Mac Lethal - Weekly Wage Lyrics

I said a weekly wage is an addiction
It's so much worse than any drug
You're a slave to security and comfort
So you never pursue the things you love [x2]

You got a job that you hate
And every day you want to punch your fuckin' boss in the face
Direction lost and you're late
There is a master piece inside of you that you gotta create
But you whisper every time you're talking to fate
See if you quit your job you won't have money (true)
But one thing you will be is hungry (true)
And you always turn creative and savage as fuck
When your life is hard and you ain't comfy
See if you quit your job you won't have benefits (true)
But one thing you will have is fitness (true)
To innovate and learn and get a real work ethic
So you can start your own damn business

I mean what
You want an easy answer
You want someone to pat you on the head and tell you it will be okay
You got the fucking nerve to wonder why you're so depressed
When you're sitting in a cubicle like 10 hours a day
Working for a company that you don't really care about
Helping build someone else's kingdom (true)
That's a motherfucking consequence of putting finances
Over true happiness and freedom

I said a weekly wage is an addiction
It's so much worse than any drug
You're a slave to security and comfort
So you never pursue the things you love [x2]

Now listen to me
If you got a job and you love it then you should keep it
But if you get a knot in your stomach after the weekend
'Cause you don't like mondays 'cause you'll be in an office all week not getting sun rays
You feel like inside of you
Deep inside of you
There's an artist with an attitude
Then listen to me
This is what you gotta do
You gotta stop being a fucking corporate prostitute
That is what you are my friend, I'm telling you the honest truth
I understand my friend you gotta pay your bills and all
So thinking about just walking out your job is no easy pill to swallow
Plus what happens if you try to start your own company and it fails
Oh my god what if you fail
Well failure is a teacher that will tear your ACL
During the first game of the season
With your parents in the bleachers
And failure is the teacher that has helped 100,000 lost sailors find the beaches
Find the beaches

I said a weekly wage is an addiction
It's so much worse than any drug
You're a slave to security and comfort
So you never pursue the things you love [x2]

You only get to live once
One..... time

You only get to live once
Make the most of it
Don't let money beat you to the point where you don't even enjoy your life

Live in your car

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Mac Lethal Weekly Wage Comments
  1. beardalaxy

    I work just as much as I need to in order to get by so that I can spend the rest of my time working on my own empire instead of someone else's. I'm the happiest I've ever been in my entire life.

  2. Curtis Kennedy

    Whats mac lethals average vocabulary? Elementary?

  3. Biggs animations

    why doesnt he just pause the vid instead of standin stll and clearly messing up

  4. bagel

    Mac lethal has timed out.

  5. Mafin Is Lazy

    I feel like I watch 0.5 FPS music video.

  6. sam dj

    No clue how he did himself in cuts but had the cars at s constant speed with none and yes I'm watching this in nearly 2020 gway😂

  7. suyash gupta

    I just noticed one of his ears is bigger than the other. Can't unsee that now ;_;

  8. Saja Amr

    U like z dady from fgtv

  9. Alex Johnson

    wagie anthem

  10. Poppa CollarBrawler

    From the day we are born slaves to the wealthy if you dont get born rich.

  11. Jayna Marie Arsenault The Certifiable One

    Damn this is hot. I'm sorry I made first judgements but my fault n I hate being wrong so yes. Stop being a corporate prostitute lol. Fuck live in my car if I had a car yup. God bless you XoJaynaoX

  12. Brandin Fraley

    TOM MCDONALD [email protected]$CH

  13. Imam Faisal

    That me when everytime i playing online game

  14. aldo lopez

    Tom finna burry this nigga

  15. Jayde O

    Anyone else keep trying to scroll up because the video wasn't as wide as normal?? Lol great song, Mac.

  16. Crystal Clear Game Studios

    ...and you're going to go up against tom macdonald? bow out now...


    Are you serious? This song is way better than Tom's political content. It's better written due to being more accurate, explains much more difficult concepts and does it better than Tom, and he has been rime schemes as well.

    Crystal Clear Game Studios

    @GameOverPC agree to disagree, this was awful in my opinion... This dude might be encouraging people to chase their dreams, and that's all well and good, but Tom's message is that stereotypes don't fully apply to anyone and we should love everyone.

  17. Bojan Nišević

    What about monthly wage?

  18. # MyDickStinks

    Boi dat ping

  19. S34R Remiix

    This is my wifi

  20. bad person

    Anyone after 3 years?

  21. Cove

    "If you've got a JOB and you LOVE IT then you should KEEP IT, but if you get a KNOT in your STOMACH after the WEEKEND"

    this guy knows his multis

  22. Gamester

    This song shuold be send to T series employees

  23. 385 Garage

    Lol he just ends with: live in your car

  24. The Angry Guy

    So your saying to drop out of school?

  25. Austin Abney

    You can pull a lot of inspiration from that job... Write a song about it or something.

  26. G1xtch_L0b0

    Fortnite lag be like

  27. Suhx Weeb

    Great song!

  28. Tuxedo bird

    -i hate when people type like this because it's hard to read with brightness low or when your half asleep-

  29. danlee2858


  30. Abs design&editingTM C&V ELEMENTS TM

    Good beats,bro!!!you are a champ!!!

  31. Frank Coles

    Mate, this is my theme tune for the next year.

  32. Rich’s Pizza Party

    Waiting to buy a car before quitting my job.

  33. Charles Sm

    What if you are a fishermen

  34. Anon Ymous

    Going to actually be living in my car by the end of the month.
    Well, I guess I'm on the right track.

  35. Ch. Morencio

    I don´t have a car :(

  36. BlueBerry_Dino

    Thank you for filming this in widescreen, a youtube video I can finally watch on my ultra widescreen with black bars

  37. The Group Channel

    good thing i get paid fortnightly

  38. Beau Bear

    What is the instrumental to this song?

  39. dalrajsbains

    i was planning on working for someone else but now ima open my own clinic, great message. Time to hit that grind

  40. bob smith

    Need more hook not that good (needs work) sacrifices the point of life

  41. enticed2zeitgeist

    More videos in 21:9 ratio please.

  42. Sungjin Yoo

    watch cheif keef bitch

  43. shahid islam

    You are mac book in rap world, great job bro. Would you make a rap song of different People's life ...mean daily routine from child to old man

  44. Sean Dudczak

    lmao, going into work atm and i want to say fuck you! im going to go work on my subie! live in your car

  45. Andrew Homiak

    This song is me exactly. Fuckin cruel world lol

  46. Michael Mackey

    I mean you're not wrong.

  47. Je Dou

    That ass though...

  48. Dakota Landreth

    I wish I could quit school

  49. MPKvegeta

    this song is so douchey

  50. MoDeX _xX

    Doge i am heherog

  51. Anthony Brummett

    thank you

  52. Retrocreeper 2005

    you can see him moving

  53. Rome M

    Brb... About to go make a difference in this shit hole world with my weekly wage.

  54. Jamyre

    Wait I thought these were just pictures but then how the cars moving? What?

  55. John Bylsma

    This video and the stop motion is freaking genius. Mac, you're awesome.

  56. Light Tha Dark

    All you idiots making fun of what he said must be corporate slaves.
    That tells me that many people aren't intelligent enough to survive without the structure provided by good old Uncle Sam. Wake up and hear the wisdom folks. Open your minds.

  57. il signore delle fonti


  58. Heto107

    All these people with money telling you how to live your life while you'd give a few fingers just to get the same two days off a week.

  59. Rejected ReZx

    How the hell does this not have more views????


    Mac.... thank you SO MUCH for this video... I been a factory worker for 6 years, and I had enough today.... so I left....
    I will now have a new job that I enjoy and be able to spend more time with my family....

    I woke up to the rat race... and I’m glad to finally realize that $$$ should never come before family.

    I hope you are having a great time on the road, meeting awesome people, seeing new things, and performing wonderful sets at sold out venues.
    Much respect brother.
    I’ll see ya at a show soon.


  61. Stuart Buchanan

    i dont need anything to feel complete other than the passion of the christ jesus

  62. Tin Tizzy

    Im a slave to not sleeping in a ditch

  63. Lawrence Lemoine

  64. Devendra Pisda

    2:50 poorly masking but I got that word bro


    I HAD to hear this today!!! Thanks for your great music Mac!!!

  66. Azande Mnothoza

    Hy Mr lathel, plz rap for with your tongue twisted

  67. Someone

    i saw him move when he's not supposed to XD

  68. Im feeling sad af

    If thats whats needed to keep living with my wife, ill pretend that i didnt ingested the red pill and keep being miserable and not enjoying my life. She is worth it 100%, everyday. She is my life, everything else is just a prop

  69. Muggy 177

    Listened to this so many times keep it up man

  70. Scrambles the Death Dealer

    Living in your car isn't that bad... until it's about 10 degrees out and you have to turn the car on every so often so you don't freeze to death... but it could be worse.

  71. امیل میرزاییان


  72. Silver Spoon

    Nice butt Mac 😸😸

  73. Tariq Yasiin

    I legit just quit my job...

  74. Vagos Sunderground blablabloublias

    I see many comments here of people hating their jobs. At least you got one. It's true that weekly wage sucks but it's the only thing you got to start off your life.

    Vagos Sunderground blablabloublias

    One more thing: I quit my job and now I regret it

  75. verdatum

    But...My job pays me a _lot_ of money...The things I want to do don't pay shit :(


    then find a way to make the thinbg you love to do profitable

  76. Es Gee

    Find the opportunity and bring your passion with you.

  77. K _E

    This reminds me of Office Space. If there's ever a part II this will be the theme song.

  78. RedLemons

    dat ear tho

  79. Jaycee

    This is a little off...

  80. randomchicken01

    Lmao I appreciate that you literally fucking write raps and record YouTube videos for a HEFTY LIVING but not everyone's dream job works out, so they go on benefits, then they have to go get a job to afford a home. Not everyone wants to be homeless after 30 failed ventures.

  81. Rebel Without A Coat

    If I could afford a car I'd live in it!! Nice one Mac

  82. Paradise on Pennies

    I live in my car with my wife and dogs! Going on two years now! It's the best life ever! Paradiseonpennies check us out everybody can do it!

  83. True Rhymes

    This is so fuckin dope!!!

  84. SIdoubleN

    So real

  85. Heather Johnson

    Love it. Very true. Although in my case the weekly wage funds doing what I love, so I guess it balances out?

  86. Phill Pauley

    I can’t stand rap but I LOVE THIS!!! What a strong message! Wow! First vid and I liked and subbed!


    I love my job. I work as a tool repair man. I fix tools.

  88. ThatSaloonLife

    speaks to me. in the middle of making this choice.

  89. Preair Ele

    Wow gj fr

  90. Ty Palfi

    Brooooo, this song is the truth! Great job!

  91. Levi B

    I'm 30 years old with a family and i'm skilled in a trade where I manage somebody else company and I spend about 50 hours a week there to the point where I can't even enjoy my life. I'm currently setting up to start my own company and try to find my beach.

  92. Energent Music - Originalbeatsproducer

    this is so mic drop worthy :)) woot!


    if you like this track you'd also love snak the ripper- 8 hours a day