Maccabees, The - Feel To Follow Lyrics

How was I to ever,
Believe it?
It's never too late,
Until it's too late,
And I've been stranded,
And I need something.

Now I can see it,
And I can feel it,
I believe it.
Ever since I,
Can remember,
It's been as nothing.

Until I almost,
Feel to follow.

Feel to follow.

How will I ever,
Get a breather,
When it's over?
I've seen it in another,
Someone stronger,
Couldn't leave it.

Until I almost,
Feel To Follow

Feel to follow

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Maccabees, The Feel To Follow Comments
  1. Christine Power

    Why oh why boys ye break up!.. Album in my top 10..miss maccabees big time

  2. winvic

    this band is so damn good and people sleep in this gems

  3. ssaw3008

    Biblical Rapture??

  4. Ofasa Abunumah

    I can explain how I felt at the beginning, but midway into the song, I cannot explain how I felt.
    The white lady in black seems to cast some whitish-blackish spell on me by her body language and body carriage just before she started spinning. Quite a mix of mystery and vulnerability that I would only desire to watch but not to experience.

  5. Diego Molinero Olschansky

    I love it so much

  6. Divaldi Lazcón

    ¡Extraño mucho a estos maccabeos!

  7. Mr Flibble

    2:22 when you sit on a spinning desk chair

  8. Sapiens Band

    Puta como amo esta cancion!

  9. GB Lott

    Jeez, why did I have to find this band so late? If anybody wants some investing advice, buy Amazon 9 years ago. OKTHXBYE

  10. theandrew1319

    Why are my tastes in music so good yet so unappreciated?


    Get over yourself. Just some friendly advice.

  11. Olga Swann

    my soul is in peace

  12. Clive Williams

    Today's awful music in its auto tune at so all we have got is that....oh macabre why did you end.......

  13. Carina Pereira dos Santos

    Caramba que saudades

  14. john Cozens

    Need to get back together... Miles above anything in the charts right now

  15. Andrew Burns

    As a fellow musician, you have got some wonderful compositions here. Really liking all of your work!

  16. Dennis Paixao

    One of my favourite song and video ever

  17. Luke Byrne

    Their best song imo

  18. Billerin


  19. Maya

    Love it! Its exactly how I feel at the moment.


    this song really makes me feel good :)!!

  21. Fernando Amaya

    love this song!

  22. Orazio Cauchi

    thanks for the memories, guys. Feel to follow will always be one of my favourite tracks ever

  23. Rex Russell

    Thanks for the awsome music Maccabees, best of luck with your future projects> I'm sure the arts you learned as The Maccabees will carry on. Thanks again for this and Marks to Prove It!

  24. Cecilia Vargas

    :( Se van.

  25. Michael Reyes

    going to miss these guys !

  26. Mentor

    Uma carona pra sei lá onde...qualquer lugar...aki ou ali...não importa...o que vale é que to indo...em frente...e em paz...amoooo essa canção!

  27. sevval nur

    ay delircem cok güzel ya


    Geç gelmişsin :) dağıldılar.

  28. froggywatters

    I love when the piano comes in at 0:25 , gets me every time!

  29. Diana M

    Might not be the best video around, but certainly got a vibe.

  30. Nanny Montelongo

    toda la vida buscando esta canción ♡ mono ....

    Francisco Cuellar

    Por que toda la vida?


    +Adriana montelongo toda la vida. SI apenas va para 4 años :P. Just kidding.

    Chuy Lopez

    Nanny Montelongo lol

  31. Nanny Montelongo

    toda la vida buscando esta canción ♡ mono ....

    Felipe Gálvez

    me hubieses pasado la voz... Tengo sus 4discos! :D

    Nanny Montelongo

    +Felipe Gálvez jajajaa que padre

    Juan Son Fans

    +Adriana montelongo Cómo la buscaste y como la encontraste jajaja

  32. Petrus Delassio

    Masterpiece ~

  33. Stacey Reyes

    wowowowow this is so good.

  34. MelekBetul

    I wonder where the video was shot.


    Purbeck, I grew up there

  35. Jack Lloyd

    Sosososooooo under rated can't wait for Maccabees at Glastonbury!


    +Jack Lloyd were they good man?

    Jack Lloyd

    +ZeroTheOtaku They were great, theres nothing better than their intimate small stage gigs though

  36. HeleneRT

    So so beautiful, to me it's a fantastic musical composition!


    @HeleneRT yaya

  37. Wanderley Brasil

    Muito boa esta música, meio Sade meio som atual... Mandaram bem.

  38. Wondersongs

    The rapture?

  39. susana martinez i don´t know how to share this video in fb, the logo does´nt shown....somebody can help me please??? :)

    Kos Kuzma

    There's SHARE button under the SUBSCRIBE button press on that button you'll see bunch of social networks icon as well as facebook! 

  40. eins2001

    This album took a few listens to get me into it, and now I realize how truly beautiful every part of every song is.


    It gets better and better

    Djain Flallo

    +eins2001 Usually albums that take you time to get used to them are the best ones.

  41. 101wut

    This video is subtly different from the one they've shown on TV (MTV Rocks). Most noticably, the "spinning lady" shots (first seen at 2:21) and the "floating girl" shot at 2:27 are absent from the TV version. Any idea why the difference? It's been driving me crazy!

    Christophe L

    Who knows what the MTV lawyers were up to. Probably too macabre for their taste.

    James Bradshaw

    @101wut Probably because they're reminiscent of scenes from ''The exorcist''.

  42. Amit Phadake

    amazing music.. really beautiful

  43. PennyLane1321

    I love this song so much I dont have words to describe it...Thank you 

  44. Heyo ItsNat

    asdfghjkl this song makes me get goosebumps 

  45. jack houdek

    Dad loves-it , me I don't know?...Yet

  46. Alex Gtez

    144 400

  47. KatePinkus

    Moja ukochana :-*. Ma w sobie coś magicznego i jeszcze tak mi sie dobrze kojarzy...:-).

    Damian Es

    Znajdź sobie gdzieś wykonanie na żywo...polecam :)

  48. Emmanuel Millán

    I can't explain what I feel when this begins. 

  49. Melih Oğuzkan

    so underrated.


    Melih Oğuzkan maalesef...

  50. Sarah C

    this song is the reason i started playing drums

    Matias Nicolas Martinez

    solo estoy aca para empatizar, y decir que a mi me paso "first love".

  51. Old Channel

    i mad they took their songs off of spotify.. but im glad i have a reason to buy their album..

  52. The Sherpas

    Try something new MACCABEES fans x


  53. Donna October


  54. Julian Genis

    excellent ! in my running playlist

  55. Sezen Yücel

    Adamların Türk olduğunu bilende yoktur şimdi..

  56. Headwork

    this track is fucking awesome!

  57. Bromoteknada

    you mean the Alternate version video?

  58. lifelessNbored

    cried a little (yes homo)

  59. MrMachamire

    Replay Button 1:00

  60. shaun bew

    Quality tune. Have a listen to THE BLUE COLLARS, if you like this you will probably love them.

  61. Gio Cali

    Reminds me of the Olympics.

  62. gabarmaid

    Not going to sell many copies with the HMV link

  63. The Dreams

    el final es un orgasmo <3

  64. Dakota Sillyman

    Shouts out to the Bolex.

  65. ve009

    This song is dedicated to an amazing and magical childhood I had while growing up without my parents. Music was (and still is!) my comforter.

  66. randombloke

    This song makes me raise my head, close my eyes, byte my lip, and shaking my leg effusively with my hands on a "guitar position"...

    Thank u very very much for making this song!

  67. Wicked Sons of Heroes

    Muse's Absolution album cover, much?

  68. hackjar

    What's the video all about? Its really mysterious and thought-provoking.

  69. LunaLie82

    dont know why this record doesnt have more views. -_-

  70. raihan shahbudin

    Great band with two great lead guitar

  71. Sofía Rojas

    Los mejores, estupenda rolita!

  72. TheMockersons4

    after watching the Maccabees, please give my band a watch on my channel

    enjoy the Maccabees x

  73. Fran DLP

    Excelente me encanta The Maccabees!

  74. Kayra

    i love this band so much

  75. 147juli147

    this song introduced me to this incredible band. i'll always remeber it. thank you the maccabees!

  76. Juan Son Fans

    fucking awesome this video!

  77. Frankie Magro

    im actually happy when a video is under 1,000,000 views because its not mainstream then like not trying to be a hipster but people just ruin music for me

  78. MrFyrea

    Shut up. No one cares. This music is shit. SHIT. U SUCK.
    No you don't I'm sorry. shh.

  79. Megan Pham

    I saw them live in Albuquerque, NM on their last gig for the tour, and was infatuated by the music. So I youtubed them and here I am....slowly getting addicted to this song. This is great! Thank goodness Florence and The Machine got their name out!

  80. MrAdamSavage

    When i went to reading fest for the first time last summer, I had hardly any knowledge of new bands. Thinking that they would all sound the same as the bull on the radio I stayed away. I just stuck to Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath etc before, but this song suck with me and i really like it now and the Hives and passion pit were also awesome. Good music is still out there!

  81. MaFeer Hernándz

    Love this song!!

  82. ecroxsandoz

    Why do I cry while I was listening The Maccabees ?

  83. Jordan Delgado

    Nice video

  84. Tash Willis

    sounds like Herbert the pervert from family guy at the beginning.

  85. paul jones

    Well run club,Play good football,Good manager, deserved to go up. and like us laugh at the plight of Portsmouth FC, who should have learned after watching our meteoric fall from grace. M.O.T

  86. Will Cook

    behave.. Southampton son

  87. paul jones

    You West Ham?

  88. Will Cook

    Thanks for our 3 points on the way to promotion last year pal ;)

  89. paul jones

    Dirty Leeds and proud ;-)

  90. Will Cook

    Dirty leeds ;)

  91. paul jones

    Im not angry or little, sorry for swear words, extra detention for me

  92. fizzyfoster

    Rude angry little internet person

  93. paul jones

    Bombay Bicycle Club are shite. The Maccabees have been making great tunes for years, as for sounding like Joy Division? You must need your ears syringed as they sound fuck all like Ian Curtis or his band

  94. Daeng Dong

    @xvsxknf i dont think enough people understand this video really hits that spot ;) BTW peeps use this to get the mp3 of this track >