Maccabees, The - Heave Lyrics

Heave another heave another sigh
We're the last sons
Thought our heads had locked
Heads have parted ways
So headstrong we're the last sons

Are we so
are we so
are we so different

We're night and day
still the same
In the garland frame

Though we left a mark upon a cherub face
Signs of love waste it all on the young

Are we so
Are we so
Are we so different

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Maccabees, The Heave Comments
  1. Salem Wolf Spirit

    single best album ever

  2. Ruisu

    shit song

    Osvaldo Leal

    Aquí tu eres la mierda :v

    Mr Flibble

    It's just not though.

  3. Peter Iaulualo

    I'm thinking of #auggie and annie#

  4. Sean Coulton

    Just brilliant

  5. Daniel Grant

    Is it just me or does Orlando's voice sound dead like Chris Martin one this song?

  6. Buchanan

    covert affairs!!!