Mac Lethal - I Bought An Island Lyrics

No, no no no no
I'm not doing a fast flow
Let's take it back to old school Mac
Let's go back a few years

I'm on vacation for life
Can I please have another, Mojito for me and the young lady here
Let's do something smooth and slow
Check it out
I wrote a message in a bottle
And that motherfucker said

"I'm completely totally out of my head
With every single breath I know I'm better off dead
So I'm laying in a casket crisp sweater soft red
I take a hit of DMT
And into space I project
Pretty flowers gotta lay on my neck
In the fucking pretty flowers I just lay on my back
Never stressing about money
I just lay here relaxed
I'm on vacation
Congratulations on your baby though its much due
About my life I want to update you
I bought an island
I bought an island
With some pocket change
I'm the same person since the last I wrote
Just the clock has changed
How you been though
Last time I saw you, you were dancing to the tempo of some alto sax cocktail music
On the 47th floor of a New York City Skyscraper
October weather freezing rain hitting the window
Cocaine in your lymph-node
Orchid Flowers painted on your big-toe
Hoping you could find a guy to kiss slow
Your first choice was Adam
And your second choice Lorenzo
I was too timid to step to you and make my intro
Like hello, I just want to marry you for 20 minutes
There's a cab outside, maybe I should run and get it
Here's the keys to a mansion you could live in forever
I really hope you want to take my name and number with it
But you didn't

Sincerely Yours

I hope to meet you one day
I sent a text message on a phone with no service
And it said:

"I'm completely totally out of my head
You want another explanation
For 20 years I never left the basement
For me death is vacation
And i have just awakened
Don't give a fuck about society's demands of me
I may not be a millionaire, I'm happy though
God Damn, I'm free
I heard you got a job in sales
I'm laying on the beach watching whales
And if the ocean ever freezes imma walk to Wales
Life inside a cubicle for me could not prevail
I bought an island
I did
I bought an island with an IOU
I may never pay the money back never intended to
Nope, I'm never working again
I've retired, never letting stress hurt me again
Man I'm inspired, never worried if its perfect again"

Hopefully one day this text message sends
Until then
I'm gonna sleep on the beach
Getting my dick sucked while eating a peach
Contentment is so close I can feel it in my reach
You can stress about a billion
I'll be kicking up my feet
In my lawn-chair
Sipping out coconuts everyday
I didn't start living till I found a hair that was grey
The hardest work in the world is watching your children play
Lots of directions life can go, but it only moves one way
One day you'll be a senior citizen
In a country where the president as a young kid had to eat more Ritalin to focus
I can't focus
Felt like I lost my virginity the very first time I voted
I used to have no standards man
Just tell me where the smoke is
Used to feel like feeling hopelessness
Was absolutely hopeless
I've bought an island
I've bought an island with some quick bucks from a slow biz
Thoughts are spilling out me at high voltage
I used to think that life was easier when I had no kids
Now I know that life is easier when I admit that I don't know shit

This album is over
I'll let you go quick
That's as far as I've got
Thank you for listening
Congratulations on all your failures and accomplishments
See you next time

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Mac Lethal I Bought An Island Comments
  1. jchyld

    I would buy an island. I’d just buy an island. And it would be my island.