Mac Miller - Get 'em Up Lyrics

If you in the ride turn the volume real high,
If you tryna feel the vibe throw your hands up in the sky
Motherfucker get em up up up up up up
Get em up up up up up up [x2]

[Verse 1:]
The wheels stay spinnin on the civic boy I'm always on the move
When you grindin all the time there's alot of shit to do
That's why I got Q cus he keeps me on the routine
I be 2 ski tryna kick it like Bruce Lee
Clean shoes boy new feet, and I'm never in the car with only 2 seats
I got a whip full of people all fresh call em 10 deep... motherfuckers we the future like next week.
Young people don't see you as an equal they just see you at the [?] tryna send you back to preschool
You only gettin one shot no redo,
Tell them haters keep they mouth shut, eat glue,
Bitch, who the fuck you playin with,
I'm Justin Bieber meet Jadakiss,
Here to take what [?] treat em all like Taylor Swift,
Leave em in a daze all like what day is it
Yeah the boy got class no camberidge,
Fresher than your man girl but whiter than a plate of grits
They keep wantin more I'm they favorite dish,
It's me motherfuckers I ain't changin shit

If you in the ride turn the volume real high,
If you tryna feel the vibe throw your hands up in the sky
Motherfucker get em up up up up up up
Get em up up up up up up [x2]

[Verse 2:]
Hey, I gotta brand new phone rockin brand new clothes,
Leavin every single party with a brand new ho,
Yea I've done a little travin circlin the globe
Always keep it movin [?] showin these hos,
Boy I'm a asshole girls call him a douchebag,
This some old school shit but no boombah,
This ain't new swag... it's the same ol me,
The youngin get respect from the games OGs,
The cameras flashin when we passin so we stay low key,
Go to Mexico to party where the pesos be,
On a turnpike bitch and your tank on E,
With my head out the window screamin Get Like Me,
Ho, you should know the way I roll,
Take a couple shots and superman these hos,
Yoo, ain't nothin with ya wack rap,
Used to be the class clown now I get the last laugh

If you in the ride turn the volume real high,
If you tryna feel the vibe throw your hands up in the sky
Motherfucker get em up up up up up up
Get em up up up up up up [x2]

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Mac Miller Get 'em Up Comments
  1. Favian Cerenil

    BANGER 🔥

  2. MaKinzi W

    a year ago today we lost you. i miss you every day.

  3. jordan

    “I’m Justin Bieber meets Jadakiss” 🔥🔥🤯🥵

  4. Killa Beez

    Bro I miss him. This was the first mixtape I ever bought. R.I.P my man. I hope you're at peace <3

  5. james richardson

    Summer and nostalgic vibes from this classic album. We love and miss you always Mac miller my favorite rapper then, now, and forever!


    WTF Mac, RIP smh

  7. Logan Moore

    Used to be the class clown now I get the last laugh!!! Rip mac I'm sorry I wasn't here while you were still around but I'm here now! What a talented dude

  8. joshua opont

    R.I.P miller mac, the underrated rap stylion

  9. Victoria Appiagei

    awesome Cool good music hip-hop lyricist play word dope late great talent mam music man angles hip-hop God

  10. HigherDegree

    Somebody please remake this beat!

  11. Cream

    Why did you die so young... :c I miss you everyday.

  12. Edmond Sheehan

    still buzzin 2018 you aint dead Mac chillin since start still not done love it

  13. Greg Moncayo

    Still can't believe he's gone :(

  14. Kristoff Silver

    The wheels stay spinning on the Civic for I'm always on the move.... man, I lived this mixtape, lived and breathed it I swear. It has always resonated so deeply whether I was 18 or im 26. Damn, Malcolm is legend.

  15. XCocoaCutieX

    One of my favorite mixtapes of 2010, takes me back to my time in LA. RIP Mac

  16. Tony James

    Fucking legendary mixtape man, this is a large part of the reason I make music, rest in paradise Malcolm🌺🌺🌺

  17. J Bird

    R.I.P. Mac Miller

  18. Ashtar Sheran

    We the future like next week,next year,next ERA, Rip young legend

  19. Yung Magonelli

    This still my shit

    Rip Mac

  20. E I M

    Can’t stop listening to this

  21. Emmanuel Medina

    RIP mac miller you made it fun growing up in high school for me


    You're finally reunited with poppy, ima miss you, i love you but hate you for oding i feel your pain

  23. sunshinee321


  24. CooterJuiceSipper69

    Everything this man dropped was classic. So talented and a great guy as well. RIP bro, everyone respected you.

  25. John M

    RIP bro. Been listening to you ever since these early days. Reminds me of the early college days 💯

  26. Christian Rowell*

    Rest Easy bud. This was middle school anthem

  27. brbsure.

    Damn you left us! R.I.P.

  28. Joseph Regan

    Damn shit brings me back

  29. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    Rip My Boi MM 🙏🏾👼🏽💯💯💯💯

  30. Titus Karvon

    One of my favorite mixtapes. R.I.P. Mac.

  31. daPMF


  32. Antonio Mrden

    R.I.P 😔🙏❤️

  33. Gen3ralGrimReaper

    R.I.P Mac Miller. This was one of my favorite songs I use to listen to when I was in Afghan. I’m pissed you OD, so I’ll be listening to all your albums this week strong with KIDS


    Same bro. As soon as I found out I typed KIDS into YouTube. I'm bout to play every song hes made


    This is my most favorite song. I also like his Sour Hour album, so that’s my next album I’ll tune to


    @Gen3ralGrimReaper I just had to jump to his spotify station and it's going great.


    This and Traffic in the Sky r my favorite

    Victoria Appiagei

    awesome Cool good music hip-hop sound summer jamz play word flow forever album and mxtape

  34. Henny Sippin On

    i remember when i used to jerk it now my balls dropped so i fuck bitches now😘💪😈

  35. Nosie Tank08

    KIDS was a good ass mixtape been riding with this since 2012 up until now still

  36. GrandChampionCoowap 🌊🌊

  37. Omg kid angel

    don't smoke but i've been listening to this album for like 2 years🖒

    Julius juju Surratt

    Omg kid angel u drink?

    Omg kid angel

    Julius juju Surratt no bro🖖

    Julius juju Surratt

    Omg kid angel it's cool , you don't have to smoke or drink to be into dope music 😉👍


    Same i don't do either

  38. Shawn Hundreds

    still one of my favorite songs from mac miller

  39. Khadeem Foreman

    this is the old Mac Miller i miss 😤😷🔥

    SAYVON of Treehouse Arcade

    Lifewithfriend \ Do you mind checking out my music?

    Khadeem Foreman

    Malcolm Quest sure

  40. Carlos Benavidez

    i remember when nobody knew who he was

    Vincent 4 7 Alright

    now they all will

    Mac Durden

    I remember when he used to rip around by alderdice at like 13 spitting bars. Squirrel hill, where he went to school misses him mane.

  41. taylor wagneers

    one of the best albums of alllll time along with best day ever.

  42. Chosen Savior

    Mac Miller is a beast. That is all.

  43. Tyler Ruiz

    Dude Eminem is over rated he's said all he can mac miller shits all over his pussy OK stop living in the past this generations rappers are the shit

    Luuk Kuunders

    What the fuck did I just read?

    Runfast McChunky

    +Luuk Kuunders cancer

  44. Jack Spasm

    Mac mill just dope cuhh new stuff old stuff you name it it goes hard

  45. asdfkiddy63

    mac miller used to be alright now he turned to trash with his latest stuff and shut the hell up about him being better than em Eminem is a fucking legend compared to him this guys a joke but i like this song and party on 5th ave are alright songs but nothing really dope

    yin yang

    are you a gangster?

  46. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    why like someone who isn't good.


    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx why like someone who's retarded like you

  47. Kristian Balle

    not at fuckin all

  48. ppryor13


  49. Jonathan Meerholz

    You cant like them both ?

  50. iTechmen1

    man this song brings be back to my sophomore year in high school

  51. terdherder101

    this is the 1st song I heard from Mac on my my to Detroit! Made me become a fan for life after checking out the rest!

  52. GolfWang Buster

    Suck it nerd Tyler and Mac are good friends havent you seen Mac Miller and the most dope family, episode 2 tyler and earl are in it partying with mac

  53. Ryan King

    Anyone who just said Mac Miller is better than Eminem is fuckin retarded

  54. steveo2603

    fuck tyler

    Tyler Johnston

    steveo2603 fuck you😂

  55. GabbertEvergreen

    Eminem blows now

  56. Dario Ramirez

    Yo Bro Eminem Is White Too -.-

  57. SwootySwagity

    right !

  58. Paul Dominic

    yup, thats his twitter ;)

  59. cheyenne chrisp

    Mac Milluhh! 💓Love HIM. -3

  60. Min3Craft3rs101

    and i never said you thought i did...i just included him cuz you mentioned his name.

  61. vice2vursa

    I never said you did dumbass. reread what I wrote

  62. Min3Craft3rs101

    well first i never liked lil wayne so you can troll all you want...and second i dont like eminem anymore due too his new stuff..i like his old stuff but the new stuff has got to go.

  63. vice2vursa

    wtf, eminem wasn't for money, plus eminems one of the best fucking rappers to ever do it. it's insulting as fuck to class a legend such as eminem with the likes of lil wayne. like come on, classics such as stan, lose yourself, till i collapse, kim, bonnie and clyde, rock bottom. dude wasn't about the money, he was about the music first. plus eminem was one of the most creative hiphop artist to come out.

  64. Michael Scott

    Thats not very ent like sir....

  65. big mac

    I love tyler the creator

  66. Andrew MacLeod

    fuck tyler

  67. Min3Craft3rs101

    y niggas be hatin on mac miller no one likes em at my school. mac miller is one of those rappers that is just chill and enjoys making music but then u have the the rappers like lil wayne and eminem and the big artist that only care bout the money..wats up with that. stay original man.

  68. sdgundam37

    sounds like a tyler the creator beat honestly

  69. Pierre Lá Flare

    its you aint nothin with ya wack rap

  70. Koen Van den Bergh

    nice beat,
    Master lyrics:)