their gluttonous greedy souls, and they will watch, they will watch the races kill each other, they will watch the gays and the straights attack each other nail and neck. And they won't even laugh at us. For the gears set in motion cannot be undone, only destroyed. So I will sit in my run down trailer, still starving under the poverty line with my family, unable to do anything to stop this evil, dark cloud across the world, and as that single tear rolls from my eye as my sister's and brothers of this life kill each other for reasons implanted in their minds, i will think of the ones who tried to tell these foolish masses of sheep to lift the veil, and I will wonder why we didn't listen sooner..... The war is not coming, its been raging on for centuries, we will have just finally lost. Peace, love and chicken grease my fellow homosapiens, it's been a hell of a ride.

  43. Gamer Swag

    “The bullets just got faster and the bombs are made of hydrogen” oh my god fire

  44. B from the V

    So profound

  45. Pyother Carrillo

    God bless América!happy forth of july .sincerly..©artel ®aptor.

  46. aviationist

    I hate rap, I've always hated rap; but you are another level man, thank you. America will have to earn her stripes again, I train for war everyday, myself and my brothers and sisters in arms will be there when it happens. But what about America? Will she be ready? Or will she have already lost her way, making the battles pointless and in vane?

    It's Gadfly

    Always ready!! Are you??? Are you a survivalist?

  47. Jaun Domino

    I felt like that in the early 90s around Rodney King time. It's never going to happen bro give up on the fear-mongering and enjoy your life. You haven't even lived yet

  48. Scorpion

    I love you Tim, but this didn't age well

    It's Gadfly

    He's right, war is coming. You're an Islamic Nazi, i.e., a spider who likes to go up the water spout.

  49. emily evans

    I love your spoken word I make my own to

  50. ghetto mama

    Scary stuff ....

  51. Kleiner Helfer

    I got shunned by my bros for saying that Trump would be just the other side of the same old coin because they got so hyped by his bullshit. I had said this before he got elected and I had been cast out for it, and now they all sing the same song, all of a sudden.
    They´re crazy for taking on Iran.
    I wish for no war, but if it has to be this way, I hope Iran will wipe the floor with the US army. They have to learn one day, the hard way, so it seems.

  52. tiffany young

    I can't stop watching your videos, I'm so addicted. I call them the doomsday hopfuls lol. They wanted Armageddon so bad. I'm dead.

  53. RegalT-type

    Nobody is scared of North Korea

  54. Jeffrey Rogers

    Man bro You and Watsky need to do a track

  55. Michael Morris

    please do more of these, I'm a fan of hip hop and you are amazing, But like i need these spoken words

  56. Billy O'Neal

    That’s right sheep, get it together. Who do you fear more? Someone who creates a better economy so we have Historically Record Low Unemployment for all races and both genders? Or a Tryant that starves and murders his people? You need to wake up.

  57. Cin Coy

    I’m old. I know it’s coming

  58. Jake Nightingale


  59. Lady Lilith

    Fucking beautiful. Way to God damn real!

  60. Casey-j-Neer CJN

    A Savage and sad truth. However if War comes to American soil I feel quite confident and the ability of WE THE PEOPLE to send them packing but living in the nuclear age we may not get the chance.

    Jaun Domino

    Less than a hundred years ago the East coast was attacked by Russians the civil air patrol help defeat them and keep them off our soil. Just a little history lesson for you

    Keith G

    @KingKopity  KingKopity  "WE THE PEOPLE" may not be powerful in the "sway billionaire congressman" kind of way but seriously... you don't think with all the military, veterans, Leo's and trained Gun Nuts that "This We'll defend" will not happen? Not all Americans are overweight bonbon eating fatasses.

    Cin Coy

    Keith G And most have been ready for years. And people are getting ready right now. Really one l know is. So get ready. Hope it never happing. But l really think it’s coming.

    matthew rodriguez

    @Keith G I totally agree with you we got more bullets and guns than anybody in the world we've got people who collect them for fun and sit and reload ammo because they're bored you're right I am a Leo and I know there's too many of us too many people like us to just sit around and let some country that's been outdated for century come along fuck it up yeah we may have a dumbass president but it doesn't Define the rest of us the rest of us Define the country

  61. Richard Vardaman Jr.

    Tom MacDonald big fan!!! Out of curiosity, have you been reading the book of Revelations?

  62. don't get offended

    Anybody else waiting for the war it's been a year

  63. Aimee Fawn

    I agree, I love get goosebumps, im hooked but he will be like immortal technique..say shit and be done bc they wont let that come out. Im obsessed with him bc he is hilarious rap, serious rap, honest rap that people dont say outloud and all being himself...but then to go do spoken and give me chills.. i hope he explodes because the truth in the words go deep and we need to hear it and work together to stop it... or prob ignore it and say its cool and move on

  64. Tripl3 JaY3!

    SEVERLY SLEPT ON! not just this everything that ive went back and looked at since the start of your youtube uploads, the change and growth in your message, the development of who you have become its just mind blowing you became my favorite artist in a matter of 1 hour, just please never stop these messages speak to me heavily

    Daniel Barnes

    He hasnt been slept on he just hasnt sold out. Big dif

  65. king music

    Chills just went down my spin

  66. Me Laura

    I’m not afraid of Donald Trump. I was more afraid of Hilary! Good god look what she and Obama did. Bomb more countries then Bush and Clinton and Trump pulls out and every one freaks out about it. I’m not a Trump supporter but facts are facts. Wake up

  67. Xplicit fpv

    R E A L!!!

  68. Holy Soldier

    Bro he said this almost a year ago and it is even more truthful than it was then.

    J Noody

    Even more today...

    Holy Soldier

    @J Noody yup

  69. jeff b

    Bring it

  70. Dave Patton

    Most powerful minute I've heard. Namaste.

  71. Goat Vodka

    Youre an inspiration, an outlet.
    Please keep up the hard work.
    The "broken" appreciate you.

  72. DRiley

    "War is coming, born from money." Amen.

  73. Tribulation Testimony Information

    No Fear, Know Jesus!

  74. Emonas Music

    This scare me cuz it's truth

    Yamez Fox

    Kid emonas take that fear and turn it into solutions fam. We will win this war. Live a great story fam ✌️

  75. Stephanie Kent

    Do you have anyother spoken word?? I would really love to hear them. I have seen the 4 you have here over and over.


    Even the athiests will start praying! Amen!

  77. Rae

    I thought I was atheist but now I'm starting to worship the words this man spits

  78. VerumAdPotentia

    I'm ready. Are you?

    Si, vis pacem para bellum!

  79. Severa E

    The Gov don't want to destroy land, they want people dead.

    Void Girl

    E Severa yeet

  80. Severa E

    Something is coming, something big. But people don't care. People in their music, kwest world, and body done like Kardashians. They rather train in makeup but never to take stand.

  81. rawar2377

    You know Trump is like you. He speaks the truth and they hate him for it.


    rawar2377 Make America Hate Again.

    The Nimble Ninja

    Lmao. Trump speaks no truth. All talk, no positive action. All propaganda and lies to pander to the gullible so called conservatives.

    It's Gadfly

    Trump is Cain as is Tom. I know Tom is Cain because I saw him use a phone as if it was a cue/index card. I work from home. It feels like I'm putting on a dollhouse show. I think Cain is using me as a teleprompter. In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

  82. Kelly Stone



    Thank you for your words.
    War may be coming but we can find Peace here

  84. Radical Greek

    We've been at war for decades now.


    We've been at war for millennia. It's one of the few things our species is good at besides reproducing.

  85. Torthagnatharak Tharak'Kragthagath

    America is going to go to war with.............america

  86. Monique Erasmus

    Finally found a lyric I hate!!!!!! ''Even atheists will pray that they survive and start believing

  87. Sylvia Hawley

    That's deep

  88. STOP IT

    This is America.

  89. Shawn Anderson

    Sweet stuff man

  90. fluffyduckbutter's sister

    Its the UN. They are preparing to globalize us.all. Only trust those leaders that oppose them and their compact. Unferstand, this is the writing on the wall. The drawing in the sand. Sovereignty has to be declared and the constitution upheld. Nothing more. The fight for a seat on the UN is real. And countries are betraying their ppl for it. Using religion etc... Its happening.

  91. Cody The Libertarian

    Vox Day Darkstream

  92. Corbyn Payne

    This guy is so talented. How can he possibly not see that guns are the reason he came to this country to enjoy his freedom of speech?
    How can he now read the facts: Trump is making improvements. Certainly not some perfect President. That won't happen ever.
    Toms gotta let the emotions go and read the facts.

    The Nimble Ninja

    You're blind. Tom and Donald Trump are nothing alike. One is a good person, the other is a criminal snake in the grass.

  93. Kristinadk

    "Even atheists believe that they'll survive and start believing"

    mow bamba

    i read that while hearing it

    Steven Hunsdale

    Even atheists will pray that they survive and start believing. At least quote the line right!

    Dan Becker

    Can't wait

    grimey 5.56

    Go look at any video where someone is about to meet certain death. One of the first things that is said is "oh God please help"

  94. GenerationDoomsDay

    Wow, dude... If I don't hear this message my name is a lie.

  95. Nathan Hicks

    we judge them tell them what to do but we have simple problems with simple solutions but we pay everyone else instead of helping ourselves then them